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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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30 30.

When we both came out of the stadium, everyone was staring at us anxiously before rias spoke up and said

Rias: Brother, is everything alright?

Sirzechz: Yes, why do you ask.

Issei: We heard a lot of explosions after you guys left so we thought something was up.

Sirzechz: Hahaha, oh we were just sparing, it is nothing to worry about.

I intervened and said "Why isn't isabella with you guys" Issei looked at me before saying " she left"

I nodded and started walking up to my room to take a bath but Issei didn't allow me and said

Issei: Hey man why are you so lucky.

Me: Huh?

Issei: you got to sleep with that beautiful girl yesterday and nothing for me.

Me: You know you could have slept with anyone yesterday if you had just asked for it and stopped ogling every girl you see.

Issei: Seriously?

Me: Yea, you guys were the MVP of yesterday match and who would refuse you knowing you got the boosted gear and is part of rias peerage.

After I said that ignored his stunned face while walking up to my room after I took my bath and came downstairs, I walked up to Rias who was playing chess with Akeno before saying

Me: Rias, I need help with learning magic.

Rias: I can't really help you with that since we are devils and use devil magic but since you are not a devil it will be hard teaching you magic.

Me: Is there anyone you think can help with it.

Rias: Akeno can help since she is really good at magic.

I looked over at Akeno who was still angry at me before saying " Will you teach me how to use magic" she looked at away before saying " I can but on one condition" I smiled and said " what would that be"

Akeno: You take me out on a real date.

Me: no problem then but on the condition, you teach me and the other guys together.

Akeno: I don't see any problem with that.

Me: Rias, do you know where they are.

Rias: They are outside enjoying the swimming pool.

Me: I will go call them so that we can start.

I walked up to where the guys were chatting and having fun before I said to them "Fun times is over guys, I got us a teacher for magic so we will use the time we got to stay here to learn how to use magic"

Shirou: But we can already use senjustu and aura boss, why do we need magic.

Me: Do you guys remember how we got to this place with a magic circle.

Eiji: Yea, that was scary and awesome at the same time.

Me: if we learn how to use magic, we can make our own magic circle since I already got the knowledge on how to do it. I don't need to tell you the uses of the magic circle right?

Toshi: We can get to our customers faster and get more mission done also since we will be getting more jobs from the underworld, the magic circle will make things easier.

Me: Not only that, you can get faster with your training in senjustu, you all know that use senjustu breaks down the muscle and repair it but there is a level when your muscles will be hard to break down with the senjustu and that is where magic shows its advantage. There is gravity magic to put your body under strain while exercising, there is also the thunder and fire magic which can be used to put the body under refinement.

I told them body strengthing is where our advantage lies over other races because of our abilities to heal fast so we won't worry about refining our bodies, if our bodies break while training it will heal immediately just that the process will hurt but that will give an impenetrable body which will be a nightmare for the others.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》