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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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The next day issei came to school walking behind rias while everyone was pointing at them while screaming" How is this possible "

I walked up to them and said hi, they both nodded and said responded back, I looked at issei and said

Me: so is he the girlfriend you were talking about yesterday.

Issei: Nooo, see yesterday I was just trying to mess with you.

Me: really because to me, it looked like you were very serious about it and was panicking when you didn't find her.

While I was talking with issei, rias turned around and said " issei, won't you introduce me to your friend"

Issei: oh my bad, Muzaka this rias and rias this is Muzaka.

Me: oh, so you are the red-haired beauty I have heard about.

Rias: and you are the famous new guy that everyone is talking about.

Me: Wow, I didn't know that I was that famous, so you like what you heard about me.

Rias: well except for being a kendo genius and being handsome nothing much is known about you.

Me: The same could be said to you rias, nothing much is known about you, but now out of nowhere being familiar with my friend who can only dream of talking to you" I said and smiled"

Issei: wow calm down guys okay, things happen man so just let it be.

Me: Not that I really care tho, I will leave you guys to yourself. Talk to you later issei.

Before walking away, I felt that issei hasn't awakened his scared gear yet because if he did, he would be wary of me right now since the dragon will warn him about me not being normal.

Three weeks went by fast, everything happened the way it was supposed to, issei awakened his scared gear and met Asia. Then they had the fight with viser, it was quite a sight seeing her fumble her boobs and shoot acid from it but what bothers me most is that the rias team was too weak.

The way they fought viser like an amateur and the fact that they talk too much in a fight was unnerving. When they had a run-in with the perfect priest I almost interfered because I wanted to kill the priest and make him shut up.

After that, I stopped following them whenever they are out because I found out that the way they behave irritates me.

When I went home today after school, Toshi came inside my room where I was to tell me that their mission is done, I looked at him and saw that he is now a mid-class devil level.

I told him to call the other guys, they all came inside my room and sat down, I looked at them and said "Well done guys, I won't ask about the details on how it went because I am very sure that you guys did a good job"

I told them that the reason for giving them this mission is first to see how they perform and second, also to help ourselves, I told them that from now on they won't have to hide anymore from the devils because we will make ourselves known so that when they hear about us, they won't think of messing with us.

Since you guys have conquered the kouh town underworld, that means that we are now one big family and you guys are or have become the pillars of this family. I told them that from now on we are a mercenary family and we will be getting jobs from both devils, gods, and angels but for that to happen we need to be strong, stronger than we are now.

I told them that I will go arrange somethings and while I'm doing that, I want you guys to train and train your minions so that when I am done with what I plan to do. The whole world will know about the "La Famille des loups-garous"

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》