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33 Annoying Childhood Friends
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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33 Annoying Childhood Friends

Hana studied to list of elective courses in her hand. After Renae had learned she was an Alpha student, the girl had dramatically cried and demanded that she attend the same classes. Renae then went to determine her main courses, so Hana stood before the list of electives posted on the wall.

"Junior Hana, we meet again."

Hana glanced toward the voice. Seeing the 3rd year student who battled against her during the admittance test, she gave a polite nod. "Senior Zhu."

Zhu Xing waved. "Just call me by my name." He smiled. "I wanted to thank you for your pointers during our exchange." He spoke happily as he held up his gloved hands. "Thanks to our battle, I was able to improve my gloves by great margins."

Hana nodded. "I'm glad I was helpful."

Zhu Xing waved his hand enthusiastically at the wall. "Are you choosing electives? How about some recommendations?"

He pointed toward the top. "Although you're an Alpha student, you should definitely remember to take Combat Tactics 101. I don't know what your independent study will be, but combat tactics is very useful. The class covers dungeon clearance strategies."

He tapped another class. "Since your skills on at least on par with mine, you might want to shoot for the 4th level close combat class. You certainly won't learn anything new taking the 3rd level."

"I personally hate sword fighting, but I hear the instructor is lenient on his students.

But never take chemistry. Professor Xi always complicates the introductory course. And that's if you can even understand his drunken slurs.

Elder Yuan and Professor Si both teach first year dungeon applied mathematics. Either is good if you want to take that class."

Zhu Xing continued to introduce several courses.

Hana made note of several in her mind. "Thank you Senior Zhu. I'll go select my classes now."

Zhu Xing watched the girl walk away. He scratched his head dejectedly. His junior didn't seem to warm up to him.

But he really wanted to make friends with her. He wanted to ask for another friendly spar. Zhu Xing made a mental note to try again harder next time.

"Little Xing!" An arm wrapped around his shoulder. "What are you doing here? Trying to catch a freshman girlfriend with your looks? Hehe."

Zhu Xing sighed. "Lance, I'm still older than you. Can't you have some respect for your elders?" He shrugged away his blond fiend of a friend.

Lance Wu twirled his finger, electricity dancing on the tip. He gave him a blinding grin. "I will when you beat me for once."

Zhu Xing scowled. "Stop smiling at me like that. I'm not one of your brain dead fangirls."

Lance shrugged. "Since I'm now attending the same school as you, you'll have to get use to it. Besides, we've been friends for so many years, you should be immune to it. It's not like I can turn you anyway. You're better off guarding your nonexistent girlfriend from me."

Zhu Xing's face turned black. Why was he friends with this guy?

Lance nodded at the distant figure of a girl. "You know her?" He knew she looked familiar. That was Zhao Hana, the girl his brother was looking for, cough, stalking. She actually entered their school!

"Why?" Zhu Xing looked at his friend suspiciously. Did Lance know Hana? Was she his new target?

Lance looked mildly offended. "Hey, no need to look at me like that! I was simply curious."

Zhu Xing crossed his arms. "No comment." He was determined to protect this promising junior from the evil claws of his playboy friend.

Lance elbowed him. "Help a brother out yeah." He lowered his voice conspiratorially. "Leo is interested in her so I want to check her, you know. Tell me her schedule. I just take the same classes as her."

"Your lies have become more ludicrous," Zhu Xing muttered. But Lance didn't look like he was kidding for once. Was Leo really . . .

He sighed. Why did he have such an annoying childhood friend? "She's an Alpha student. There is no point in choosing the same classes as her. She might not even show up to class."

Lance whistled. "Just like Leo." This girl was just as talented as his brother when he was her age. She might even be better since she topped his scores.

"Then what about dorm? All first years have to enter a dorm."

"Since when did you have to enter a dorm? I recall Leo got an exemption like most of the Top families . . ."

Lance made an indignant sound. "Hey, do I look like I'll take advantage of my family's authority? I want to enter a dorm ok!"

He smiled deviously. "You often help the administration. Don't tell me you have never looked at her file? Help a brother out yeah?"

Lance paused, then gave him a shit-eating grin. "I saved you last time when you got drunk and nearly followed a girl home. I had to use a beauty trap on that clingy one. Don't you feel guilty for exploiting my face points?"
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Did you have to bring that up again? Zhu Xing rubbed his face wearily. "Fine, she's in Bluewing." He brushed past him

Lance laughed. His simple-minded friend was much funner to tease than his brother.

He touched his nose. But Bluewing? That girl actually managed to past that old man's weird exam? How interesting.

He stretched. "Well, Bluewing is at a good location anyway. I just dorm there."

Suddenly, he felt the hairs on his neck tingle. Eh? Was something terrible coming?


The coy, simpering call sent shivers down his spine. Crap.

What bad luck today. Why did this crazy girl have to haunt him when she was interested in Leo?!

He quickly fled.

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