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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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13 13. Devil hun

After our training session, they were all very tired but in their eyes, you could see how happy they were because they were able to improve a lot after just a night of training. Eiji and Aito will be able to breakthrough to low-class devil power after they recover from their fatigue.

Shirou, Yami, and Toshi are now more able to use their low-class devil power more effectively, they were able to use their aura manipulation to make their attack stronger and use it more creatively. We all went back to the house where there was food already prepared for us and the way they devoured the food was quite funny to see, also while we were eating i was answer some of the questions they had for me and taught how they can improve their power and training.

One week later, you could see four people seating on top of a building while watching a group of people fighting and talking casually like the fight was happening in front of them and if you listen to their conversation you could hear one of them say " Why are these two idiots taking that long to finish a low-class devil" while one of them answered " They could have but the boss told them to train their hand to hand combat since they lack in that" the third one then said " Oh seems like they are about to finish" After he said that one of the people fighting suddenly clawed at his opponent and the image of a wolf claw flashed before his opponent was dissected " Can't keep them waiting" was what the other opponent heard before the image of a wolf head bit his head off.

After finishing their opponent Eiji and Aito disappeared and appeared beside the other four sitting in the building, I looked at them and nodded before a giant wolf double the size of a dog came out of my shadow before going to the two bodies on the floor and ate them up.

After eating them up, I called the wolf back into my shadow and you could see that the wolf looked stronger after eating the bodies up. The giant wolf was a result of my experiment using my aura and added life energy to it, the idea was to create a wolf using my aura and feed it life using life energy, the reason for using life energy is because when I trained my senjustu, I could see that the vegetation around me got stronger and looked more lively and that got me enlighted that life energy can in a way used to give life to something and at the same time take that life away but for that to happen I have to increase my mastery of senjustu.

After feeding the wolf life energy, I could see that its eyes gained clearance and intelligence before it went into my shadow on its own which surprised me and at the same, I felt that he lives in my shadow and i can call him out whenever I want to. The reason while I called it out to eat the devils was that when we started hunting the devils I could feel the hunger to eat them after they died so I let it out to do as it wants, after eating the devils I could feel that it got stronger and stronger with each one it devours and that made me very happy.

(Back to the present)

After the wolf came into my shadow I stood up and said " Time to go home" and disappeared.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》