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44 Gardevoir Filler Special Don“t Have to Read for Plo
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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44 Gardevoir Filler Special Don“t Have to Read for Plo

It was very strange for Gardevoir when she first came into this world. She had been sleeping for so long in the gray space. At least, it felt like sleeping.

But then Hana called her. Hana, the human, was her owner. Strangely, she felt absolutely loyal to her. It was strange, but Hana was a good person so she didn't mind. And Hana let her fulfill her curiosity about this world.

Yes, this world was very curious. People can do magical things. Gardevoir was especially passionate about cooking and cleaning. The so called 'chores' humans did was very interesting. And everyday when she was working at the bakery was also interesting.

Hana had taught her how to count and do many things. However, the humans always gave her weird and long looks when she gave them change for their purchase. Maybe she was giving them the wrong change? But they never said anything.

Also, she had somehow become the leader of all the Pokemon. It wasn't hard to manage them all. Maybe it was because she was the wisest so they listened to her? Yes, Gardevoir considered herself very wise.

She was the only Pokemon beside Zorua who could speak to humans. And she was the only one who could use the special device in Hana's room. It was called a 'computer' and was very handy. Gardevoir learned many things using the computer.

For example, she was very fond of the maid culture she had seen. However, she thought Hana might rebuff her if she called her master . . . .

Recently, she had read that discipline is important for summoned creatures. Since Hana called them summoned creatures, then they should be disciplined too. Yes, Gardevoir nodded as she swept the floor of the dorm common room. She should discipline the others.
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Especially the lazy Zorua. Apparently, Hana was always annoyed by Zorua. Hmm, maybe she should punish it? Yes, punish it like she punished the others for not following orders.

Gardevoir had a very benevolent expression as it cleaned the room.

Meanwhile, the Gengar that was hiding on the ceiling shivered. Elder sister Gardevoir had that expression on again! Scary! Even the ghost Pokemon quivered as it recalled what happened last time. That horrible event had led all the Pokemon to unanimously acknowledge her as the leader.

Gardevoir raised her head toward the door. Someone was there. She opened the door, only to see the slump figure of Hana's sister, Rina.

Seeing the blood, the psychic Pokemon immediately realized that little master - ahem - Rina was injured. She immediately transported the little girl inside.

Moving her to her room, Gardevoir began to do first aid like the computer taught her. She immediately summoned all the Pokemon and gave out orders.

"Monferno and Glaceon, go get some warm water and towels. Gengar, get the first aid kit." The psychic Pokemon issued out orders like a veteran nurse. Porridge was ordered to be made, and fresh clothes were found to be changed in.

The Pokemon scrambled to follow her orders. Meanwhile, Gardevoir realized that Rina was actually injured. But she was very tired.

"Zorua, make sleep better." Zorua grumbled. What do you think I am, a Munna? I'm an shadow Pokemon for Arceus's sake! Illusions are not dreams!

Gardevoir beamed, before using her Telekinesis. The shadow Pokemon found itself inserted under Rina's arm. "I read that children sleep better with teddy bears. Since Vulpix is not here, you will be it."

Zorua lowered its head. Fine, you're the boss. It was not scared of Gardevoir. Not scared at all! It was just helping Rina, that was all . . .

After organizing everything to ensure Rina's comfort and health, Gardevoir returned to dusting. Hmm, I sense Hana is coming back soon. Must make sure the place is clean.

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