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36 Drinks Are The Best Way to Bond
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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36 Drinks Are The Best Way to Bond

Later that night, the soup in the hotpot boiled merrily as four girls and an assortment of Pokemon gathered around the table.

"Hana, where do you get your summons?" Renae marveled at Gardevoir that was currently levitating meat into the pot. "These new ones are so cool!"

She looked over the motley assortment of creatures. Each was unique and strange looking. Definitely exotic. Why did her friend seem to get more and more mysterious these days? That accident must have triggered something amazing in her.

Song Qi and Rina in contrast did not seem bothered by the creatures. Rather, the two simply ate silently. Rina cuddled Vulpix carefully as she fed lettuce to Zorua, who was basking on the floor.

"Song Qi, stop eating all the vegetables!" Renae turned her attention to the quiet girl, who was eating rather elegantly. She shoved some meat into her bowl. "You need more protein. With your skinny arms, you'll be a bully magnet again once school starts."

Song Qi nodded. "Thanks."

"And speak louder!"
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Hana and Rina watched the exchange with identical flat expressions as they munched on their food.

"God, you really are sisters," Renae muttered as she saw the two.

Hana rolled her eyes. "Song Qi, don't mind her. She usually isn't like this. "

Song Qi put down her chopsticks. "It's alright. Since we will be living together, I should clear up my circumstances toward you."

She looked at Renae. "You were right the first time you confronted me.

The Song family indeed abused me. I am an orphan that they adopted when I was a child. It was intended for me to assist Song Lin in entering a higher university. I was treated as a maid in their house and an output for their anger.

However, I did not retaliate. Not because I couldn't, but because I did not want to.

My so-called parents still had my identity token that they took when I first moved in with them. It was the only clue that would lead me to find my real parents. Over the years, I learned to cater to their whims to lower their guard.

Once I finally found it, I naturally ditched them. I managed to pass A.S. Academy's admittance exam, I immediately came to Floor 70 with everything I have.

So while I do commend you for looking out for me Renae, I am not thankful at the least. Are you satisfied with this explanation?" Song Qi asked softly. Her face was expressionless, as if she had just described the life story of an unrelated passerby.

Renae was silent. "Fine, I guess I was being unnecessary." She pulled a bottle of champagne out of nowhere. "Drinks, then we cool? Restart and all that whatnot." She intended to lighten the atmosphere.

"Agreed." Song Qi replied.

Hana watched Renae pour out the alcohol. No, it was more likely to be beer from the golden foamy look. "Should I even ask how you got this?" Hana gave her friend an amused look.

Renae shrugged. "Everyone buys it off the shadow market. I'll take you all sometime. That place has some of the coolest stuff." She slid Hana a glass while pouring Rina some fruit juice. "Heh, no fun stuff for you child. Your sister would kill me if I give some to you."

Hana sniffed the beer. It didn't seem strong, and gave off a fruity scent. "I can't recall the last time I drank beer. I usually have wine." She mumbled.

"Yeah, funny," Renae laughed, "How can a rule stickler like you drink wine? I'm even more surprised you didn't stop me from pouring you a glass."

"Sister, you once said you hated wine after tasting it for the first time," Rina interjected sleepily. Her soft purple eyes peered at Hana strangely.

Hana poked her head. "I was just kidding." She took a sip of the drink, feeling the buzz slide down her throat. "It doesn't taste bad." It was actually very familiar to the stuff she drank in her past life. It seems like beer was universal.

Renae slammed her palm on the table. "Drinks are the best way to bond. Everyone says so." She raised her glass. "Hey, I just got an amazing idea. Let's form a team."

"Yeah, a team. For hunting dungeons and the Ace Tournaments. Lots of dorms are like this too. We'll be the Bluewing team. We already have a healer and two front liners. Er well, Rina was join when she is older. She can be our alternate." Renae added since she didn't want to leave Rina out. Of course, Rina had fallen asleep so her efforts were unnecessary.

"No way," Hana rejected.

"Why not? You have to be on a team anyway when you enter the A class dungeons." Renae argued.

Hana paused. She seemed to have neglected this point. Damn, why did she have to team up? A team meant her monster kill rate in dungeons would decrease. That would affect her leveling for the system ah!

"See, it's better to team with people you know," Renae added.

Song Qi nodded. "I agree."

"Fine," Hana sighed.

Renae smirked. "It's settled." She got up, slightly tipsy. "Then, for the first raid as a team, let's raid the dungeon on the dorm grounds." She smiled cheekily and started for the door. "Hana, you as the dorm leader should know where it is right? Let's go."

Of course, but how do you know about it? Hana raised an eyebrow. "The Void Lake dungeon is a B class. Are you sure you want to go now? At midnight?"

Renae paused. "Well . . . yes?"

Hana rolled her eyes. "Since you want to enter the dungeon, we'll go in the morning." She swirled her drink thoughtfully. "I am also interested in this dungeon."

She would use this opportunity to gather some dungeon material and raise her level. She was looking forward to some new cards.

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