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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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11 11.

After they drank the blood, I noticed that made me very happy, I could fell that after they drank the blood they became bound to me like and can't do anything to me unless they took over my position as their leader but for them to do that, they have to become stronger than me but that isn't possible because they aren't pure-blooded like me and can't take full advantage of being werewolf and that made me very happy because I can now rest easy without the thought of being betrayed by something I created.

I came out of my thought because of the screaming and crunching sound around me, I looked at them and saw that their body is undergoing a transformation and the process looked very painful because you can see the bones stretching their skin and putting itself back together. After some hours of waiting for them, five werewolves were standing in front of me and looking at me with reverence in their eyes, checking themselves because of the power that they feel running through their blood and body.

I coughed and got their attention before telling them that they have now become nobles in our werewolf clan and that I expect great thing from them to which they answered yes, Shirou then asked "what is the clan's name" I frowned at the question because I haven't thought about it but threw it out of my mind, for now, I looked at him and said " I don't have a name for now but will have one in the future"

I told them how werewolves are classified from my understanding about werewolves in noblesse and that was the reason I called them nobles of the clan, I also made it known to them that I became a lord after they became werewolves. I told them about the innate ability of the noblesse werewolves and how to control their transformation, I also taught them how to cultivate senjustu or their mind with a simplified version of my technique.

I dismissed them and told them that I look forward to how much progress they make the next time we meet and if I am disappointed, there will be one less of them left. I also told them about my thought on taking over the human underworld organization but that will be for next time when I feel they are strong enough and it will be their last mission before being officially accepted in the clan.

Two weeks later I was sitting in my room watching anime when someone knocked at my door, I knew who it was so I said " come in" Toshi came in and bowed before saying " Boss your id is ready and also the admittance into kouh academy is accepted" I was very happy and told him that he did a very good job and asked him when it is that I can begin with school, he said " Next week Monday boss" I nodded and asked him how the others were doing to which he said that they are doing their best to not disappoint me.

I nodded and told him to call them over because I want to see how much they have improved in these two weeks.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》