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25 Astounding
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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25 Astounding

To Zhu Xing's shock, her frail hand clasp onto his wrist, stopping the punch inches away. He quickly pulled back, only to realize the hand on him was tightened like iron.

"Nice try." Hana smiled, before pulling him forward. Zhu Xing tumbled off balance, only to receive an elbow to the face.

He staggered back in pain. The hit was placed on his jaw, a bruise already forming.

"Heh, let's fight close combat too yeah." Hana rushed forward. Her speed was fast, not as fast as him, but definitely above the average person. She swung a punch.

Alarm bells rung in Zhu Xing's head as he quickly fell into a defensive stance. The fist brushed past his face. He could feel the air rushing past him. He unconsciously swallowed.

The two fell into a flurry of attacks. Hana was evidently on the offensive, while Zhu Xing adopted a soft style. He would either redirect her attacks or evade them.

Hana launched a spinning kick at his temple, only for him to duck. He propelled himself backward.

Zhu Xing frowned, before allowing fire to engulf his body. "Although your combat abilities are above mine, your ability isn't. If you don't want to be burnt, I suggest you concede."

"Emm, I haven't had enough though." Hana hummed.

Zhu Xing responded by holding out his hand. A rush of flames gushed toward Hana.

Hana licked her lips, before exhaling deeply. 'Thanks for the meal.' She inhaled.
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The flames split into smaller torrents, before rushing into her mouth. Zhu Xing stared dumbfound as he watched the tiny girl swallow up his flames like air.

Finished, Hana rubbed her stomach. "Yummy." She could feel her energy rising.

"You — you . . ." Zhu Xing struggled to formulate words. He actually saw someone eat his flames. Eat them!! What kind of ability is that? Then then what was with the summons??

She was not a summoner! At this moment, he wanted to protest against the school. He had only volunteered to do this because his teacher forced him too. They should at least have the decency to accurately tell him about his opponent aish!

Hana rubbed her fists and let out a fanged smile. Her purple eyes slit red. Pink strands wove into her black hair.

"Let's fight on equal ground now. I have yet to fight a fire user." She leaned down. The ground beneath her feet cracked as she hurled toward him. "Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!"

"You are strong." Recomposing himself, Zhu Xing's eyes gleamed. "I guess I'll go all out too." He clasped his hands together.

The air in the room surge into blistering temperatures. Within the maelstrom of fire, two figures danced in a violent match.

"She is definitely promising," Elder Feng laughed heartily as he observes the scene, "I looked forward to seeing her in my department."

The elder of the mathematics department. "Yes, she would make a great addition —" His face turned red. "Yyyou —"

Elder Feng patted his back. "Yes, I was merely joking earlier. She is a great candidate if she matches Zhu Xing in strength. Since you recruited the last 3 examinees we evaluated, I'm sure you will give us this one." He smiled genuinely without a hint of shame.

"AS IF!"

"Teacher Yuan, please calm yourself." The other combat teacher quickly restrained the old man who was ready to jump the shameless thief. He weeped internally, evidently the only mediator among the three.

So while the elders got into a bit of a tussle, Zhu Xing was slowly being suppressed on the arena.

He gritted his teeth. Should he use it?

"Senior, don't hold back." Hana smiled as she sent a fist of fire his way. "If you lose focus, you'll regret it."

She could tell this guy that an ace up his sleeve, and she wanted him to reveal it. Her blood sung to the tune of the battle. She was in her element, in the zone. Her adrenaline was rocketing so high she felt like she could fly.

"Little junior, I look forward to seeing you in class." Zhu Xing smiled. He had no doubt that this girl would bring storms to his department. She might even skip directly to his year.

"Explode." His gloved hands lit up with glowing lines as he clapped them together.


An ear splitting explosion rocked the field.

"Bei Feng, has your student gone mad! If you kill my student, I will petition the principal." Elder Yuan hollered. His eyes were worriedly staring at the field. His new treasure was down there ah! The next hope of their academic department can not be ruined by these no-brain muscle heads.

"Relax. My student is just having a friendly initiation spar with our new student." The combat elder didn't hesitate to inject his claim over the girl. He was all smiles. She was definitely the next Leo hahaha!

The two old men, one fuming, and one smiling a cheshire grin turned back to the field.

Dust and sand from the floor permeated the air.

Cough. Hana straighten up, clutching her bruised arm. The explosion had pushed her back several yards. She was merely shocked, but her ears hurt more than her body.

"So it was your gloves." Hana murmured as she rubbed her ears. "They are quite an ingenious invention. You must have calibrated the formula specifically."

Zhu Xing scratched his head. "Was it that obvious?"

Hana smiled. "You evidently have fire abilities, a fact that you drew attention to at the start of the battle. While it may distract an opponent from other applications of you ability, the minute you revealed your enhanced agility, I already had suspicions."

Glancing at his gloves, Hana explained, "Fire, naturally, has no propulsive power. However, the boost in your speed is caused by concentrated propulsions through you hands. I assumed that you controlled the flame intensity over your palm to manipulate the resulting thrust power. Therefore, you gloves serve as some sort of mechanism that feeds the fire, the fuel source."

She tapped her nose. "From the scents of the air, it seems to be a compound that includes hydrogen peroxide, diluted hydrazine, and a modified form of experimental dipolymiricide that was recently extracted from the Hellgate dungeon. It must have caused you quite some trouble for the last ingredient. I heard the extraction procedure is rather . . . volatile. Still, I suppose it does take talent to combine two conflicting reagents like this."

Zhu Xing gaped. She was a freakish monster! She deduced the key ingredients from just the smell! What the hell! The highly secretive formula his partner painstakingly cultivated for two years was exposed by scent. The universe is unfair ah!

He glanced sadly at his gloves. Should he rethink his so - called trump cards then?

However, two enthusiastic yells interrupted. "Excellent! Marvelous!"

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