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11 Confrontation
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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11 Confrontation

Hana appeared in the middle of a great white forest. The Frosty Hill dungeon, ranked C. The ice elves in the dungeon dropped high grade ice cores, which exchange rate was 1: 20 credits.

Hana initially didn't want to enter this dungeon. She had already ran a few others, when the man running the entrance told her he would let her in for a bribe. Apparently the dungeon was booked for 5 days, but no one ever showed up. The man wanted to make some extra cash so he let her in since it was the last day anyway.

Hana poked the drowsy Blackie on her shoulder. "Make sure to not drop the illusion."

She entered the forest, Hyorinmaru in hand. Aside, Glaceon checked the surroundings diligently. Hana decided not to use Monferno today. It should be the most effective in such an environment, but she wanted to practice with Hyorinmaru instead.

"Kekeke." An eerie laugh sounded above her.

A tiny ice elf crouched on a branch above her. It was short and dressed in white armor. A bow and quiver of arrows around its back.

It bared its teeth, pointed ears twitching.

Hana draw her sword and jumped. "Reign over the frosted heavens, Hyorinmaru!"

An exploding roar filled the air. Wind and ice grated against each other and a tyrannic ice dragon erupted out from the tip of the blade.

"Die!" The dragon rushed forward, maw agape as it crashed down on the poor elf. It vanished completely, dropping its core.

Hana put it in her backpack. She learned to carry one after she cleared several dungeon, but having the leave the cores behind because she shouldn't carry all of them.

Hana slaughter through the forest, the ice dragon annihilating the enemies easily. "Why are there so little elves? Didn't the guy say this dungeon was extremely profitable?" Hana grumbled as she picked up cores.

Glaceon suddenly perked up. "Something's coming?" Hana frowned.

Five clad in black surrounded appeared from the trees around her. Hana felt their hostile aura. These weren't elves, but humans. They had blades pointing at her.

"How did you get in here?"

Hana frowned. "This is a dungeon, why can't I be in here." She lifted her blade. "Are you picking a fight or something?"

The men looked at each other. "He looks a bit young lieutenant," one said hesitantly.

The shortest one, evidently the leader, said coldly, "Why else would he be here? No one can come in and we can't afford the risk. Eliminate her." He stared at Hana coldly. The young master was in here. No matter if he wasn't an assassin, the mere risk of him discovering the young master would demand his death.

Hana's eyes chilled. "As you wish."

She let her murderous aura out in full rage. This was the first time that someone in this world wanted to kill her.

The lieutenant, feeling the aura, yelled out. "Be careful, it's a veteran." He gritted his teeth. So they were even employing teenagers now. No what was more important was how did they know? He had to capture this brat and question him. "Assume first formation."

"Hyorinmaru!" The men felt sense of oppression as a tremendous ice dragon hovered around the boy. It's gleaming red eyes glared menacingly as if mirroring his user's emotions.

The dragon crashed down on two of the men in a cacophonous tumult, instantly freezing them. Hana held back, keeping them alive. She wouldn't kill them before knowing the situation.

She dashed toward the next nearest target. The man barely lifted his blade in time, blocking hers. Her blade bore down in his.

"Behind!" The man twisted at the warning, only to receive a crescent blade to the side. The crescent blade bounced off, the man's skin glowing a light silver.

Hana gritted her teeth and tugged the chain, reeling the blade back. She was surrounded the three. One obviously had some steel skin ability, resisting physical attacks. Another had wind churning around him, while the captain was covered in flames.

Hana yelled. "Ice beam." Glaceon, who had been hiding in the trees since the men arrived, let loose a blue streak. The armor guy was instantly frozen waist down.

"Enemy at 2-o-clock!" The wind user yelled, "It's a summon!"He shot a wind blade toward Glaceon.

"Illusion." Blackie's illusion covered Glaceon while it vanished. The wind blade slammed into the floor, creating a sizable impression.

The lieutenant immediately sent a wave of flame toward her.

"Ryōjin Hyōheki." Threads of ice weaved together into a protective shield. The fire hit the ice and vanished, not even melting the surface.

The lieutenant looked at the scene grimly. Two of his brothers were frozen before they could even battle. Their tanker was frozen by the enemy's summon which had vanished. Who knew where it would strike next?

And their enemy, he grimaced. Which clan could breed such a crazy prodigy? This white haired monster with glacial teal eyes could be on par with the young master in his youth.

Flame rushed down his blade. His blade clashed against his, an aura of ice meeting his flame. In fact, the kid was radiating an icy aura beneath the heavy murderous pressure.

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He punched him in the stomach. A tornado of wind slammed into the boy, sending him back.

Hana grounded herself against the wind. "Tackle."

Glaceon slammed into the wind user, knocking him out instantly.

Hana looked coldly at the one left. "Surrender."

"Never," he spat, "I'll die for my master before I let your claws reach him." Hana furrowed her eyes.

She tapped the ground. "I believe this should be the Ice Binding-Array. I can't remember the name, but it should be effective enough."

The trap was set perfectly.

The lieutenant cursed as a pillar of ice encased him.

Hana passed on, the cold aura fluctuating. Sliding her eyes to the 5 incapacitated men, she stated, "I don't know who you are, but this seems to be some misunderstanding. I spared your lives out of admiration for your loyalty." Plus she didn't want to bloody her treasured sword. "The ice will vanish when I leave the dungeon. Count yourself lucky."
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