Otaku Card System
21 Surprise
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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21 Surprise

Weeks passed quickly as exam season hit. The mock exams in the school took up two entire days. 9 subjects each day continuously. It took a toll on everyone. The campus was full of students sporting black eyes and shaky hands.

Renae lied on her desk with an ashen complexion after the last exam. She looked melt into a puddle. "How can you be so . . . alive?" Renae complained as she noticed Hana's unaffected state.

"It was a simple exam," Hana replied. She was a little disoriented from having to mentally switch between 9 subjects, but it wasn't really hard. She massaged her hand which had begun to cramp up from hours of writing.

"You and Rina are freaks," Renae muttered. "I'm taking a nap. Wake me when they bring the results."

The entire class had to wait two hours for their mock exams to be processed virtually. It was fast since the exam wasn't official and the purpose was for the students to get an idea of how they would fare on the actual exam.

Hana swirled a lollipop in her mouth while she waited. She didn't know why but she had an urge to eat lollipops these days.

Finally, Teacher Zhang walked in. The class immediately quieted, a number of eyes staring at her nervously.

She cleared her throat. "You have all done well so far through the year. If you don't do as well on this exams, don't take it too much to heart." She flipped open the monitor, and scores slowly popped up.

"Cao Renae:1779."

Renae sighed in relief. All that work paid off. She gave a tired thumbs up to Hana.

"Huang Feifei:1778."

Huang Feifei's face fell. Just one point and she would have finally surpassed Renae. She bit her lip in anger.

"Meng Xiaoyi: 1432." Meng Xiaoyi groaned. She needed to study better. Teacher Zhang continued listing the scores out loud.

Soon, Hana's score was to be announced.

"Zhao Hana," Teacher Zhang paused. Her voice paused slightly as she announced, "1795."

Hana smirked. Nice. At least wasting all that time to go through books rather than dungeons paid off.

The class though was stunned silent. "Hana, let us mortals live a little," Renae looked at her friend in disbelief, "First Rina, now you. I want some of those genes in you." She tugged Hana's arm exaggeratedly.

"Impossible!" Huang Feifei's shout silenced the room. "She cheated! She must have!" Everyone gave her a startled look. Huang Feifei immediately realized her outburst was a little exaggerated and corrected her expression. "I'm mean, that score is quite surprising. Shouldn't we check if a mistake was made somewhere?" She coughed. "It's not good for Hana to get a bad estimate of her ability after all."

Her eyes misted. "Actually, Teacher Zhang, may I speak to you and Hana in private."

Teacher Zhang furrowed her eyebrows. "This . . ." The situation did seem quite strange.

Hana laughed coldly. "Why not." She wanted to see what tricks this little girl wanted to play.
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The class broke into whispers as the three stepped out into the empty hallway.

Huang Feifei clenched her fists. No matter what, she would drag down this bitch. Hana might be strong, but she was no pushover either. Huang Feifei was certain with her background, Hana would have to give her some face even if she turned out to be from some big family. So, she would oppose this bitch till the end.

"Hana, I didn't want to embarrass you in front of the class, but don't you think you should tell the truth now that we are in private?" Huang Feifei made sure to adopt a trembling tone. Inside, she was gloating. Half the class was probably listening into this 'private' conversation. This plan was full-proof.

"Oh?" Hana gave her an amused look. "What truth?"

Huang Feifei let tears roll down her face. "How could you deny it?"

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    《Otaku Card System》