Otaku Card System
32 Elixir Equipmen
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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32 Elixir Equipmen

Hana picked up the familiar glass tubes. There were also beakers, flasks, and other glass material commonly seen in chemistry. Was this elixir production equipment?

"Elder Lan, the storage room doesn't have the equipment you want." She called. Elder Lan walked over, his floured covered hands gripping his walking stick.

"Not this one," Elder Lan glanced at the glass tubes in her hand. "I think she used to store our old school material in here. These were used when we both took the introduction to Elixir Production." He waved his hand. "We should clear out these things and use this room for the bakery materials."

Hana ran a finger around the rim of a beaker. "Can I have these?" She actually was interested in elixir production.

She had done experiments with pots and ceramic bowls and the results were disappointing. Several pots and pans were ruined from her tests. The glass must be made of some specialized material to contain elixir compounds.

"You know how to make elixirs?" Elder Lan was surprised. Elixir producers were rare. They had to have compatible abilities and extensive memory. There were very few experts in the field, and each was highly sought by top forces. "Well, its a good subject to learn anyway. Take them. Now that I think of it, the Void Lake contains many elixir ingredients so if you can look there if you are lacking material."

Hana smiled. Elixirs sold for a lot of money. They also could be used to strengthen the body. She wondered what kind of effect would it have on her body.

"Gardevoir," Hana called. She piled materials carefully in the psychic Pokemon arms. "Use Teleport and take all of things in this room back to the dorm. Find an empty room and organize them carefully. I'll set them up later."

Gardevoir nodded in assent. It's body glowed multicolored and outlined in blue before vanishing.

Hana ran a final check on everything else. "Elder Lan, I'm heading back to the Bluewing." She ruffled Rina's hair. "Make sure to leave before dark." Rina, who was doing her homework behind the cashier, made a sound of agreement.

Hana headed down the streets of Anatares. The city was rather big and vaguely resembled Paris. Gray cobblestone streets were wide and European-styled buildings loomed on each side. People, mostly around her age, lingered down the streets.

Above her, hovercars and flying beasts flew back and forth. Hana watched a massive flaming bird that resembled a phoenix soar grandly down the avenue. The summons of the people of this world were sure interesting.

They could look like animals, mythical creatures, or a mix of the two. Her Pokemon didn't look strange, but rather unique as a result. They could pass as an exotic breed.

Hana sighed. She wanted an Evolution card. Once she evolved Charmeleon into Charizard, she could ride it. Although, any kind of flying beast from anime would suffice.

She must level up soon to get a draw. But first, she had to sort out other matters. Reaching Bluewing, she searched for the room with the materials. Gardevoir was already inside, waiting.

"You can go back to the bakery. Thanks." The psychic Pokemon vanished. Hana grinned. Her Pokemon all had unique personalities. It was actually very interesting. Zorua was lazy. Monferno was outgoing. Glaceon was demure. And the newly acquired Gardevoir was fascinated by people. It loved to do work and learn, making a perfect assistant.

Hana picked up a graduated cylinder. "Looks like I'll be using you again," she murmured. She organized the materials in the glass shelves and table without pause. Soon, the room resembled her lab from her past life.

Putting on the Gale Force Reading glasses, Hana sat at the table. She was about to open an elixir guide when the front door sounded. Hana furrowed her brows and went downstairs.

"HANA!" Hana's hand twitched. She recognized that voice. Sure enough, the door swung open to reveal Renae with luggage in her hand. Renae beamed. "I'm moving in."

Before Hana could respond, Renae had already barged inside. "Hehe, you won't turn me away right." She looked at Hana pitifully. "The apartment I was supposed to rent was given to someone else. You don't want to see your best friend living on the streets right?"

Hana raised an eyebrow. "And how exactly did you find me?" When she left Floor 45, she only told Renae she had found a dorm and that she would see her when the academy started. She didn't mention the name or location at all.

Renae wiggled her fingers. "Hehe, I have my ways." She twisted open her water bottle. "Although it's taxing, I used my water mirroring trick." Water rose out of the bottle and swirled into a thin oval. The clear surface rippled, before showing the entrance to the bakery.

Hana widened her eyes. From the angle, it was likely from the fountain in the square where the bakery was. She never knew Renae could do this!

Renae waved her hand. "I found you, then asked around and ended up here." She grinned. "Neat right? You're not the only one who advanced their skills." The water dropped back into the bottle. "Plus I heard that you're now the dorm leader. The dorm mansion is so big, surely you have space for me."

Hana rolled her eyes and pointed at the stairs. "Left hallway, two rooms down. I hope you also heard that dorm mates have to work at the bakery."

Renae saluted. "I will be the best taste tester you'll find!" She rushed up the stairs.

"You'll be doing to washing more likely," Hana muttered. A minute later, Renae rushed back down.
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"Lets go choose our classes," Renae exclaimed, "I almost forgot that today is the last day for registration." Something unique to A.S. Academy was that students had to go in person to register for classes. It was such as hassle.

Hana blinked. "It is?" Since she was an Alpha student, she didn't need to remember these things.

Unaware, Renae nodded and tugged her toward the academy. "Let's hurry."

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    《Otaku Card System》