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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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23 23.

After we got into the mansion, sirchezs surprised us with a bounty of meal to which I enjoyed with the guys, after that we ride of a chariot to the place where the game will be held. While I was in the chariot, I was thinking this is some old high-class type of shit right here.

I am now standing in front of a building much bigger than the mansion I was just coming from, this place is where the game and party will be held.

We were led in by a bunch of maids and we gathered a lot of attention because they couldn't recognize who we were but didn'mind because I know they will by the end of the party.

I looked at Yami and said " see how they look at us" he looked around and nodded before he heard me say " I want that to change by the end of the party, I hope you know what do"

He nodded and said " why can I get ready for the game, " I said, " go and talk to rias so that she can inform you when".

I looked over to the others and said you know what to do and they all spread out after that, I was looking around the room to see if I can attract any level meat not like I needed to look for one since they were all looking at me. I just have to pick one.

I saw one beautiful blonde woman looking at me and gestured for me to come over, I picked up two drink from the waiter standing near me before going over to her and said hi with a very charming smile.

She was dazed when I did that but I acted like I didn't see that and asked what her name was " Isabella" she said.

Isabella: and what should I call you handsome.

Me: Kor Muzaka.

Isabella: I haven't heard that name before, which family are you part of?

Me: it is no surprise that you haven't heard of me yet but I promise you will by the end of the day.

Isabella: I look forward to that but you haven't answered my question?

Me: what would that be?

Isabella: which family are you part of

Me: None, I am just an acquaintance of princess rias.

Isabella: Really, the one that has a game with riser this evening.

Me: yes that one.

Isabella: How do you know her.

Me: you can say that I accepted a job from her.

Isabella: a job?

Me: yes, I accept jobs from people like how mercenary does.

Isabella: really, like what type of job

Me: Any job as long as it has to do with the supernatural, we even accept a job like the one with rias which is on a personal level.

Isabella: so if I have a job for you, you will do it

Me: yes

Isabella: Like anything I want you to do?

Me: Yes as long as it doesn't cross our policy.

Isabella: I want you to accompany me during the party and if you do good, we can talk about more serious things later.

Me: I would have invited you to watch the game with me even if you didn't request it as a job but since you did, I would gladly accept it.

We were flirting until someone spoke in a really loud mic " ladies and gentlemen, the game is about to start soon so it would be much appreciated if you start heading to the stadium.

I looked at Isabella before putting out my hand and said " shall we" she blushed before taking my hands and said " you seem to have experience doing this" I looked her in the eyes and said " no, I am only doing this for the beautiful lady beside me so I have to do my best to impress her"

She scoffed and said "such a smooth talker, but I like it" I leaned closer to her and said " I know you like it"

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》