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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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When we got to the stadium, Isabella pointed to a seat she booked out already and it was two seats, so I looked at her and said " why did you book two or were you already expecting someone"

She laughed before saying"I booked two because I plan on watching the game with someone, either way, you just happen to be the one that got to see the game with me.

I looked at her before I said " I'm honored then my lady" she squinted her eyes and said "don call me that" I looked at her and said " what should I call you then"

Isabella: Beautiful or just Isabella

Me: I wouldn't want to disrespect malady

Isabella: shut up

I smirked and said " if that's what you want"

"Ladies and gentlemen let us welcome today's participant in the game" was what I heard before turning my attention back to the stadium.

From one entrance to the stadium, you can see riser with his peerage and who I assume to be his sister walking in, and from the other entrance, you could see rias and her peerage walking in except the difference this time is that issei was there with them and Yami was also there.

When riser saw Yami, he scoffed and said to rias " so you got another member before the game" but Yami responded before the rias could and said " No, I'm just here to complete a mission and make sure she isn't married to you.

Riser: whatever but that wouldn't change anything.

Yami: hope you still keep up the act at the end of the game not that it will change anything if you do.

(Yami pov)

Man, I have to finish up this dork fast so I can join the others, they all got girls sitting with them will I will be down here entertaining them.

wish the mc will just start the game fast so that I can already show off and go myself a girl too.

(Yami pov ends)

I looked down at the stadium and saw that Yami was getting annoyed whenever he looks at the others flirting with girls they all got to watch the game with.

The mc then announced, " everyone takes your position" they all took a chess position with Yami staying in where the pawn is supposed to be.

After seeing that everyone was in position the mc then said start before anyone could react Yami was already running up to riser at a fast speed while transforming into his werewolf form which looked like he grew yellow hair from his arms and his finger shaping into claws before his hair got longer reaching his back. ( check out noblesse to see how the werewolf look when they transform)

He was in front of riser before he could with his arm raised and nails shining with senjustu, He slashed at riser manifesting an energy claw made with senjustu energy and diced him up.

since he knew riser would soon get healed, he continued slashing but before he could deal one final blow, he was attacked by riser sister with her flames.

He dodged the attack by gaining some distance and found it weird that the whole place was quiet without sound so lookup around to see everyone looking at him with a shocked face before the started cheering.

"Did you all see that ladies and gentlemen, it seems that miss rias found someone to turn the situation around for her" was what the said before everyone exploded with cheering one more.

Yami looked back at riser see him panicking because he knows that if he had gotten that one final attack, he would have been dead or seriously wounded.

Yami looked at rias to see her still choked before saying " can you hold of the others so that I can fish him off, I got no time to waste since I got girls to chase" he said that final part making sure she didn't hear it.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》