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17 Challenge
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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17 Challenge

"Hana, let's go outside to eat today," Renae stretched her arms, "the patrols around the north side of the school is pretty lax near the end of the year. We sneak out to get noodles."

Hana considered it. "I actually brought food today, but noodles sound good." She had packed Japanese styled sandwiches, but they also could be her snack later so she didn't mind.

"Eh? You made sandwiches?" Renae froze. "Now that I think of it, the noodle place is too far, and the weather looks bad today." Hana glanced up at the blue skies . . .

"We should just stay. But the school food is so terrible, what if I get food poisoning . . . " Renae hinted.

Hana looked at her wryly. "Well, I have enough for two."

"Thank you!! I knew you couldn't bear to let your best friend die," Renae cheered. Internally, she grinned victoriously. If the cake Hana made was so good, then the sandwiches must be better right?

Hana had a feeling that Renae was misunderstanding something. . . but oh well.

The two sat in a quiet corner of the cafeteria. Hana pulled out several boxes from her backpack.

Two containers contained egg salad and rolled egg sandwiches. Another contained sweet cream and fruit sandwiches along with strawberries. There was also a small cup of octopus shaped sausages and steamed veggies.

Renae drooled at the sight. It looked simple, but very cute and yummy. Her bestie definitely had a hidden talent in cooking. Just look at the creativity in her food!

Hana, on the other hand, felt little excitement. She knew how to prepare Japanese cuisine the most, so something like this was easy. She didn't know if Renae would like it though. "Try some." She handed over a sandwich.

"Thanks!" Renae bit into the sandwich. Immediately, creamy egg and soft bread filled her mouth. There was a light pinch from pepper and crunch from minced carrots and onion, making it very tasty. "This tastes great!"

While the two were enjoying their lunch, a clamor in the middle of the cafeteria. Song Lin had rushed in and jumped on a table.


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Ehhhhh!!!?! Everyone eating lunch was shocked.

Someone was declaring a duel! Wait, it was Song Lin, ranked 12 on the school's powerful abilities list!

"Wow, Song Lin is challenging someone to a duel? Who offended him?"

Song Lin was one of the more hotheaded students of the school. Many people knew him because of his personality.

"Who the hell is Hana Zhao? Is she powerful?"

"Hana Zhao . . . um isn't that the girl whose rumored to be prostituting herself for money?"

"Why would Song Lin want to fight her? Maybe he got a bad experience hehe."

Hana, meanwhile, had black lines running down her face. She was just eating lunch! Who the hell was the random dude that wanted to fight her? She didn't even know him!!

Renae jumped up. "Song Lin, don't you go to far with your antics. Does Hana have to fight you just because you said so?!" She looked ready to punch him.

Around Renae, the water cups trembled. She looked at Song Lin coldly, "Why don't we have a match instead." Her amber eyes glowed dangerously.

Song Lin felt a trickle of sweat under her gaze, but hardened his resolve. "I'm declaring a fight against Hana Zhao. Renae, this isn't any of your business."

What a joke! If he went up against Renae, she would slaughter him. She was ranked 2nd in the school. More importantly, she was known to go overboard in fights. Her last opponent ended up in the hospital half-drowned!

"Hah, if you want to fight my best friend, why can't it be my business?" She cracked her knuckles. "Let's fight you little bastard!"

Song Lin gave an awkward smile, backing away with his hands up. "I merely want to fight Hana Zhao because she insulted Feifei. If she had the gall to go against Feifei, then she must have the strength to back her up right?"

Hana narrowed her eyes. What a coward. He was evidently afraid of Renae, but tried to play it off.

But more importantly, it seems like this lovesick fool was being used as a pawn.

"Why would I do something so bothersome?" Hana finally spoke.

Song Lin frowned. The girl next to Renae was radiating a dangerous aura. "Who are you?"

"The girl you declared a duel against."

"You are Hana Zhao?" Song Lin was slightly shocked. This cold beauty was the creepy girl from the rumors.

Well, then again, with her looks, she probably could definitely be promiscuous. His view of her was biased from the start.

"Fight me on the dueling arena," he sneered, "I know you are dirt poor. Since you probably can't afford the helmet for Skynet's virtual battle platform, blame your unluckiness. I'll destroy you in real life."

He smirked. "A vase like you should know where you belong."

Renae looked like she was gonna blow up, but Hana stopped her. "Why should I fight you? I have better things to do than entertain a barking dog." Song Lin's face turned purple from her words.

She turned her gaze to Huang Feifei who was observing from the entrance. "As a little lackey of Huang Feifei, are you worthy of fighting against me? If you're the best she can do, then the name Princess doesn't really suit her."

A few girls in the crowd broke into laughter. Huang Feifei's arrogance was not well received with some girls.

However, many thought Hana Zhao was overestimating herself. A lowly F – rank dared to talk like this?

Huang Feifei stepped forward with a forced smile. "Hana, how could you speak like this? Song Lin simply wanted to exchange some pointers. Renae has been claiming that you've been running dungeons the last few months. Why don't you show us some of your new experience?"

Murmurs of doubt filled the air.

Renae clenched her fists. If Hana didn't accept this duel, then it would seem like she lied. And the rumors of Hana would gain credibility. If Hana lost the duel, the result would be the same? But could she win?

Hana's next words shocked the room. "I bet 50,000 credits on my win, do you dare?"
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