Otaku Card System
7 Blood Garden
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Otaku Card System
Author :LittleDreamFairy
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7 Blood Garden

Renae pursed her lips. Once Hana made up her mind, she never gave an inch. Her best friend was fearless and prideful, but that was also something she really admired. "If you die, I won't let your ghost off."

Hana grinned. "Make sure to burn money for me."

Renae scowled. "Only you would joke about dying." She swirled her blueberry coffee. "But I really would die from boredom if you don't come back to school." She ran a hand through her dark red locks and pouted. "Classes are so boring. I rather spend time battling on Skynet."

In the Tower Between Worlds, Skynet linked all the tower floors. It was the internet of this world, and its most famous feature was the virtual battle platform. While originally serving as a practice ground for aspiring hunters, it became a competitive platform for combat.

"Actually, if you need money, why not live stream on Skynet? Sky Corporation commissions for views you know."

Hana shrugged. "I'll consider it. As for school . . . " She honestly didn't want to go back to school. Waste of time. Good thing she was in her last year of academy, so she might as well take the final exams and be done with it. "I'll come back in two weeks."

Renae widened her eyes. "But that only leaves you two weeks before finals. If your ranking falls any lower, you won't graduate. You promised we'll go to the same hunter Academy." Final exams were important because it was held across all tower floors. Your ranking would determine the colleges that you qualify for. At 17, students would be entering 5-year specialized universities.

Hana coughed. Renae was at the top of the class while she was currently bottom twenty. Coupled with her A —ranked water ability, Renae was guaranteed a spot in a top college as long as she passed the final exams. Her . . . well. . .

"Trust me, it will be fine." Renae blinked, but made no sound. Something about Hana changed; the confidence in her tone made her believe her.

"Fine, but you better come back. Those annoying bastards are spreading rumors about you prostituting yourself for money. If the school didn't have me on their radar, I would have beat them up so many times . . . " She growled, waving a fist in the air.

Hana laughed. "Who cares? I just beat them up for you when I get back then."

Renae startled. Her best friend was going to show her fearless side at school? She often kept her head low because of her ability and grades. Renae nodded. "It seems like the head injury did you well."

Hana waved. "I'm leaving now." She needed to get to the dungeon on time. "Thanks for the coffee."

"Remember you better be at school in two weeks!"

Hana took the bus toward Crosswind's biggest park. The Blood Garden dungeon entrance was located in it, along with other dungeons.

Hana stopped by the public restrooms. "Blackie, let's get to work." She scooped up the dark Pokemon in her arms. "First, change my hair white and shorten it."

She wanted to enter the dungeon in disguise. Working as a boy was more convenient sometimes. Zorua's illusion abilities were perfect for this.

"Now, make it more messy. Erm softer looking, but spiky. Change eyes teal . . . make the tone tanner . . . Add some height. Now clothes . . ."

Hana smiled at the mirror. Perfect. The teenage version of Hitsuguya Toshiro smiled back at her. Dressed in a white leather jacket and jeans, she was a perfect cosplay of the Bleach captain in his mature bankai form hehe.

"Damn I look like a teenage heartthrob." Hana admired herself in the mirror a little longer. "Shiro-chan is awesome."

Blackie snorted at his narcissistic owner. It was his hard work that was amazing humph. Blackie burrowed deeper into her arms and closed his eyes.

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Hana stared at the sleeping grump in her arms. Was it developing an attitude? She poked its head fluff teasingly before shifting it onto her shoulder.

Scanning though her inventory, Hyorinmaru appeared in her hand. Hana slid the long katana out of its dark blue sheath. It was perfectly balanced in her hand, the four point bronze star guard gleaming. A beautiful sword. Way better than any fake cosplay item that she ever order.

Hana secured the zanpakuto behind her and went toward the dungeon.

The entrance was a swirling blue portal. A small platform was built at the side, a young man leaning against it lazily.

"You're the 3:00 reservation?" He drawled. "Where is the rest of your team."

"I didn't hear that a team was required." Hana replied.

The teen shrugged. "It's your money dude. Just most people form teams to stay alive ya know."

Either way, if the guy went over the time limit, he would just let in the next team. Once you enter the dungeon, you could only get out from the exit portal that appears after the boss is slain. However, people can enter the dungeon anytime, so if the team before was stuck, the next team should be enough to get all the people out.

Hana gave him an aloof look before disappearing into the portal.

The teen shivered slightly. Who was that? Those icy teal eyes and cold demeanor . . . he definitely met an expert. Which great god was visiting the lower floors in secret?

Hana arrived in the middle of a field of bloodred flowers. The flowers reached her waist, swaying in the breeze.

The portal behind her had disappeared. She had to clear the dungeon by beating the final boss for the exit portal to appear.

"Chimchar, Glaceon, ready yourself." The fire and ice Pokemon immediately appeared by her sides, ready for battle.

Hana stretched and scanned the endless field of flowers in around her. The Rosalians were hidden among these flowers, and with the breeze, it would be difficult to find them.

Most people had ventured to the center of the field, where they met the final boss. However, they were subjected to numerous surprise attacks along the way.

Hana clucked her tongue. Why should she deliver herself to the enemy? "Chimchar, use Firespin. We're gonna burn this field to ashes."

She might as well burn down everything in her path. The dungeon would reset anyway after she clears it so why shouldn't she change the environment to suit herself. "I don't believe I can't flush you monsters out," Hana smirked.

Chimchar jumped and let loose a giant stream of flames from its mouth. The red roses immediately caught on fire.

"Again! Glaceon, use Ice Beam on any flames within 3 feet of us. " Hana stalked forward, flames raging around her. Glaceon trotted beside her, an icy blue beam shooting out whenever flames fell close to the group.

Ten minutes later, more than half the field was ablaze. Chimchar's fire spread unusually fast, either the flowers were excellent ignition material or the flames had a special quality. Hmm, she would test it out later.

Hana's face was illuminated by the dancing flames. She reached behind her and swiftly drew Hyorinmaru. "There you are."
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