Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
10 10.Reason for the meeting
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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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10 10.Reason for the meeting

The boss went to where I was I was seating before to sit and tried to calm himself down and forget what he just saw, I looked at everyone in the room and asked them " Have you all heard about the rumors about the devil's being in this town" to which one of them answered and said "yes and it has been spreading in the street" I nodded and told them that everything they heard was true and while some may have overreacted with their story, the devil still exists and not only them but fallen angels, Angels and so on.

I gave them all the information I have about the supernatural in kouh town and after that, I turned in to my werewolf form causing them to gasp but didn't break down or collapse because I was controlling my aura and don't want it to be leaked and alert the strong devils in this town, I looked at them and said " since you all now have information about the supernatural in this town, it's time to inform you about my race and reason I gave you the information" I explained everything about the werewolf from noblesse and how we are different from the ones that we will see or meet in the future, I told them that I am telling them all this because I plan on having them as part of my pack and doing that will also make them a werewolf but deep inside I was thinking " I have to take the risk and see what they turn into if they I give them my blood because I don't want to bite anyone, so I will be giving them my blood which contains the werewolf essence"

I asked them to take their time and go through what I have told them so that they can make the choice, even though I don't plan on letting any of them go after knowing my secret. After some minutes they all looked at me with conviction and nodded so I smiled and told them that they shouldn't make me regret my decision else it will be last of them while releasing my aura but controlled it from spreading outside the room and it made the room suffocating to breathe in so they all knelt with fear and answered yes.

I molded a chalice out of my ki and cut one if my fingers using my nail to which blood flowed out from and filled the cup, they looked at the blood with hunger and dazed look because it smelt really sweet which is weird even though it was blood. I told them that drinking this blood will give them the power to not fear the devil and can also make them an existence to be feared but they shouldn't get arrogant because there is always someone out there, stronger than them.

I gave them the blood to drink but warned them not to overdo it, If they felt they have had enough they should pass it on because drinking beyond their capacity will overload them and cause them to blow up. They drank the blood and shirou, Toshi and one more who I haven't gotten his name yet drank more than I expected and I sensed that they were stronger than the other two who drank less.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》