Otaku Card System
26 I Choose . . .
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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26 I Choose . . .

"Student Zhao, you are indeed a talent worthy entering A.S. Academy. I am Elder Feng, the vice director of the combat department." The old man quickly introduced. "You are a great fit for our department. Your combat skills and observation would be an invaluable asset for us."

"Bei Feng, move aside," Another elder harrumphed as he grasped Hana's hand, shaking it enthusiastically.

"Student Zhao, I am the representative of the academics department, Elder Yuan. Your analysis earlier was excellent. Perhaps you are interested in our chemistry division. I assure you that we will accommodate your wishes should you enter our department."

Hana held up her hands. "Um, respected elders, pardon my interruption but could I ask a few questions first?"

"Of course," Elder Yuan chimed in.

"Well, I assume that the combat test is over since you all came down. So I passed right?" Hana wanted to confirm it after all.

"Yes, of course."

"Then, ah, what is this then? Are you asking me to choose a department? I though this was to test for our class placement." Hana asked awkwardly. She should have looked more into the school rather than showing up to the exam.

"I see, then let me explain a bit more." Elder Feng began.

It turned out that A.S. Academy was divided into two departments of students, academic and combat. Based on the student's interests, they would select a division within the two departments.

The combat department, which focused on combat, consist of specialized divisions, such as strategy, sword, ability manipulation, close combat, etc.

The academic department consisted to divisions that focused on non-combat subjects, including chemistry, forging, mathematics, dungeon research, etc.

All students took general classes, but their division determined the specialized classes they could take. The secondary exam was merely a test to determine the division placement of the student.

"So I can choose departments." Hana concluded, "which then allows the school to place me in a division."

"Girl, the combat department welcomes you. It is waste of your abilities to spend all day studying." Elder Feng argued. "If you join my department, I will let you decide your division. You can even get a active placement on the battle team."

Hana blinked. "Battle team?"

"Simply a game among children," Elder Yuan interrupted, "Student Zhao, the academic department cannot miss a talent like you. Not only will I allow you to decide your division, I will grant you a full scholarship.

The school will cover all your educational expenses, which naturally includes dungeon costs." He added with a smile.

"You can't decide that!" Elder Feng blurted out.

"The principal agreed to that our department can offer these conditions to one promising student." Elder Yuan said provocatively, his eyes in triumph.

"I'll even grant you the status of a Alpha class student."

Hana raised an eyebrow. "Alpha class?"

"Hehe, Student Zhao, you might not know, but students are divided by classes her as well. Every student normally goes through a determined 5 year course to graduate, but the alpha class is an exception.

Alpha students determine their own class schedules and can even not attend class. The only graduation requirement is a significant contribution to their division. And you can even enter the specialized classes of any division, including the combat department's."

Sold! "I will enter the academic department!" Hana smiled. With all these benefits, she would be a fool not to.

Elder Yuan clasp his hands like he just successfully closed a multimillion business deal. "Then let's get you registered." He and the other academic representative led Hana away, sending a triumphant smile at Elder Feng. His heart was finally soothed. Bei Feng, you have today.

"Elder Feng, this . . . ." The other combat representative probed.

"No matter, I'll just let old Yuan be happy for a few months. When she comes to our department for classes, I can recruit her." He smiled. Of course, the team was the most important. Since Leo refused to participate, Hana Zhao will do just fine. He could already see the first place trophy!

Therefore, despite not getting the student, the two began the next exam in high spirits.

Meanwhile, the forgotten Zhu Xing was left standing on the field. He had tuned out the whole event for his precious gloves.

"Ahhh," he threw up his hands in frustration and stalked off, "I better consult Lance."

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    《Otaku Card System》