ReBirth of The Primordial
3 What The Fudgin“ Fudge Cracker?
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ReBirth of The Primordial
Author :RedsFables
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3 What The Fudgin“ Fudge Cracker?

The girl uttered a soft moan and slowly covered her ears to block out the weird screaming noise that vibrated through her body. Slowly the girl ran a misshapen hand over her eyes rubbing the mud away so she could at least see what was causing that noise. The murky shapes and colors were slowly blinked away, leaving behind a dazzling array of colors. However, any awe or wonder of her surroundings was quickly eclipsed by the two little creatures standing before her.

Shock held the girl spellbound for a moment. "If fire and ice were given form…" was the first thing that came to the girl's mind. The two little beings were no more than 100 cm in height while obviously of the same species where a distinct study in contrasts. One of them was like a living flame while the other conveyed a glacier-like feel with its icy coloring. As different as they were, the scales, claws, and even their cat-like eyes and sweetly pointed ears, indicated that they were of the same species

The scales that decorated their body also rendered them androgynous, not only covering where their gender would be, but adorning their legs, back, and arms and neck in a defensive manner. On the sides of their faces, tiny scales graced in gentle curving patterns, not too feminine or masculine, bold enough to make a statement, but not enough give a definitive answer as to which gender they were. As lovely as they were, glimpses of shark-like teeth shoved any possibility that they were anything but predators aside.
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The little flame on the left had skin the color of charcoal, golden cat-like eyes, and shoulder-length wild red hair. The scales that decorated its body gleamed a bold orange in the setting sun. While the presence of small delicate black claws on its human-like hands and feet created a distinct look between delicacy and possibility for ferocity.

On the right, the little ice cube had skin as fair as snow, fathomless black-colored eyes, and a waterfall of waist-length cyan hair. White scales that shimmered softly from the light refracting off them like frost-covered opals. And like the little flame, this one also had delicately clawed human-like hands and feet, only it's claws were a pale wintry grey.

Beautiful little monsters.

Said monsters were also the ones that were making that strange ear-piercing sound the girl realized. She further pressed her arms against her ears in discomfort, but apparently that was all the duo needed to start shrieking again. Distractedly the girl noticed the two little monsters' shark-like teeth and idly she wondered that if like, sharks, that they never stopped growing and losing their teeth.

It wasn't until the monsters backed away from her and from each other shrieking desperately as if calling for a parent that the girl snapped out of her daze. Predators themselves, these two were likely the offspring of a bigger predator. At this point the girl started to freak out scooting her broken body back in too much of hurry to notice how wrong her own body felt.

"Focus," she told herself. "Have to find the kids so we can the hell outta' here before mommy or daddy predator find us." However, as Murphy* would have it that's when the girl's day went from bad to crapper. Now that the girl was alert and not being crushed by a mountain of dirt, for the first time she realized that her body would not move as she wanted it to. Oh, it would move, but it felt… Wrong.

The two in front with their shrieks had her ears feeling like they were bleeding. The girl's eyes narrowed at the thought of the kids lost somewhere while she hung up out here with the natives. What about them? Were they okay? What if they were hurt or even worse, what if they were separated as well. It was bad enough that she wasn't there with them, but if they were not with her or each other. There would be colossal fits and tears for her to deal with.

The girl opened her mouth and tried yelling for them to see if she could at least get a general location of the brother-sister pair, only to hear a howl come out. The little predators froze, the girl froze, eyes gone wide the trio stared at each other like petrified statues.

*Murphy as in Murphy's Law. What can go wrong will go wrong.

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    《ReBirth of The Primordial》