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22 A.S. Academy
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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22 A.S. Academy

Hana gave her a bored look. With these crocodile tears falling from this girl, it was obvious what was happening next.

So before anything troublesome happened, she should shut down this farce.

"Teacher Zhang, realistically it is very difficult to cheat on this test. Students were monitored very closely to simulate an actual testing environment. The test is broken into 9 parts, randomized for each student in subject order, multiple choice selection and free response. It is practically impossible to cheat off another student. Even if someone were to receive the test beforehand, they would still have difficulty in answering the free response sections.

Moreover, this is merely a mock exam. It doesn't even count for anything so who would go through the trouble of messing with their score. It's simply inviting trouble since they risk getting exposed and barred from the actual exam.

I know my scores are irregular compared to my past grade track, but it was never mandatory for students to perform well. Personally, I see school tests as a waste of effort since our admittance to universities solely depend on this one test. Therefore, I don't see an issue in this matter.

Even if the score I received was a mistake, it does not impact anyone else other than me. I don't care, so I see no point in this conversation proposed by this classmate. We are not close so she has no reason to interact with me at all.

Moreover, she started crying before even explaining her claim against me, making it seem like I wronged her. This sorrowful demeanor of a wronged 'innocent flower' should be underhanded defamation no?" Hana finished sarcastically with quotation mark gestures.

Huang Feifei was stunned speechless. She struggled to maintain her tear-stained demeanor. "I - I . . . "

Hey, this wasn't following the plot! If she could, Huang Feifei wanted to stomp her foot. How did she end up getting slapped with the label of a white lotus?? Also, it seemed like her white lotus act was deemed too fake . . .

"Teacher Zhang!" She whined. "Hana is too much!"

Teacher Zhang wasn't blind to Huang Feifei's tricks, but she didn't like Hana Zhao's attitude either. "Huang Feifei, go back to class. I will speak to Hana alone."

Huang Feifei made an ugly look and returned to the classroom.

Teacher Zhang silently evaluated Hana Zhao. This girl was now an enigma to her.

The previous meek demeanor was overshadowed by a arrogant laziness. She considered the dual where she clearly showed abilities beyond those recorded, and now the mock test. Was she hiding her real nature before? For what reason? Why reveal it now?

Teacher Zhang let out a helpless smile. "Miss Zhao sure hid well. Whatever your circumstances are, I am glad that you are not the same as before. That side of you was rather . . . dull."

Hana smiled carelessly. " Perhaps going through a near death experience changed me."

Teacher Zhang nodded. "It seems like you are a promising student. Your exam results and the fire ability you demonstrated would qualify you for a top academy." She smiled. "You don't seem to desire to study, but want to fight in dungeons correct?"

Hana blinked. "Yes, dungeons is where I prefer to be. Not just for financial reasons, but because I simply feel at home. However, I need to enter university to gain access to harder dungeons."

"Interesting. Have you decided on a university?"

Hana smirked. "No, but I suppose teacher has a recommendation?"

"A.S. Academy." Teach Zhang smiled. "Aside the fact from me being an alumni, I believe the school would be ideal. Although it is fourth in terms of university rankings, it is the most difficult to get into. It places an emphasis on grooming dungeon hunters over academics, so people like you have a lot of leeway. The school has molded many geniuses with unique traits. Your . . .personality would fit in quite well."

"Where is it?" asked Hana. She had to admit, the school sounded pretty good.

"Floor 70, Antares, the city of stars. The top four academies are located there."

"Floor 70?" Hana frowned. That was 25 floors higher. It would be expensive to live there.

"All students live in dorms if your worried about cost."

Actually, she was worried about Rina. And the background of theirs. Hana nodded. "I will consider it."

"Good. Then let's go back in."

The two stepped back into the classroom. The students looked curious, but that was it. Huang Feifei sat quietly, ignoring Hana.

Hana brushed past her with a whisper. "If you continue to stir up nonsense, I am not one to endure silently." Their eyes met. Huang Feifei trembled. The purple eyes almost glowed with menace, like a predator staring down at prey.

"I understand." She bit her lip. Of course, she was unresigned, but she wasn't stupid. Her ploys always seemed to fail these days, and Hana wasn't the meek girl from before.

Either way, they wouldn't see each other again soon, so she should swallow her emotions.
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Meng Xiaoyi who was sitting next to her muttered, "Feifei, why not let this go?" She feared Hana and without a strong background like Huang Feifei, she wouldn't stand a chance against Hana.

Huang Feifei huffed. "Whatever, I don't have time to deal with her anyway. I have to study to get into the same university as Zhao Ming." Her face turned gentle at the thought of him.

Hana slid into her seat. "Is everything ok?" Renae asked.

Hana nodded. "No problem, let's just get over with this day."

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    《Otaku Card System》