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Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd
Author :Emmaony22
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5 5. New home

I walked up to the boss unfazed and released a bit of my aura and focused it at his guards to which they all passed out and you can see that the boss was scared from his expression because he couldn't explain what happened. He asked with a shaky voice what do you want and who the hell are you? I stopped when he asked who I was because it was the first time someone asked me that since I came to this so it got me thinking what I wanted to known as in this new world, he disturbed my thought by shooting at me which didn't even faze me but was annoyed because it was ticklish and the sound the gun made was too loud for me.

I appeared in front of him and took him off his ground by raising him up and told him to cut it off and that my name is Muzaka and that I would like for his gang to start working for me and provide me a place to stay and anything I need, he was so scared he immediately agreed to which I smiled and let him off and told him to get me something better to wear.

He immediately ran to his guards that were still knocked and woke them up and ordered them find me something to wear, it took them ten minutes to find something decent for me and in that ten minutes I got the boss to tell me more about the town, after I dressed up in front of him and asked him where he lives, he called a street name I don't know and I told him that I will start living in his home and he immediately answered yes. When we got to his home I found out that he lives in a traditional Japanese house and it was to my liking so I complimented, when we sat down later I made it known to him that I was hungry and should prepare foods for ten people to which he did and asked his maid to prepare it immediately but before the maids could go prepare the people I felt them giving me eyes and checking me out, while they were preparing the food I asked the boss to get me an ID card so I can walk around without worries and that I will also like to register the kouh academy school.

He told me me that it would take time to prepare everything but I told him to do it as fast as possible, during our discussion the maid came with the food and served it, after eating everything I got sleepy so I ask him for a room where I can sleep, he took me to a room where I immediately feel asleep but not before scaring him with my aura focused on him and told him not to try anything funny and he immediately answered yes to which I ignored and fell asleep.

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    《Reincarnated as a werewolf in dxd》