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47 Narcissistic Lance
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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47 Narcissistic Lance

Hana was stunned for a second. Mutiple thoughts rushed through her mind. Tamaki Suoh? No, Gilgamesh? Frau . . . wrong color.

Why did two people she met today have weird eye or hair colors. It stirred her otaku soul. She coughed. "Who are you?" And why do you know me??

"You don't know me?" The boy looked at her strangely.

"Should I . . . " Hana frowned. This person greeted her so intimately, but she was sure she didn't know him. If possible, he looked even more offended now.

Lance smirked. "My name is Lance Wu. I'm a freshman at A.S Academy. I want to join this dorm." His tone indicated she should feel . . . honored? Happy?

If anime was reality, she would see sparkles glistening around him.

Hana deadpanned. The first one was prideful. Now comes a narcissistic one . . . annoying person.

"Fuck, how come it's you!" The abnormally loud screech came from behind her. Hana watched in shock as Renae rushed forward, glaring daggers at Lance.

"Oh, little Renae is here too!" Lance gave her a teasing look.

This was the first time Hana saw Renae's face turn purple from anger. She looked like she was seconds from pummeling the guy. Who was this guy that made her go OCD?

"Absolutely not! You can't live here! No way! How did you even find this place?"

"So mean," Lance mumbled, "Is this how you treat a friend?"

Renae snorted. "We are NOT acquainted in any way! Nada! Zilch relationship! Go bother Zhu Xing if you're feeling antsy. Or your brother."

Hana could see him stiffen slightly at the last part."Darling, are you trying to get me killed?" Lance dramatically held his chest. "My heart hurts. How could you forsaken your childhood friend like this?" He shed an invisible tear.

"If you were gone, I would gladly send flowers to your grave and throw a big party to celebrate." Gnashing her teech, Renae grabbed Hana's hand. "Hana, please don't let him live here. I'll be drive crazy if I have to live with this thing."

"Spare me," Hana said. The antics from these two were exasperating.

"Lance was it? I don't think you can stay here? There are five girls living here, so it's not convenient for a boy to stay here as well."

Lance grinned. "But most dorms are co-ed. And you have plenty of space! There are two wings so girls and boys can live separately, no?"

"You want an entire wing to yourself? Dream on!" Renae really wanted to pummel him.

Hana frowned. Technically, this was true. The west wing was completely empty right now. They only used the east wing and the common areas. But the problem was that Renae seemed to have a huge grudge against this guy.

"I have this too!" Lance handed over a piece of paper for Hana to look at. The deam actually wanted her to cater to his request. Although it wasn't mandatory, the fact was that she needed a good reason for refusal.

"Renae, even if you want chase him away, give a legitimate reason." Hana murmured to her agitated friend.

"Reason?" Renae pondered. "Hehe, fine."

"Lance, if you want to enter this dorm, you will have to do the work everyone else does. We all have chores like cleaning and organizing and helping out with a bakery. If you want to join, then you have to cook a yummy dinner everyday!" Lance sucked at domestic things. Renae thought that this would surely chase him away.

Sure enough, Lance's face fell. "Cook?"

"Yup, it's not like we have anything against you," Renae nodded, "but all boys who want to enter the dorm will be in charge of meals. So they must be able to cook."

Renae was actually lying of course. Hana's team of Pokemon actually took care of the entire dorm. Especially Gardevoir, who was like a maid, butler, and cook alll in one. Hana didn't had the heart to stop her roll though.

"The dorm has a tight budget so we can't order food or a cook. And we all miss homemade food." Renae continued adding on to the lie. "You can're hire anyone else to do it for you either. After all, we don't hire maids to do our chores."

Lance frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! If you can cook, I'll let you in instantly!" Renae exclaimed. Hana just nodded along with Renae.

"Fine, I'll be back." Lance gave them a wink and sauntered off.

Renae slammed the door. "Finally, that pest is gone. I swear, if I have to see his face daily, I'll lose my mind."

Hana tapped her fingers thoughtly. That Lance person . . . was suspicious. And somehow, she felt like they have been tricked.


"Hey, I got an amazing oppurtunity for you!" Lance bursted into Leo's study the moment he reached home.

Leo didn't even look up at the sudden entrance. He just continued looking over documents.

"Hana Zhao."

"What do you mean?" Leo responded quickly. Tsk. Tsk. So you only pay attention to me when I mention her? Lance grinned slyly.

"We — you can live together with her in a dorm. All freshman enter one remember? It's a good chance to geet closer to her and find out about the antidote."

"Dorming?" Leo nodded inwardly. That didn't seem half-bad.

"The end of the month is coming soon." Lance reminded. "What if the next attack is even worst?" The flame poison was a terrible weakness. His eyes darkened at the though of it spreading out. "There are already rumors, brother. We need a solution soon."

"Alright, take care of the procedures." Leo agreed.

Lance inwardly cheered. Score! Now to add the finishing touches.

"Well, we should also hide your identity since we can't have others knowing about your condition. And you see, it's about your cooking . . . "

He couldn't wait to see the following months. He predicted that it would be quite exciting.

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