Otaku Card System
27 Mass Drawing Even
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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27 Mass Drawing Even

The light of the setting sun painted her room in warm yellow. Hana petted the ears of the sleeping Zorua as she leaned against her bed. She was looking though her cards thoughtfully.

"System, I remember I still have a package draw?"

[Host still has a Package draw. It will draw 5 cards from a randomized anime.]

"Hmm, yes use it."

The familiar five colored drawing wheel appeared in her vision again. Suspenseful anime music sounded as the wheel spun.

"Black Clover, Black Clover, come on Black Clover." Hana muttered as she crossed her fingers.
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It was one of her favorite anime and the abilities from the characters in there were strong. Oh, how she wanted to play with them so bad.

She ruffled Zorua's hair fervently as her eyes glued to the spinning wheel.


[Host has drawn the following cards:

Gardevoir X1

Gengar X1

Vulpix X1

Absol X1

Charmeleon X1

Thank you for using the drawing wheel!]

Hana groaned. "Damn it!" Pokemon again? Argh, she wanted a grimoire, not a motley of . . . cute creatures. "At least I got an Absol I guess." Well, actually, this could work to her advantage as well.

"System, when can you give me some good cards?" Hana sighed.

[If the lazy Host can level up faster, you can unlock the full version of the system]

"Say what? Full version? You mean you're an incomplete version?!" Hana scowled. "You didn't tell me this before."

[I do recall informing you that once you reach the sufficient level, I will upgrade to include more specifics . . . ]

"You didn't!" Hana denied. Wait, she did have a vague recollection of it saying something similar. "You definitely didn't! Explain!"

The system was silent. It's host was certainly good at turning black to white.

[Once Host reaches Level 5, you will have passed the beginner phase. At that point, you will unlock more features since I will be able to upgrade into the complete version. I will have new features like a shop and trading room and forum.]

"Trading?" Hana widened her eyes. "That sounds very useful. It means I can exchange my cards right?"

[Host will find out when she reaches level 5]

The system didn't hesitate to shut up after revealing that attractive tidbit.

"I need to run more dungeons," Hana muttered, "I need to level up!" She couldn't wait for school to start. A.S. Academy meant skipping classes to run A—ranked dungeons. A—ranked dungeons meant more monsters which meant more exp! More exp meant leveling up which led to new anime toys! She must run dungeons!

"Sister?" A knock on the door halted Hana's fervent rant.

"Rina? You're home just in time!" Hana opened the door and tugged her little sister into the living room. "I got some new summons. Why don't you choose one as a companion?"

"Companion?" Rina blinked her eyes in confusion. "Why?"

Hana coughed. Maybe because you seem like you don't have friends and you really like Pokemon? She wasn't an expert on kids, but weren't they suppose to be always playing around with friends or something?

Not that she could relate with the way she grew up, but normally that was the case right? Hana shut out the memories of blood covered snow that flashed across her mind, and beamed.

"Come on out!"

In a flash, five Pokemon appeared around her. Rina stared with wide eyes as the strange creatures flocked around her sister.

"This is Gardevoir, Absol, Vulpix, Gengar, and Charmeleon." Hana introduced the respective Pokemon. She smiled aside at them. "Hi everyone, I'm Hana and this is my sister Rina. I guess I'm your trainer of sorts now."

Turning back to Rina, she said, "They can accompany you to school as a summon. I know your school allows you to bring in summons as long as you can control them. Besides, they can protect you if you're in danger as well."

Rina nodded. "I understand. They are all nice, but I like Zorua the most."

Hana sweat dropped. "Em, maybe not him. You know he is always sleeping, so taking him everyday may be inconvenient." Besides, with his lazy attitude, he probably would just sleep through everything. If Rina was attacked, the lazy beast would probably sleep through the whole thing. Or he would spend his time conning her sister of food!

"Oh, that's true," Rina muttered. She looked over the Pokemon. "Then how about Vulpix?" She gently stroked it's ears. Vulpix nudged it's head against Rina's palm contently.

"Oh, that's a great choice," Hana approved. Vulpix seemed pretty friendly and looked very cute. An enemy would probably underestimate it and get a flamethrower to the face.

"Good, then I'll start dinner while everyone gets acquainted." She summoned Zorua, Glaceon, and Monferno.

She watched the Pokemon move around the apartment happily. Zorua and Vulpix laid by Rina as she did her homework. The whole scene was heartwarming.

'How I wished it was like this in my past life'

Hana turned away, suppressing her emotions as she sliced vegetables.

"Hana." A voice broke into her mind. Literally.

Gardevoir looked at Hana seemingly solemnly.

"You can speak?" Hana blinked. She never stacked a speech card on Gardevoir.

"Yes." Wait, this was technically not speaking. It was telepathy? Hana tried to recall if psychic Pokemon could speak to their owners, but she couldn't remember. Whatever, seems like she struck gold anyhow.

"Great, do you need something?"

"I want to help." Help . . . cook? Hana widened her eyes as a new thought came. "Oh yeah, you are going to be very promising." This draw turned out to be useful in the end.

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    《Otaku Card System》