Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
8 8. Touring the town
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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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8 8. Touring the town

While i was eating, i thought about what i planned to do from now on since it seems the stroy hasn't begun yet because i haven't felt any flucation of magic or anything since i came into town but the problem now is if the story starts what should i do.

I don't have a group anyone backing me up so the question is if i should join a group or a peerage because eevn though i am strong, i don't think i can handle a group of devil, fallen angels and a whole peerage with sacred gear myself without taking a serious damage and that leads to the question if i should join a peerage or create my own pack since i am a werewoft and a noble one at that.

When the thought of creating my own pack came to, i felt my blood boiling and going out of control telling me to do it but i calmed myself since it would be dangerous if i let it control me and start running amok biting whoever i saw, also doing that and creating more werewolf would alert the devils about how there is a stray alpha werewolf in town and that's the last thing i want, while i was lost in my thought, Shirou seemed to percieve that i was distressed and decided to ask me what the problem was. It was then that i a great idea looking at him but didn't act because there is a huge risk of being betrayed or creating an anomaly but since i got the idea, i knew what i was going to do from now on.

I told shirou that i would like to take a look around the town and that he should also arrange a meeting with his boss and the higher ups in the gang to which he look disturbed at first but still agreed to do it, when we came outside the house, there was a car already waiting for us with the doors opened and two guards standing on each door.

We went into the car with Shirou sitting beside me and one of the guard being the one driving, while we were on our tour around the town Shirou showed me places he thinks that i would be intrested in, he also showed me the kouh academy and while passing i saw some intresting character inside the school like Sona and co. It was getting late so i told shirou that it was time to go home but not before getting some pizza because i have missed eating human food.

When we got home with the pizza i invited Shirou to join me since it seems like he hasn't eaten anything today but he declined saying " I will eat later" but i insisted that he joins me, he had no choice but to join in and while we were eating we also had small talks between since but i was the one asking the question while he answers, it was then that shirou asked me " Do you still plan of having a meeting with the boss and his co or should i cancel it" to which i answered no and he nodded.

After like one hour the boss came to the room where i was with shirou watching anime and his jaw almost fell off when he saw how relaxed shirou was around me but still didn't ask anything, i looked at him and asked what his name was since i forgot to do that when we first met "Toshi" he said, i nodded and asked him if his surbodinate are coming to which he answered "they will be here i some few minutes" so i told him to take me to the room where the meeting will ne held.

He took us to a room that has a table like the one you see in those big company during a meeting or presentation, i sat down on one of the sit there but Toshi stopped and told me that i should take the sit for the head but i declined and smiled with an evil scheming look in my eyes and Toshi shuddered when he saw that but i calmed myself and look around like nothing happened.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》