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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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I could feel akeno eyes one but I didn't care, tonight I will be paying full attention to the woman beside me.

we both walked into the room I got before Isabella grabbed my tie and started kissing me, we both kissed for a while before she said

Isabella: Are you sure this won't change anything between you two.

Me: who?

Isabella: The girl that was eyeing us.

Me: No, it won't

Isabella: Are you sure?

Me: you talk too much.

After saying that, I choked her not painfully before pinning her to the wall and started kissing her while slowing taking her clothes off. After undressing her, I admired her perfectness before laying her down while sliding my fingers in to make sure she's ready for what she about to get.

The whole night you could hear moans from all the guest room in this mansion, I guess I wasn't the only busy one.

I woke up the next morning to see Isabella laying on my chest tiredly causing me to smile, I took her off my chest before walking to the bedroom to take a bath since it was uncomfortable with the whole stickiness.

While I was bathing, I could hear Isabella waking up before coming to the bathroom where I was and said.

Isabella: You should have woken me up.

Me: you looked tired.

Isabella: want to go another round before going downstairs to eat.

we both walked out of the bathroom all steamy before getting dressed up, I looked at her and said "what do you plan on doing after breakfast"

Isabella: I will be going back home.

Me: Ok then.

Isabella: won't you miss me.

Me: Not as much as you would think.

Isabella: So that means I will be coming here a lot to make sure I leave a long impression on you.

Me: I won't be staying here long.

Isabella: When will you be leaving.

Me: In one week.

Isabella: That's enough for me then.

We walked into the huge dining room while talking, everyone was already down there and it seems that they were waiting for us.

Sirzechz: we were waiting for you before starting.

Me: I hope we didn't take too long.

Sirzechz: it wasn't a lot.

I and Isabella both our seats before everyone started eating, I could feel akeno eyes boring into me the meal trying to get my attention to her but I pushed it off as her being childish.

After eating I looked at sirzechz and said " What was it you wanted to talk about yesterday" He stood before beckoning me to follow him and I did.

Sirzechs: I heard what happened during the party.

Me: And

Sirzechz: you gathered quite the attention since showing your power level of Satan level almost close to being the gods level.

Me: Get to the point.

Sirzechz: The whole factions want to know what you are but they can't get anything so they are quite anxious since you are an anomaly to everyone.

Me: I don't see any reason for them to be anxious because I don't plan on doing anything or hurt any of them.

Sirzechz: That is what they want to hear, they want to put an end to you since you are an unknown to them, that means they have nothing against you. They want to put an end to you before you can get to a higher level where they can't doing anything.

Me: I am looking forward to seeing how they will do that but the important thing to me now does any of this stop you from giving me the payment for the job.

I said that while releasing my aura but calmed down when he took out ruby said " everything you want is in there" I took the ruby from him and said " how do I use this" he said to just put it on my head so that it can activate.

I did as he said before the ruby flashed a light and started transferring every knowledge about magic and magic circle. it took a while to digest everything before I looked at sirzechz and said " it was nice doing business with you"

Sirzechz: It was the least I could do for someone who helped my sister.

Me: Did you tell the faction about what I do as a job

Sirzechz: I did, and some thought it was a good idea so I think you will be a lot of customers soon.

Me: Good, but I guess that there were some that were against it.

Sirzechz: A lot of them at that because of the fact you take a job from everyone and every race, they will only accept it if you only work for them.

Me: I will take care of that when the time comes but do you wanna have a spar with me sir sirzechz, there aren't a lot of people that can put up a challenge at my level.

Sirzechz: I would like that, can I ask how old you are?

Me: 16.

Sirzechz: What!

(sirzechz pov)

He said that he was 16 and already this powerful, maybe the factions were right about being anxious.

He was even fazed when I told him that the factions were planing against him, is he that confident on his strength.

I will use this chance when we are sparring to see how strong he is to be that confident.

(Sirzechz pov ends)

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》