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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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6 6. Boss Pov

Today was the same as usual and i got a very good deal which made me happy but still got something buggin me because of the rumors about devils living in this kouh town and that they are very active at night but the fear of the unkwon is nerv wracking for me, while i was deep in my thoughts some dude dressed like tarzan appeared out of nowhere and and scared me but was able to keep my calm because of the years being a yakuza boss so i took out my gun and my guard did the same but what unerved me was that the guy the weapon was pointed as didn't look fazed or sacred instead he started walking calmly towards me and did something that made the air heavy and hard to breath to which my guards all passed out and was shaking on the floor.

I freaked out thinking to myself that maybe the rumors were and that there were truly devils in this town, so what would one want with me and in the midde of the day at that, i try to calmy ask as much as i can without shaky voice what he wants and who the hell he is. He stopped walking after i asked him the question and looked like he was deep in thought looking for an answer to give me so i took this as my chance to attack so i started shooting at him but almost peed my pants when the bullet hit him barechested and fell off like i was shooting at the hardest material in the world and he didn't even look fazed with the bullet hitting him except looking like he was annoyed.

Next thing i knew was that i was off the ground and in his arm and for the first time he spoke in a deep voice to cut it off and i immediately nooded because i couldn't explain what just happened but one thing i know was that he could kill me before i can know what happened but since he didn't that means that i was still of some use to him so i decide to do whatever he demands of me, he said to me that his name is Muzaka and that he would like for me to start working for him to which i immediately nooded since he was still holding me and i can't talk.

He let me off and told me to get something presentable for him to put on and i did by running to my guard and woke them up and orded them to get something for him and told also to satrt reffering to him as boss since we now work for him after i went back to him he told me to explain to him about this town and make it short and i did, when my guard came with his clothes i was elavated to see that he liked it without complaining but then he asked me where i live to which i instinctively answered but immediately regret it because he told me to take him there and that he would live there from now on.

I drove to my house and was suprised when he told me that he liked it and oddly it made me proud coming from a being like him that was when he said to get him food for 10 people since he is hungry and i did by calling my maids to immediately prepare foods for him to eat but i noticed something weird, before the maids went to prepare the food they were blushing and looking at his muscle that is shown through his clothes but i didn't get mad because the guys boody looked amazing like those handsome anime character with ripped body and six pack but no i ain't gay, my thought got cut off when he told me that he would need an ID card to be able to get around and he would also like to enroll in a school called kouh academy to which i find easy but will take time for the ID card but since he told me to be fast with it.

I will see what i can do, that was when the food came and he immediately devoured everything in two minutes and looked like it was nothing except for looking sleepy, he asked where his room was and i complied but walking himto a guest room but when i wanted to walk off to tell my guards to prepare something that can get him off my house or something that we can use and kill him since he was about to sleep but i immediately canceled that thought when he did what hed did in office las time but this time i can feel it focused on me and he said to try nothing funny and i immediately ansered yes because i peed my pants and said goodbye to my normal life.

(Pov ends)

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》