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16 Stirring Up Trouble
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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16 Stirring Up Trouble

Teacher Zhang nodded, surprise evident in her eyes. "Ah, yes, you may return to your seat."

Hana slunk back to her seat and returned to napping. The class broke into whispers.

"Since when was Hana Zhao so smart?"

"Well, she was in the middle of the class before? Maybe she studied a lot these past months?"

"Hah, if studying is so effective, then everyone would be acing the exams! But her explanations are really clear. I wonder if she'll tutor me."
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Huang Feifei gritted her teeth. How did the little bitch solve the problem so fast? Even if she did it herself, it would take 15 minutes. Moreover, now that vixen's face was seen by everyone, her reputation would go down.

She had seen Hana Zhao's face before. The peerless beauty left her heart green in envy, but the timid fool hid her looks so she let it go initially.

When Renae Cao rejected her invitation to join her clique for her, Huang Feifei was humiliated. Her father said that she couldn't touch Renae Cao, but that didn't mean she could hurt Hana Zhao. It was killing two birds with one stone.

But now, she was climbing back up again. No. She must do something.

"Feifei, what should we do?" Huang Feifei's best friend, a.k.a. her number one minion Meng Xiaoyi asked. She hated Hana Zhao was well because she was the student ranked behind her. When Hana Zhao fell to the bottom of the class, her rank went up so naturally she was happy.

"Didn't I tell you to spread the rumors faster?" Huang Feifei said.

Meng Xiaoyi shook her head. "I did, but not everyone believes them. You know that Renae has been telling everyone she was running dungeons."

Huang Feifei scoffed. "What running dungeons? Have you ever heard of an F—rank running dungeons? What team is stupid enough to accept teammate like that! I'm telling you, the bitch is definitely prostituting herself for money."

"Well, I'm mean, if she was a scrapper, it might be true . . . at least to other people." Meng Xiaoyi said cautiously.

"Even scrapper need decent abilities to survive. An F—rank is practically a no rank. Who the hell believes that she would survive." Huang Feifei had a disdainful look on her face.

Meng Xiaoyi nodded in agreement. "Feifei, how about get her to show her abilities publicly then? Actually, Hana Zhao has never revealed her ability at school. If everyone knows how weak she is, then the rumor will explode." She gave Huang Feifei an evil smirk.

Huang Feifei let out a crafty smile. "Yes." The two plotted until the lunch break came. While everyone left the class, Huang Feifei and Meng Xiaoyi stayed.

"I'll get him right now." Meng Xiaoyi whispered. She disappeared out the door.

Huang Feifei on the other hand schooled her expression carefully. She took out something from her bag and sprayed it into her eyes. She lowered her head and turned away from the entrance.

"Feifei!" A young teen rushed in. Upon seeing his princess in a downcast state, his eyes burned with anger. "Did someone bully you?"

Huang Feifei let tears drip down her face. "Song Lin . . . " She buried herself in his arms.

Song Lin was stupefied. He had liked Huang Feifei for a long time, but she never showed interest in him.

He thought it was because of his poor background, so he grudgingly accepted it. Who know his crush actually voluntarily threw herself into his arms!

He looked at the tearful beauty in his arms, happy but angry. He turned to Meng Xiaoyi who brought him her. "What happened?"

Meng Xiaoyi was all to eager to report. "It was Hana Zhao. That prostitute actually embarrassed Feifei in front of the whole class," she lied. "After everyone left for lunch, she insulted Feifei with terrible words so Feifei started crying."

Song Lin gritted his teeth. "So it was Hana Zhao." He didn't know who she was, but he had heard the rumors. Either way, anyone who dared to malign his princess deserved death!

"Hana Zhao almost slapped her!" Meng Xiaoyi fanned the flames. "She was accusing Feifei for spreading rumors. I could barely stop her! She is such a witch, daring to accuse Feifei. Who does she think she is? Our Feifei is so perfect and kind, why would she spend time on a small fry like her?"

Song Lin clenched his fist. "Feifei don't worry, I'll get justice for you. I beat her up in front of the whole school. Let's see her dare to bully you again."

He rushed out the door.

Huang Feifei's face immediately reverted back. She wiped her tears away. "Ugh, it's so hard to fake crying. My makeup is gonna get ruined."

"Feifei, it's worth it. You know Song Lin has been admiring you since we entered this school. He has a plant type ability. His vine manipulation is easily within the top 15 of the school. He'll definitely give the vixen a good thrashing."

"Yes, although the bumpkin is dumb and poor, he has a decent ability," Huang Feifei assented. She flipped her hair. "He should be grateful that he is useful to me. Otherwise, I would have gotten my guards to beat him up for following me. Looking at that face disgusts me."

Meng Xiaoyi nodded. "You should tell Zhao Ming that he is stalking you."

Huang Feifei shook her head. "Zhao Ming is studying for final exams. Why would I disturb him for a trivial matter like this?" Her voice turned sugary sweet at this point.

"If I want to get his attention, I can't be like the other vixens around him. When he gets into the top school, then I'll must support him rather than hold him back."

She was pursuing Zhao Ming, but he was aloof to everyone. However, he seemed slightly more amendable to her though, which made her really happy.

Huang Feifei looked out the window. "Let's go down. I want to see Hana Zhao's downfall."
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