Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
9 9.Plans for the future
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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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9 9.Plans for the future

When Toshi sat down at the seat made for the head, it was then that people started coming to the room each taking their seat of their own but still eyeing me with a questioning look but I ignored all that while thinking to myself "Who would be the scapegoat for my plan to work" with a smirk on my face, after everyone sat down Toshi looked at me with a look that said you can start.

I smiled and cleared my throat to get everyone's attention and it worked, I introduced myself by saying " Name is Muzaka and I called for you all here to tell you that I will be the new boss of the gang" to which they all look dumbfounded but I still ignored and continued saying "Does anyone have any questions because I still got something more important to tell you guys"

One of the leaders jumped from his seat screaming" What the hell is going on boss? who the fuck is this guy and why is he suddenly talking about being the boss because no one said anything to me the second in command in this gang also somebody better give me an answer fast before I blow this guy head off" and took out his gun while saying that and looked at his boss but saw that the boss was scared while looking behind him and looked like he was about to scream, that was when he heard someone say " There is the scapegoat, wasn't that hard to find" He turned and saw the so-called new boss standing behind him with something that looked like a wolf made of shadow staring at him with mouth wide open enough to swallow him whole, the next thing he knew was that everything went dark.

After using a wolf made with my aura to swallow the scapegoat or so-called second in command, I looked around the room to see everyone staring at me with a blank face that shows that they couldn't comprehend or believe what happened but in those blank face you could see a deep fear in their eyes and that was what I wanted, for them to fear me and throw away their arrogance and any thought of betraying me or working against me because I don't want to regret my choice of making them part of my pack.

I don't want to give them power which will grow their arrogance, making them believe that anything is possible and try to usurp me with the power I gave or create unnecessary problems for me. The question now is if giving them my blood will create an anomaly or just a lesser werewolf.

I looked at Shirou and saw that he was still shocked at what happened like the others but I didn't care and ordered him that he will be the second in command from now on, after that I walked up to where the boss is seating but that scared him so bad that he fell off his seat shivering, I ignored him and sat in his place and said to everyone one in the room "Now for the main reason for calling this meeting, but before that can you all sit down" since they were all standing probably because they were still scared about what happened.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》