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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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One week went by fast until it was the day for game, I showed up with the guys while dressed in a fine suit with some of my hair braided and my tie hanging loosely on my neck since I can't fix it and I don't want no guy standing in front to do it so I left it like that and it made my wild look more attractive.

The same could be said for the guys since they all look different after they got the blood and each has a specific aura around them that can attract a lot of attention, they also grew up in height.

Six long handsome could be seen standing in front of a maid who was gobsmacked by the scene in front of her, I could see that she was still finding it hard to get her self together before I spoke to her and said " who are you miss" she squealed before she looks at me and said " I am the maid sent by the princess to accompany you to the party"

I smiled and said "we are in your hands then" she blushed and look away before a magic circle appeared below us and that got the guys to put up their guards before I told them to relax and if Yami do very well in his job we will be getting knowledge on our to do this ourselves.

We appeared in front of the biggest mansion I have seen in my two lives but I couldn't show it because that will destroy my image but the guys didn't hold out on how awed they were, well Toshi was an exception since he was also calm.

Rias brother and his personal maid with rias whole peerage came to greet us when we appeared and you could hear the girls gasp when the saw how we looked.

I walked up to rias brother and took out my hands before I said

Me: Hi, sir sirzechs name is kor Muzaka and it is nice meeting the brother of red hair beauty in our school.

Sirchezs: no, it's my pleasure to meet your Mr kor and I appreciate what you're doing for my sister.

Me: the pleasure is mine and I am also getting paid it, so why not

Sirchezs: but I am still happy for it and you will get what you desire when everything is over.

Me: Hahaha, that puts my mind at ease then.

Sirchezs: welcome to the humble home of the Gremory household. Make yourself at home

Me: thank you, don't mind if I do then.

I looked at rias and said when will the party and game start to which she said in one hour, I nodded before I looked at the guys and said I don't think I have to introduce them to you since they have been getting the mission from you and sona.

" Nice meeting you again miss rias" was what Toshi said before rias smiled and said

Rias: How are you doing

Toshi: great, as you can see miss rias.

I told the guys to introduce themselves to the rest of the peerage before I started walking towards the mansion when Akeno said

Akeno: are you just gonna leave your tie that way.

Me: yea why not, I think it compliments my charm.

She walked up to me while looking me in eyes and grabbed my tie to fix before saying

Akeno: you are going to a huge party, the least you can do is be worried about how you look.

Me: I think I look great

Akeno: you do but have to look different for this type of occasion.

I smiled and said " you know our face are pretty close right now" she smiled and said " so" I leaned in to see her close her eyes but open it later because she didn't get what she was expecting.

She looked angry at me before I smiled and said " what were you expecting" she went back a bit and said " nothing" I walked closer and said " say it and maybe you will get it" she was hesitating when I walked past her before she drew me back and said " I want you to kiss me" I kissed her immediately after she said that.

We were kissing when issei interrupted by screaming " what the hell"

Issei: can someone tell me what is going on with them

Akeno: don't you think it's rude to interrupt someone when they are having their moment "she glared at him while saying that"

Issei: I'm sorry, I didn't know you guys was a thing.

I interrupted when things were about to get out of hand and said " shouldn't we be on our way to the party and I am hungry by the way.

I walked into the mansion after saying that before everyone started following me while rias was glaring at me, I turned and smiled at her and made sure she can read my lips before saying " are you, jealous princess"

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》