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15 Return to School
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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15 Return to School

Hana stood before the massive gates. East Wind High school. In her past life, she had never been to a public high school, receiving education directly from the Organization's branches of specialized schooling.

And frankly, she had no interest in high school. It was too restrictive for her tastes.

Not to mention her predecessor's track. The girl had kept her head low. Glasses and long black hair in front of her like a walking ghost. She had been the typical quiet type at school, a trait that hid her beauty. It also made her a target for bullying. Troublesome.

Hana twitched. Just the gates along made it seem like a prison. She unwrapped a lollipop. Popping it into her mouth, she sauntered her way into the school

Her black hair swished behind her as she strolled forward. Although she was slightly slouching, looking lazy and relaxed, there was no mistake in the confidence in her eyes.

Students whispered as she passed.

"Who is that?!! I didn't know our school had such a beauty. She topples Princess Feifei by yards!"

"Eh, no . . . no way. Princess Feifei is the best! Well . . . maybe just a little?"

"So pretty. Her complexion is so clear," one of the girls said enviously, "I wonder what product she uses."

Hana ignored the endless chatters and stares and went into her class. She sat in the back row, next to the window. Hana pulled out her notebook and put her head down.

Slowly, the class began to fill up. Students laughed as they walked in with friends. Because Hana was napping in the back, few paid attention to her.

Renae walked in with an annoyed look. Upon seeing Hana, her eyes lit up. She claimed the seat next to her sleeping bestie happily, but decided not to disturb her. Maybe Hana stayed up studying so she would let her friend sleep.

Noise erupted from the door. The center of the clamor, a tall pretty girl wearing a red scarf, walked into the classroom. Catching sight of Renae, her face morphed into a sneer. "Renae, did your prostitute best friend skip today as well. I know her work is important, but she will be kicked out if she doesn't come today."

Renae glared. "Huang Feifei, shut up! If you continue defaming Hana, I'll beat your up again."

Huang Feifei was deemed the prettiest girl in school. Ranked 3rd in the school, her socializing abilities and good grades led to many deeming her a princess. Her rich background simply added to her appeal.

When Renae first entered the school, she had become fast friends with Hana, rejecting Huang Feifei's advances to become her friend. As a result, the girl always targeted Renae's best friend, Hana Zhao.

Huang Feifei sneered. "What else could she be doing? I heard the vixen has been in debt for months. With her ability, how else would she earn money?"

The class broke into whispers. Renae was incensed, but she sat down when the teacher came in.

Teacher Zhang surveyed the class before calling roll.

Soon her eyes fell toward that student's name. She frowned, but called out anyway. "Zhao Hana."

Expecting the silence, she sighed and began to mark her absent once more.

"Present." The clear voice broke the silence.

Everyone was shocked, and turned their heads to the back where the voice came from.

The girl sitting next to Renae Cao was casually looking at them, a lollipop in mouth. Her eyes slid lazily over them before gazing out the window. Her bangs fluttered slightly from the breeze. Her side profile was visible, revealing a breath-catching face.

The males in the class felt their hearts thump. The heavenly beauty there was Hana Zhao????? Now way! How did that unassuming Sadako become like THAT!?!?!

Huang Feifei's eyes burned with hatred.

Teacher Zhang cleared her throat and continued with roll call. She had a complicated look on her face.

She turned toward the board and began the lesson.
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Hana Zhao was a troublesome student. Initially, she was average, her grades in the middle of the class. However, her grades steadily dropped, until she was nearly at the bottom.

Disappearing for five months, the rumors about her were numerous.

Teacher Zhang didn't believe the rumors, but she knew Hana's home conditions. This student was likely to drop into a lower class. She knew some of the faculty had even already raised the subject of expulsion. Having a student in her class fail left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Around halfway through the lesson, she caught sight of Hana with her head down. Her notebook was not even open. Her irritation increased.

Teacher Zhang stated loudly. "Hana Zhao, my class is not a place for you to sleep." She tapped the whiteboard. "Your grades as the worst the class and you still don't pay attention to the lesson. Since you have a leisure to sleep, you must have the answer to this problem then."

The class giggled.

Hana opened her eyes and glanced at the board. There was a math problem written on it. Complicated, but the concepts required were not even considered early calculus. Hana ran over the calculations in her mind. "The answer is 2."

"If you can't come up with the answer then — " Teacher Zhang paused, "Ah?" She glanced at the sheet in her hand. "That's right." Her tone was in disbelief.

Huang Feifei raised her hand. "Teacher Zhang, anyone can guess an answer. I bet it can even be memorized." They were doing review questions from past exams at the moment. "Why not have Hana show us how to solve it?" She smirked triumphantly.

Renae looked at Hana worriedly. "Hana . . . "

Hana waved her hand. "It's fine. I treat it as entertaining little brats." Renae giggled, but she was still nervous. Her bestie's worse subject was math. . .

Hana walked over the board. It was a classic whiteboard, something quite unexpected with the technology she had seen here. Picking up the marker, she began to solve the problem.

Line after line, numbers were printed out in neat rows. The handwriting was so straight that it looked printed. The class was shook.

Hana placed down the marker. "Done."
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