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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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After saying that, I looked at them and saw how excited they were. Toshi looked at me and said" we won't disappoint you boss" I smiled and said, I know you won't".

After they all went away, I told Toshi to stay behind and told him that I want him to find a place that has land as big as my school to build a headquarters where we can operate. I told him that it won't be a good thing to have every customer coming to our house.

The next day I went to school, I was surprised when Asia came into the class as a new student, it seems that they have already fought with the priest.

When she said that she was living with issei, I decided to tease him a bit since I was getting bored

Me: Hey issei, what happened to your other girlfriend.

Issei: Huh, what are you talking about?

Me: did you break up with rias and hook up with the new girl?

Issei: wtf man, I was never together with rias.

Me: Really, you two looked like a couple last time I saw you with her.

Issei: Nah man, nothing is going on with me and her.

Me: ok, so what about the new girl, how come she now lives with you?

Issei: haha stuff happens man, let it go.

Me: you have been saying that a lot lately, you hiding anything from me?

Issei: No, haha why would you think " he said while scratching his head nervously.

I looked away from him while thinking about what I plan to do from now, I chose the dxd world because I planned to relax while getting stronger and watch how the story progress while getting stronger.

But when I was following rias and her peerage, I found out how strong I was compared to them. If I want to be rated, I would be at the top satan level class only a step away from Godhood and I know what to do to take that last step, either fight someone at the same level or stronger or learn how to use gravity magic to put a strain on myself so I can cross that last step.

The thing I told Toshi and the others that I plan to arrange was to go have a talk with rias and sona so that they can set up a meeting for me with the higher-ups.

After school, I went to the occult club where I felt rias energy. I went up to the room where rias usually have a meeting with her peerage and it was bigger than it looked in the anime, I looked at where rias were showering but didn't say anything instead I went and found a place to seat while eating the cookies l found on the table.

I found out that it was only rias in the room except for the energy I felt from the basement, after waiting for a while rias came out from the shower and started drying her self off while I sat there enjoying the view.

It seems that she doesn't know that I was here so after I had seen enough, I coughed to get her attention and I did because she fired her magic at me but I did nothing and let it hit me. I looked at her and said

Me: Hi, we meet again Rias.

Rias: you, how did you get in here.

Me: that wasn't the reaction I was expecting, you were supposed to scream prevent and run to put your clothes on.

Rias: why I would something so unnecessary.

Me: Nevermind then, nice body tho

Rias: Now tell me why you are here "she said while starting to dress up"

Me: I came here to discuss business with you Princess Rias Gremory.

Rias: How do you know that!

Me: I just do, so you wanna talk or not.

Rias: what do you want.

Me: You see, I just created this new group of mercenaries where our customers are the supernatural and I am here to let you know about it.

Rias: so you are part of the supernatural, what are you

Me: Secret but if you get it right, you get a free service from me to which I will do anything you want.

Rias: How strong are you.

Me: Don't know really but at the same level as Serafall.

Rias: Really, how is that possible

I released my aura and smiled at her which made her blush but still sweating because of my aura.

Rias: Stop, I trust you. You said if I can guess what you are, I can get a free service.

Me: yes

Rias: I don't feel any devil or holy energy from you, no I don't even sense anything. Sorry, but I can't do it.

Me: You tried, so the reason I informed you of this new group is that if you have any job you deem impossible or something personal you want to get done, just call our number to inform us and we can do it.

Rias: I see, but how do you want to get paid.

Me: it depends on the job, for example, payment can be a book about how to use and harness magic or something we deem equal to the job we get.

I passed her a business card that I had Toshi make and got up to go out and do something else but before I did, I turned around and said

Me: Mind if I come to chill in this place from time to time. It's a nice place and I get to see a nice view once in a while " I said and winked"

Rias: you can but will only get to see and not touch.

I smiled and said " we'll see about that" before I went out.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》