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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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12 12. Progress

All five of them came in the evening and was standing in front of me, I looked at them and saw that they looked different front before and the aura that comes of them is noticeably wild. I shook my head and told them that they have failed the first test.

Toshi asked how and I told him that anyone looking at them now will notice that they aren't normal, and that is all the devils need for them to start suspecting them and keep a lookout for them, I told them that they should keep their aura in to look as normal as the can without giving out that they are different vibe.

I taught them how to reel in their aura and keep it inside them to which they all did it quite easily without problems, I looked at them and nodded before saying " Follow me " then I disappeared from their view, Toshi, Shirou, and Yami were able to react before following after me while the other two Eiji and Aito followed after them.

If you look at the town from a bird's view, you would see six shadows running across the town at an inhuman speed, I appeared outside the town and waited some moments before the first three caught up to me while the other two were following behind the.

I looked at them and saw that they were all out of breath but still happy that kept up with me even though I wasn't that serious, I kept my power at mid-class devil level to see how long they have come in two weeks and they didn't disappoint because the first three are now at low-class devil level while the other two are at the peak of what humanity is capable of doing and that is without transforming into their wolf form.

I informed them about the power levels and what level they are in, I later told them that I will be changing up the training because I only have one week to stay with them before I start school and the way I plan for them to train is by going out at night and fight other stray devils to get some experience and they have to do it as quietly as they can without gathering attention and that I will also be with them in case if of any mishappen so that I can tie up loose ends to which they all answered " yes"

I told them to follow into the forest where I usually live to find out how they can do in combat, we all went deep into the forest when I thought to myself that this is enough to not gather attention to us before taking a boxer position and told them to come at me.

They all hesitated before I disappeared from their view and punched Shirou in the gut before he could react and sent him flying, then look at them and did a come-on gesture.

Toshi looked pissed and sent a wild punch to my face, I dodged at kneed him in the gut before telling him " stay calm or you will get yourself killed" but it seems he didn't hear me because he was puking on the floor, Yami sneaked up behind me and sent a punch at back of my head but I disappeared from his view and appeared behind him before sending a punch at the back of this head like he tried to do me and sent him flying before he knew what happened.

It seems the other two Eiji and Aito knew they weren't a match in their human form so they turned into their noblesse werewolf form before attacking at the same time but that still didn't change anything because I took them down before they knew what happened.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》