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12 The Man Behind the Flames
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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12 The Man Behind the Flames

Hana frowned at the wall the flames in front of her. The blue and white fire was so hot, she probably would have been burned alive if not for Hyorinmaru. Was this related to the 5 men from before?

"Glaceon, use rain dance."

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Storm clouds gathered overhead. Slowly, rain fell on the flames. However, the drops vanished as almost instantly. The fire evaporated the water?!

Glaceon bowed its head apologetically. "No matter, you did well today, have a nice rest." It vanished back into the card storage.

Hana pursed her lips.

"Let's try this then. Tenso Jurin!" The world turned cloudier. The ice on the trees around them grew as ice and snow rained down from the skies.

'It definitely is difficult to control', Hana mused. Good thing she sent Glaceon back before using it.

The fire seemed to falter slightly, but didn't go out. Guess fire really was Hyorinmaru's weakness.

Hana pondered. She didn't necessarily have to go this way, but she was curious about what the barrier was protecting. Why would there be a flame barrier in an ice forest anyway?

She didn't have cards that were useful in her storage.

Wait . . . fire . . . . doesn't she have a fire dragonslayer body!!! Ahh, would that mean she is impervious with flame?!

Hana experimentally swiped her hand through the flames. Warm, in a comforting way. Hana reached deeper into the flames.

Yup, confirmed it was safe. She had fire immunity!

Hana fidgeted indecisively. Should she try it? What did it taste like anyway? What the heck, who wouldn't want to do it!

She opened her mouth and took a bite of the flame. Her eyes widened. It was yummy! Taste . . . well it couldn't be really described . . . kinda like warm . . air . . . barbecue . . . smoky . . . but it was good. (A/n I have always wondered what fire taste like lol Natsu made it sound so good)

In the end, Hana ate the flames until the barrier vanished. Delicious! And she felt really energetic! A warm feeling was churning in her stomach.

[Host, it is not recommended that you consume too much fire if you can't release it]

Hana scowled. Looks like she couldn't use fire dragonslayer magic, only the physical attributes. But no matter, she could eat flames like Natsu now!

Hana slowly calmed herself down, before moving on.

Beyond the barrier was a great tree covered in ice. A handsome man sat at the roots, leaning against the ice-covered trunk. Wind swept raven black hair and a face molded by the gods. His eyes opened slowly as he seemed to detect her , revealing dark blue eyes.

Hana felt her heart skip a beat. She never thought she was one of those who fell in love at first sight, but damn! This was practically a living anime character ah!!! An older Haruka Nanase? No, it was Rei Oogami!! The flame color even matched. Well, the hair was close enough anyway.

She scanned the guy. His complexion looked a little pale. And green. Faint red lines pulsed under his skin.

Her eyes met his. Dark and intense. Hana immediately broke the gaze, only to notice that the boss was lying dead a few meters away. She looked up to see the exit portal above the giant tree.

Hana crouched down before him. "Ahh, did you get injured fighting the main boss? You even got poisoned?" The man slowly closed his eyes. Fainted?

She poked his cheek. "Pretty boy, those yummy flames were yours right? And the 5 people are your subordinates. They were so loyal, willing to die for you."

Hana had a thought that this group of people weren't that bad. It was likely that they were the ones who originally booked the dungeon. But the guy at the entrance didn't see them enter, so he let her in. Causing them to misunderstand her. But she didn't understand why they booked it for 5 days.

Their group seemed strong enough for a C level dungeon. Or maybe it was to help this pretty guy gain experience. Too bad he was injured by the boss.

Hana didn't put much though in it. "Hmm, I guess I can help you." He was so much like her favorite fire user (Natsu was lovable, but not her top favorite). She had a weakness for such people.

"Well, let's experiment then yes?" The Pecha and Oran berry appeared in her hand.

They were used on Pokemon normally, but maybe it would help people too? After all, the system did say some cards would be altered.

She couldn't remember the effects of the berries, so she might as well test them out on him anyway.

"Try this." She pushed the Oran berry into his mouth. "It'll make you feel better." After, his condition looked slightly better, but the poison still seemed present. The Oran berry should be those HP recovery ones then. But it had healing effects on human.

"Now this." Once the Pecha berry, his complexion immediately turned better. The greenish hue vanished and red veins diminished. Ok then, Pecha berry was the detoxification one.

Hana made a mental note of both the berries' effects, then went to dig out the core of the boss. "This is payment for your subordinates' actions." She then took the watch off his wrist. It looked pretty high-end, should fetch a decent price. "This is compensation for my healing services hehe. See you around."

Hana did mental calculations. From all her earning within the week and now this, she should have at least 50,000 credits!

Not more debt! Her predecessor had a accumulated a debt of 10,000 over the last 5 months. And she had a spend at least 18,000 this month for mandatory expenses. So now she had 22,000 for spending!

Hana made her way up toward the portal. Smiling, her figure vanished out of the dungeon.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Searing pain wracked his body. The poison was getting stronger, even the icy environment failed to suppress it now.

The man suddenly detected a presence near him. Someone had got past his flame barrier. Enemy. He opened his eyes.

A young women stood before him. Snowy white hair billowed slightly from the breeze, framing a pair of beautiful violet eyes. A black creature clung on her shoulder. She met his eyes.

His immediate thought was 'An angel'. His heart thumped slightly.

No, why was she here? He tried to summon his flames, but paused. The pain raged back, surging through is body. He shut his eyes, readjusting his meditative state.

She was saying things.

A cool finger touched his cheek.

The painful fire within him receded with her touch. Actually, her body emanated a cooling air. As if to calm the raging fire within him.

Not an enemy.

Her words were incomprehensible in his state. But he felt her cold finger on his lips. Feeding him something. Against his will, he swallowed. Immediately, he felt slightly better. The pain receded slightly. Was this an elixir? He had taken elixirs before, but none worked.

She feed him something else. This time almost immediately, the pain vanished. He felt his control over his the fire return. He opened his eyes, to see her vanish out the exit portal.

"Young master!" Five figures immediately appeared and knelt before him. "We have let the enemy escape, please punish our incompetency."

The man looked impassively at the lieutenant. "Report what happened, Bren."

"We were guarding against the remaining ice elves when we detected the enemy. He was an ice user and overpowered two of us immediately. He also has a unique summon, a blue creature that resembles a dog. Both of them had tremendous ice abilities, at least a rank B." He recounted the battle events.

The man's eyes narrowed. "A boy?"

"Yes, a teenager. He was dressed in white and had white hair and teal eyes. He used a katana sword, likely an artifact weapon."

"Describe the sword."

Bren looked at the others. "It should be a in a dark blue sheath with a light blue hilt." The others nodded in affirmation.

The man stood up. The girl he saw had the same sword. Besides his fire ability, his eyes also had an illusion breakage skill.

It seems like the girl had been in disguise. Interesting.

"We are leaving."

Bren looked up. "But young master, your fire poison . . . "

"Has been suppressed."

The guards looked at each other in surprise and elation. The young master had been poisoned when he conquered an S-ranked dungeon. Although the rewards were heaven defying, he had a severely poisoned by the final boss. The fire poison affected him every month, growing in severity over time. No elixir or healing ability was effective. He had been secretly going into icy environment dungeons to cure it, but no avail.

Dark eyes over his subordinates. "Locate my watch immediately if you don't want to enter the punishment chamber."


"It is related to curing my condition. It has not been fully healed."

All the men bowed immediately. "As you command."

The man looked at the portal where the girl had vanished. Who was she?
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