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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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We both went to the underground stadium when sirzech said " How do you want to spar"

I looked at him weird before saying " like how you normally spar".

Sirzechz: I mean is it only hand to hand combat or should we fight with magic.

Me: I don't know how to use magic but you can use magic if you want " I want to see how much damage I can take from magic" was what I thought to myself while saying that.

Sirzechz: Suprised you don't know how to use magic, but you should learn it quite useful.

Me: I will but can we start now.

Sirzech: ok then.

we both too our stance, I was in a boxer position while he was more like a martial artist. I smiled and said " get ready" he smiled too and said "come on"

I disappeared from his view while appearing with a kick in front of his face, he was startled but was able to put up a magic shield while crossing his arm to block it but I still got through the shield so he took it with his hands while getting pushed back from the force.

He grunted after he took the kick and looked at his mangled arm before looking at me and said " I guess It was a bad idea wanting to compete with strength" I shrugged but leaned back immediately because of a huge fireball he fired at my face.

He didn't give me time to get myself back together before using his destructive magic but from the energy signal it was only of the ultimate level, I could have dodged it but I let it hit me to see how it affect me but the result was only a burnt mark which healed instantly.

I smirked before rushing up to him while he was still stunned and sent a jab to his chin but he diverted it wanting to use the force against me but he couldn't move me, I kicked him and sent him flying.

I wanted to follow up but was attacked by a spear made of destructive energy, I dodged but was attacked by another one, I see him smiling before I sped up while Dodging all the attacks he was sending which cause quite an explosion.

We spared for a long time before stopping, I picked up the towel lying around the corner to clean off my sweat while thinking to myself " it's been a long time I have sweated like this even though we weren't serious but it was quite fun" I looked at Sirzechz who wasn't sweating as much as I was but looked tired before saying " we should do this every day while I am here"

Sirzechz: yea we should, it's been a while since I have used up this much energy.

Me: Great, you can also help me with the magic practice then.

we both walked out of the stadium while I was thinking back to the fight, I was much stronger than him physically but he has more magic energy and he was more versatile with all the magic techniques he got but I didn't use senjustu or aura when we were fighting so I don't know who is much stronger now.

(Sirzechz pov)

What a sixteen-year-old monster, I wasn't even his match when it comes to strength I was only able to keep up when I used magic. I made sure the only amount of magic energy I used was only at the ultimate and satan level but it barely affects him with his monstrous healing ability. The only advantage I have is that I am a super devil and have more experience than him.

I wanted him to use that energy his subordinate used during the fight with riser to see what is different and unique about it but he was only fighting physically without using any type of energy. I should warn the faction not to go pick a fight with him even though I'm sure not all of them will listen to bit it will minimize the casualties we will get.

(Sirzechz pov ends)

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》