Otaku Card System
14 Preparations
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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14 Preparations

Hana actually decided to go back to school to save money. When she tried to book a B – ranked dungeon, she found that it actually cost 50,000 credits! It was more than 20x than what she spent on the Bloody Garden!

However, apparently university students get discounts for dungeons. There was also a better chance to access private dungeons monopolized by affluent parties. While public dungeons were nice, the most profitable ones were undeniably the private dungeons.

When a dungeon first appears, the rule is that the first party to clear it will gain ownership of it. The Hunter Association had amassed plenty of dungeons, opening them to the public for a fee. However, clans and wealthy families of the upper floors also owned dungeons, often used to train their own people or gather dungeon resources.

Hana recalled that the Zhao family she had been born into owned several dungeons. She frowned.

That connection may bring trouble in the future. After all, just look at all the web novels about the scorned socialites being exploited or smeared by their families.

Hana took a deep breath. She needed more power to defend herself and Rina. "System, show my status."

Name: Hana Zhao

Level: 3

Cards in Storage: 10

Draws Available: 1

Hana internally prayed. System, something useful please! She used her remaining luck draw and watched the wheel spin.

[Host has received the following:

Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation x1

Fire Dragonslayer Magic x1

Thank you for using the drawing wheel!]

Yes! Now this was something she wanted. Hana selected the 2nd card.


Name: Fire Dragonslayer Magic

Type: Skill

Anime: Fairytail

Note: Prerequisite is that the Host has equipped compatible innate body card
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"System, use this."

[This card will grant Host a permanent skill. Are you certain you wish to use it?]

"Yes, hurry up!"

The card vanished from her card storage. Hana didn't feel a change in her body, but she assumed she had gotten the ability now.

The other card she got was also familiar. She had been a die hard fan of Akame Ga Kill! for a period of time.


Name: Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation

Type: Weapon

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

Note: I never thought that something so cute could be so deadly


Gaea Foundation, the imperial arms of Chelsea. It took the form a cosmetic case, granting shapeshifting abilities. It was basically a spy's best friend, good for reconnaissance and disguise.

Hana smirked. Out of all her cards so far, this one had the highest value to her. She stood in front of the mirror.

Opening the Teigu, she swiped 3 small tools in front of her, visualizing what she wanted. In a flash, her features and build changed. She became taller, her clothes changing into a white jacket and white jeans. Her long black hair shorted into white spiky hair. Cold teal eyes and tanner skin. A perfect rendition of what she wanted.

Hana touched her short hair. Unlike Zorua's illusions, Gaea Foundation was true shapeshifting. That meant if she took a picture of herself, her disguise would hold, unlike an illusion.

Hana looked over her remaining 10 cards. "Speech?" Her mind flashed to the description. It reminded her of that cat. . . ah yes, Team Rocket's Meowth. After thinking, she decided to give it to Blackie.

Rina seemed like him really much. If Blackie could talk, she would likely had a close friend right?

Hana stacked the two cards together, watching the speech card vanish. Now, she only had nine cards left.

In the living room, Rina was ruffling Blackie's fur like it there was no tomorrow. The poor thing's fur was messy, like he had gone through a whirlwind. Blackie opened its eyes as it felt something change in its body.

Green blue eyes looked at Rina. A deep low voice rang out. "Cake."

Hana, upon just walking in, had black lines running down her face. Its first words was food? Was this lazy glutton really a Zorua? It must have been a Snorlax in its past life!

Rina, on the other had, brightened. "You can speak? You want cake?" She immediately pushed half the uneaten opera cake toward the dark Pokemon.

He began taking small bites out of it. "I'm Zorua." He stretched and stood up, turning it's eyes pleadingly toward Rina. "Next time, can you give me your cake slice too?"

Of course, Rina immediately nodded. Hana growled. "Rina, ignore him." She poked its head fluff. "Don't try to scam my sister tiny Zorua." The dark Pokemon looked away. Tch, I'll just ask her when you aren't around.

"Sister, I don't mind." Rina patted it's head. "And your name is Zorua right. I'll call you that instead of Blackie from now on."

Zorua made a content sound as it's fur was ruffled. "Mnn, I guess you can keep half your slice."

Hana pinched it's ear. "She will keep her whole slice. If you try this again, I'll leave you inside the card storage like the others."

Zorua huffed. "Sister, don't bully him." Rina scolded.

Hana put her hands up. "Fine, fine, I'll leave him with you for tonight. Don't stay up to late."

Zorua murmured. "I'm a dark Pokemon. I'm most active a night."

"Fine, then you have night duty after Rina falls asleep. Guard the apartment." Zorua lazily pawed the ground, but nodded.

Rina returned to her room. She was going to mass study for the next week. She put on the Gale Force Reading glasses and began pouring over textbooks.

. . . . .

After a week, Hana stood in front of the mirror. She had on her school uniform, a black blazer and blue shirt. Her skirt fell above her knees and she wore tights. Her black hair was tied into a high ponytail, bangs covering the left side of her face. She had dyed it so a streak of dark blue was slightly visible. Red glasses framed her purple eyes.

Hana slung her backpack over her shoulder. Now, she just had to endure until exams.
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    《Otaku Card System》