Otaku Card System
13 Feas
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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13 Feas

Hana had exchanged her all monster cores and even auctioned off the watch. The watch was actually worth 100,000 credits!! The guy she robbed . . . took compensation from must have been some rich second generation from the upper floors.

Hana rubbed her belly. She had hit the jackpot, so tonight, there will be a feast!! Hana went shopping for food, as well as buying watches for her and Rina. Apparently the phone craze hadn't hit this world yet, because people used watches for practically everything.

Hana went to the nearest supermarket and began shopping for ingredients. She was just about the select a base when an exclamation rang through the aisle.

"Hannaa!!!" Renae bounced over energetically. She scanned her up and down, before nodding. "Great! You look fine." She glanced at the meat and vegetables in her basket. "Are you having hotpot today?"

Hana nodded. "Yeah, I earned enough credits to last the few months."

Renae widened her eyes. "That's great! Oh, and you got a watch as well!" She immediately grabbed Hana's arm. "I'm adding my number."

In the end, Hana invited Renae along to dinner. By 6, the spicy base in half the dual pot (contributed by Renae) was bubbling away. The seafood side was also emitting a rich fragrance. A wide array of meats and veggies on the living room table since the counter was too small.

"What's this for?" Renae touched the skewers of cubed meat. "Is this going in the pot too?"

"For barbecue," Hana replied as she handed the fruit platter to Rina. Rina carefully placed the platter next to the opera cake that Hana produced in the morning.

Renae looks confused. "How? On the induction plate?" She knew that Hana didn't have a grill.

"You'll see." Hana was actually planning to use Monferno to roast the skewers. She wished she could do it, but she couldn't use fire magic yet.

The three settled downed around the pot with bowls and sauces. The atmosphere was cozy as the three lightly conversed. Renae had often came over in the past so Rina had become comfortable with her.

Hana passed Rina more meat. Now that she noticed, her sister was too skinny. She must have been skipping meals at school to save money. Hana mentally noted to start giving Rina allowance.

"Right, Renae, I'll be back in school in a few days. I just need to catch up on material." Hana had used the Gale Force Reading glasses to speed through coursework. Most of it was familiar to her, with the exception of history and geography.

"Great," Renae munched on a piece of potato irritatedly, "you finally done running dungeons." She scratched her head. "How did you clear them anyway? Did you join a good team?"

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Hana shook her head. "I didn't join a team The profits would then have to be split. It would have taken too long to earn the credits."

Renae widened her eyes. "You went in there alone?" There was a hint of anger in her tone.

Hana shrugged. "Only because I was confident I could get through safely." She started peeling a prawn. "I told you to trust me ah."

Rina nodded in agreement. "Sister has learned to use her ability."

"Really?" Renae had seen the summon of her best friend. Blackie was adorable, but that was practically it. She couldn't see how Hana had cleared a dungeon with that cute black ball of fluff.

Hana smiled. "Summon Glaceon, Monferno, and Zorua." In a flash, the three appeared.

Glaceon, upon seeing that they weren't summoned to battle, padded to Hana and settled down. It's blue ears twitched curiously at the bubbling hotpot. The lazy Blackie jumped into Hana's lap, though it looked less sleepy than usual. Only Monferno was eager to meet new people.

"You can summon more now?" Renae looked at the elegant looking blue creature. They were all adorable! Rina's eyes trained on Blackie with adoring eyes.

Hana patted Glaceon on the head. "These are Pokemon, or my summons if you will. Glaceon here, is an ice type. Monferno is a fire type, and Blackie is a dark type."

"Ferno!" Monferno patted its chest excitedly. It swung over to Renae with a grin.

Renae marveled at the fire monkey. "They all have elemental abilities?" Hana nodded. "No wonder you managed to clear dungeons! They look so unique. I have never seen summons like this before." She shook hands with Monferno, laughing.

"Monferno, can you barbecue these skewers?" The fire Pokemon looked happy to be useful because it took the basket of skewers to the window to roast.

To Renae's shock, a torrent of flames rushed out from the Pokemon's mouth, roasting the meat in its hand. That single attack was around mid C-ranked ah! If the others were just as strong, Hana's team alone was an average B-ranked!

She smiled inwardly. You have changed Hana, but it seems to be a good change.

"Sister, can I feed Blackie?" Rina asked.

Hana startled. Feed? She recalled that Rina liked to give Blackie leftovers in the past. But did the Pokemon need to eat. In anime, they ate Pokemon food, but in the weeks that she had them, she never fed them . . . .


[The cards in question have been modified to fit this world. Your Pokemon do not require sustenance but they may enjoy intaking it. It will do them no hard nor good.]

"You can feed him." Blackie seemed to enjoy human food because it ate with more speed that it moved. Glaceon seemed more interested in the pot itself than the food, while Monferno rather roast the skewers than eat.

Eventually, Hana brought out the cake. Renae was stunned. "Is this a cake?"

"Yeah, an opera cake." Hana handed her a slice. She was confused by the exaggerated look of shock.

Renae used her fork to shift the delicate layers apart. Taking a bit of the cream, she licked it. "Did you make this? It's delicious. I have never seen a cake done like this!"

Hana scratched her head. "Really?"

"Well, I mean it's familiar, but your layers as so thin. Normal cakes only have two layers with cream in the middle. Or maybe it's because I don't eat cake often. Fruits salads are much better."

Hana shrugged. As long as it tasted good, it was fine right? After bidding Renae goodbye, she took the slice of cake and went to her room.
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    《Otaku Card System》