ReBirth of The Primordial
5 Trust Me, I“m Your Big Sister
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ReBirth of The Primordial
Author :RedsFables
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5 Trust Me, I“m Your Big Sister

The little flame stopped pushing the little ice cube behind it when the girl stopped her motions. It stood straight, it's golden cat-like eyes narrowed and turned its head far enough to talk to the little ice cube but not enough to take its eyes of the girl.

"Drak-gon?" It asked.

"Wulf." The little ice cube answered.

The duo paused then their eyes started to shimmer and they shouted out simultaneously,



The both of them immediately lost all their excitement and glared at each other, gold clashing with black.

"Wul-gon." The little ice cube state imperiously.

"Dra-uff!" The little flame denied vehemently going so far as to shake its head at the other.

Silence reigned thick and heavy. That is, right before the little ice cube let out a heroic war cry, knocked the little flame to the ground, and began pummeling it. The little flame, shocked, took a moment to get its bearings then with an answering declaration of war, tried fighting off the little ice cube. It wasn't long though after that the little flame began to yell, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" at the other. When that didn't work the little flame conceded the battle hollering, "Wulgon!" over and over until the little ice cube stopped.

The girl felt her vision go blurry. These weren't just any little monsters. They were her little monsters. She could almost feel tears gathering. Not only were they all miraculously alive, they were whole and safe right here. With her. Now, the question was how did she let them know that she wasn't just a monster that could eat them but- ah ha! The girl slowly lowered her head and let out a gentle huff to get her quarreling siblings attention.

The little flame- no, Dagan shoved his distracted sister off and pulled her behind him again. Typical Dagan, always putting himself between his twin and danger. The girl looked cautiously at him trying to be as small as- No. Scratch that she knew for a fact that her size was intimidating, hell even she was intimidated by it and she herself was the beast! She lifted her paw slowly and began to write 'I' followed by an 'O' in rich soil.

'IIIIIII-II- I" The boy sounded out slowly his eyebrows scrunched up in concentration.

"oOO-O?" Sorcha sounded out turning the simple 'o' into asking her brother for confirmation.

"En, O," Dagan replied, a trace of pride dancing in his golden eyes for his sister's accomplishment before focusing on the issue at hand.

"I-O, Io," Dagan sounded out then peered at the girl as if trying to find her within the monster.
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"Io!?" Sorcha shrieked, her voice hitting decibels that made Dagan and the girl, no Io, shudder. The little ice cube mimicked her brother, staring hard at Io for any visual hint of truth.

'This is the hard part,' Io thought nervously to herself holding herself as still as possible. As if that would lend itself to the truth and make it easier for the siblings to believe her. She could almost feel her soul take and a breath in fear. What if they didn't believe her? The day she had found the both of them, they'd been between an old dilapidated waste bin and a crumbling brick wall practically buried under a mound of trash. They'd been three at the time and lucky as four-leaf clover that she had been in the area scavenging for food.

It had taken the twins a while to trust her. Dagan wouldn't even be in the same room as her unless Sorcha was there for the first six months. The bruises on his body and the lack thereof on Sorcha's when Io had found them that first night told a horrific story. It had taken her close to a year get Dagan's trust that she would not hurt him or Sorcha, and to understand that he and Sorcha would always be safe with her. So, when they had run across his abusers Io had been able to leave Dagan and Sorcha in a safe place for the night and they'd been secure in the fact that she would back to them.

Io could feel her body warm up and almost inaudible rumble in her chest from the fond memories of that particular hunt for the boy's abusers. It had been the one time she that had relished in the kill. It had been such a thrill torturing those men and women, and if she were honest with herself, she probably would have taken longer than the six hours she'd had to kill them, but Dagan and Sorcha needed her more than her need for vengeance.

Io cleaned herself up in the abusers' residence before returning to Dagan and Sorcha. They had just been waking up when Io walked in, and when Dagan looked at her, eyes far too old for a four-year old, it had felt like he was looking into her soul. After what had seemed to be an eternity, for the first time, the boy smiled. It was at that point that he finally let go of that last bit of distance between them. It was with that final acceptance that Sorcha relaxed the last of her guard as well. That sense of trust was a heady thing for Io. She had never been depended on like this until Dagan and Sorcha. Their trust in the fact that she would always, always protect them branded itself somewhere deep in her soul. It had taken them a while to understand that she was their 'big sister' and her 'job' was to protect her 'little brother and sister,' but once they'd acknowledge her. It was a heady feeling. It was almost as if a missing piece of herself had clicked in at last. She needed them just as much as they needed her. They were her reason for surviving as long as she had and vice versa.

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    《ReBirth of The Primordial》