Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
7 7. New assiatan
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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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7 7. New assiatan

When i woke up the next morning, i was staring at the unfamiliar ceiling i wasn't used to waking up to and started thinking about everything i did yesterday which was very taxing for me since i haven't had to deal with humans and their complexities for a long time so i was mentally tired after what happened yesterday.

I sat up in my new bed crossleged to check the progress of my senjustu training and the result was very disappointing because the ki or energy wasn't able to break down my muscles anymore instead it nourishes it and makes it more flexible and tougher, the advantage was that it made it easier for me to move and almost gain the ability to control my body better but the process takes too long before seeing any progress.

I made my own technique for senjustu which makes it run automatically and continuously without the need to go into meditation but to be able to use this technique, you have to have a high mastery in senjustu and a way to calm the mind or train the mind because with the technique running continuously, you are always under the bombardment of the malice in the air around you. Also using the technique makes it possible that my muscle and body is always nourished even when i am sleeping or walking, another advantage is it makes using senjustu a second nature to me which cleary has it advantage because i can now control my energy to look like a normal person and do many more things with it instinctively.

After checking my progress in senjustu, i decided to cultivate my my since it was something i do every morning after waking up this last 10 years and by far my progress in cultivating my mind is comendable because i can now use senjustu without any side effects of being affected by those around me. At first it was hard because i was surrounded with bloody thirsty wild animals so i had keep cultivating my mind to keep me from being affected by their nature and going rampage.

After my morning training, i decided it was time to go out and most importantly familiarize my self with this town but first i have to meet the boss so that he can appoint someone that can accompany me while i look around. I came out of my room to see a guard standing in front of me which i thought was weird but still asked him what he was doing here and his answer was that the boss orderded him to be my personal assistant from now on and provide me with anything that i needed , i smiled and thought to myself so thoughtful of him.

I asked my new personal assistant what his name was "Shirou" he said , i told him that my name is Muzaka and it was nice meeting him and that i hope he takes good care of me from now on but first can you get me something to eat and that i would also like new clothes and if possible by the end of the day i want my closet to be full to which he answered yes and took out his phone to make a call. After some minutes he said done and that my food is ready, i thanked him and asked him to show the way.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》