ReBirth of The Primordial
4 Technical Difficulties
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ReBirth of The Primordial
Author :RedsFables
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4 Technical Difficulties

The girl finally took a moment to take stock of the condition her body was in. It wasn't good, is what it was. She was no longer human. Let's start there. From a teenage girl to a beast. Yeah that one is going to take some getting used to.

Four clawed-paws, legs covered in scale and fur, ears like a deer, three horns on each side of her head, long enough to poke out of her fur but not to be too obtrusive. A muzzle with sharp teeth, strong wolf-like body, from what she had seen in a library that she Dagan and Sorcha had stayed in once. Oh, and a tail! She had a long draconian tail that like rest of her, was covered in a mixture of scale and fur.

And as if that wasn't enough of a shock, her body was powerful, obviously designed for hunting prey down. Apparently, the whatever gods that be had decided that femininity was overrated. She was not only built aggressively but she'd practically disappear when the sun set. Her pitch-black scales and fur would practically make her invisible other than the odd glimmer of moonlight on her scales. Well… that, and she wasn't exactly small. While she was probably close to 180 cm in height and easily that length and a half from muzzle to tail. A walking nightmare. That was what she was. No wonder the two little monsters were so frightened. They had encountered a big monster.

The girl started to get up but quickly toppled over with a yelp of surprise. It wasn't easy coordinating four legs. Not one bit. What followed next was an embarrassing barrage of frustrating failures. What had happened would be equivalent to one person breaking the World Guinness Record for twistiness. What was that old earthen game, Twist. Twisty? Or was it Twisted? Whatever. The girl found out exactly how flexible her new body was, how many ways she could trip herself up and still land on her feet, and she learned not to take walking without actually thinking about paw-eye coordination for granted.

The girl ended up on the ground eventually (yep she's got skills) after she had somehow managed to wrap her tail across one of her back legs and her front legs, tying the three together. With an oomph the girl landed on her side. She lay there panting for a moment as she tried figuring out her next step. That is if she could even figure out how to walk. She clenched her eyes out remembering how it was to be human, the ease of movement. The kids that- Urk! Even if she wasn't human any longer that was ok, maybe she could at least pick up their scent. From their cuddles the kids had always smelled like rain, clean and pure untouched in their dirty dead world. She twitched her nose a couple of times in an effort to pick up their scent, but the only things she picked up was sweet clean air under the scent of wet dirt- mud, she corrected herself, and an odd combination of fresh snow and woodsmoke.

The girl sighed deeply over her failure. Nothing. She gingerly rolled over onto her legs and slowly stood up. She stood there for a couple of minutes. Going over her failures and small successes. She hated to waste the time. The kids needed her, but if she was going to be of any use to them, she needed to figure herself out first. Besides what was the use of this body if she couldn't take care of them? Especially given how powerful her new form was. What was the point if it could not be used to its full advantage?

The girl looked at the two little monsters. While she had been struggling to make use of her new body, the little ice cube and flame had gone quiet. The duo now stood next to each other, little black claws interlaced with pale grey ones and two sets of cat-like eyes watched her clumsy movements. Io cocked her at head and huffed at the duo. It wasn't like she had meant anything by it other than to perhaps tease the two little monsters, she had done it before she'd even thought about it. The girl winced at the prospect of more of that shrieking and internally braced herself for it.
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Then, she heard it. A little giggle. The girl's eyes went wide in surprise as the little ice cube grinned a rather toothy grin at her. The little flame next to the little ice cube caught her eyes and it nudged the little ice cube back behind it. The girl went still in her small efforts to move normally. Well as normal as she could, having gone from two legs to four.

That motion. It looked familiar. Like something Dagan would. BOOOM! It felt like the girl's brain imploded. Of course! If she herself was not human any longer then it would be logical that Dagan and Sorcha could possibly be something other* as well? After this realization, the girl wanted to smack herself for being such idiot. The only problem now was how was she going to confirm that these beautiful little monsters were her siblings.

*Other: Not human

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    《ReBirth of The Primordial》