Otaku Card System
41 Dual Dungeon
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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41 Dual Dungeon

"I feel dead," Renae moaned as she sprawn on the ice. They had probably taken days to reshape this place.

The dungeon had turned into a winter wonderland. Massive glaciers occupied over half the visible lake. Under the sunlight, the glistening ice was a beautiful sight.

Of course, Hana had deduced it might be a little unreasonable to expect that they could freeze the entire lake. The first thing they did was erect a massive barrier of ice that served to dam off a large part of water. They then reshaped that section to fit their needs, draining the lake so they could move around freely.

However, it seemed very strange that the ice didn't melt even under constant sunlight. The dungeon seemed to become colder to accommodate the ice, a very peculiar event.

"Hana, how are you not tired?" Renae asked. Hana had been freezing nonstop for the past few days, taking no breaks. It was like she had an unlimited amount of stream energy.

"Well, summoning doesn't take that much energy," Hana replied vaguely. She had the system of course. She wasn't limited like ability users. The only thing that could stop her was if Hyorinmaru broke.

"Any way, let's continue exploring and gathering materials."

The three of them were at the bottom of the lake. Their efforts had sufficiently drained the lake, revealing the bottom that hard been hidden by darkness.

The floor was cover in black sand, identical to where they had stood when they first arrived. The most valuable treasure was the Fluorescent pearls half buried in the sand. The pearls could be grind into powder for elixirs. Hana had noted many recipes required this ingredient, so she eagerly took as many as possible.

Song Qi and Renae were helping here. Somehow, the dungeon raid had turned into something that resembled more of an excavation site.

Hana also took samples of the aquatic plants, in case they turn out to be ingredients as well. As she was harvesting a plot of blue seaweed, Renae gave a yell of excitement.

"I think I see the boss monster!"

"Where?!" Those were her precious experience points ah! Hana had killed the most monsters on this run. It was easy after they had froze the lake. Most of the monsters where frozen solid whole, or partially stuck in ice like sheep waiting for slaughter.

Renae gestured at a particularly large section of an ice wall they had erected as a dam. "I think we accidentally frozen it in the beginning! It's part of the wall now." She laughed.

Hana peered into the ice. Hmm, it does seem like a particularly large shark monster was frozen in there. "Well, I'll just stab through the ice then."

Song Qi sweat-dropped watched their antics. Why did she feel somewhat sorry for the boss monster? Maybe because big boss like the massive shark died from a single stab? Or because it was frozen solid, making its expression of fear and wide eyes evident? Oh well, she was just a healer anyway, back to gathering materials it is.

The moment Hyorinmaru pierced through the boss, a massive portal appeared. "Yeah, we can go home!" Renae cheered.

Hana hummed. "Let's take more things before we leave."

Renae sighed. "Why do I feel like a scrapper? I didn't even fight much this run . . . "

As Hana continued her harvest, she wandered over to a stone outcropping. She paused. While the stone looked rather dull, her instincts jumped warily as she neared it.

There were numerous gashes on the stone. Hana stared at the slashes, circling the rock. They were seemingly random, but it was evident someone took a lot of effort to chip away the stone. Slowly, a series of words formed in her mind. Hana widened her eyes.

In her past life, she had been forced to become well versed in a variety of languages. One of her choices was Ancient Greek.

How strange. The language from her past world appeared in this world, in a dungeon of all things. What did this mean? "Open, doors to the Delphin Temple?" She read.

As soon as she finished speaking, the dungeon began to rumble.
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"What's going on?" Renae shouted in alarm. The three of them quickly regrouped, holding their weapons warily. The ice around them trembled, as if massive blocks would break apart any second.


"I just read some words off that rock . . ." Hana's finger that pointed at a rock paused. In the place of the inconspicuous rock now stood a pair of stone double doors.

Images were carved deeply into the doors. She could recognize images that resembled sea monsters, giant snakes with terrifying detailed fins and gills.

Renae gasped. "I've only heard of this, but never experienced it before!" She grabbed Hana's hands excitedly.

"I think you just found a dual dungeon!"

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