Otaku Card System
40 Glacial Transformation
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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40 Glacial Transformation

"Hana, are you sure none of your summons can help us here?" Renae questioned. She was focused on maintaining her shield. Although she could easily go into combat within this domain, she couldn't fully ensure the safety of her friends. It was this hesitance that kept her from pushing forward.

Hana shook her head. How she wished she had water Pokemon right now. A Gyarados, Kyogre, or Vaporean would be perfect. Hell, she even settle for a Piplup. Hmm, should she try to use flames after all. There have been cases in anime where fire overwhelmed water rather than canceling each other out . . .

Sigh, this was taking too much time. Hana glanced at all her cards in the storage.

"Let's resurface," Hana said with a sigh, "I have another idea." Renae and Song Qi looked at each other, before following her to the surface.

Hana slipped out of the water, clothes clinging to her body.

"System, how much will I need to level up?" She had always kept the words of the system in her mind. She was still a beginner according to the system. Once she leveled up, she will gain more benefits.

[Host's level is insufficient to receive specific leveling statistics]

"Then just tell me this. If I kill every single monster in this dungeon, can I reach level 5?"

[ . . . well . . . probably]

Then it would be worth her efforts then. Hana internally grumbled. Hyorinmaru was the best card she had right now. While she always found her Fire Dragonslayer abilities useful, using Hyorinmaru simply felt more right to her. Using her trump card at this moment felt kinda bitter. But oh well.

"Renae, can you create tsunamis? Cyclones are fine too." Hana asked.

"Huh?" Renae blanked at the abrupt question. "I mean, I had never had the need too . . . I can try?" She never needed to so something that large scale before. Besides, she always lived in the city so she never had such a large body of water to work with. "Why?"

Hana summoned Hyorinmaru. The ice zanpakuto appeared in her hand. Fitting in her grip perfectly, Hana stood at the edge of the water.

" Since the dungeon environment is not suitable for us, then we might as well change it. I guess it's better to tell you now that later." She raised her sword. "I not only summon unique creatures, but also special weapons. I can gain other abilities due to this."

The tropical temperature plummeted as icy energy seemed to swirl around Hana. "Reign over the Frosted Heavens, Hyorinmaru!"

A ferocious aura erupted as the signature blue ice dragon formed from her blade. It swirled and looped around her like a mystical shield.

"Wow!" Renae gasped. She had seen many abilities before, but something like this was impressive and unique. Even the normally unfazed Song Qi widened her eyes at the sight.

"Ah, your hair changes too!" Hana's raven black hair was snowy white.

"My hair?" Hana frowned, grasping a few strands. Seeing the white color, her mind whirled.


[Some cards may trigger side effects. Side effects are usually harmless, and vanish once Host has stopped using a card]

Hana didn't put too much thought into it. It was just her hair color changing, didn't seem to affect her much.

"It's just a side effect," Hana told Renae, "We should focus on reshaping the landscape to be more favorable to us." Hana smiled as she let told them her plan.

Renae choked. "This is a crazy idea! But I like it!"

Song Qi shrugged. "I'm the healer, so I'll follow your lead."

Renae scratched her head. "I think it's a good plan, but I don't think I have enough stream energy."

Hana frowned. She had not accounted for this problem, an error on her part.

All abilities originated from Stream Energy, a mysterious energy abundant within this world. When humans first came into the Tower Between Worlds, they discovered hidden meridians throughout their body that could intake this energy. The energy absorbed flows into what was called the ability core within the body. Humans then manifest the energy in terms of abilities.
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However, ability cores had a limit to the amount of energy it could store. Once it was drained, it would require time to restore it.

"I can restore your energy," Song Qi said, "however, this will deplete me energy as well, so I will not be able to heal anyone immediately."

"It should be fine," Hana said after some thought, "let's do this then."

"Heh, it's my time to shine then." Renae flung out her arms toward the water. Immediately, the water began to churn. The waves rocked back and forth as they climbed up in height. Soon, a massive wave formed, rushing away from them. It was as if a massive force pushed against the water, forcing it into a single direction.

Hana raised her blade."Hyorinmaru!" From where she stood, a roaring ice dragon rushed toward the wave. It froze everything along its path, ice creaking in its wake. The ice spread, coloring a large part of the water solid.

Within a second, one tenth of the lake had been frozen into a glacier.

When the environment is unfavorable to you, you either adapt to it or change it. She had always done the latter, but now, she can shape the land to suit her needs.

Glacial transformation.

The plan was to drain the lake, turning as much water as possible into massive glaciers.

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    《Otaku Card System》