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6 Dancing with Wolves
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Author :LittleDreamFairy
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6 Dancing with Wolves

Her fondest memory of assassination was that of a wild tiger. Memories of a promise in the past stung her. The snow that was colored in blood. The pale hand that grasped her tightly as blood dripped from slash wounds.

She should hate animals. She hated animals.

The kill is the proof.

Hana watched the wolves pounce toward her, readying her daggers.

Her eyes tracked their every detail, rippling black lightning across snowy white fur. Their muscles shifting and contracting as they lunged. The smallest drip of saliva running off a fang.

Even their steps rang in different notes as they moved closer. The padded feet muffled and yet the claws scraped against the ground.

Realistic. And like true beasts.

Hana darted forward. A wolf jumped, claws in front. She smoothly slid under, lightning crackling inches from her face. Hana slashed upward, thrusting the blade deeply beyond the ribs .

The wolf screamed in pain. A burst of red stained its fur, stark against the impeccable white. It took a step before collapsing. Its body vanished into particles.

Hana spun and launched herself toward the second wolf. Her knife pierced the head smoothly, courtesy of her newfound strength.

A fist slammed into eye of the other wolf who lept at the sight of his companion. Hana followed up with a direct stab through the eye.

She stood, running for the one wolf left. The leader wolf immediately turned tail and ran. Hana blinked. There was even a function like this?

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She spun the dagger in her hand and launched it. Like a dart, the blade pierced the wolf's back.

Lei Feng watched agape as the teenage girl massacred through the next two waves of lightning wolves. Fuck, even though lightning wolves were only level 3, it was unheard of for one person to kill them so quickly. Especially since they hunted in packs.

Lightning wolves were actually common dungeon monsters. However, despite the rating as a level three, they were a nightmare in large droves. Sharp claws and fangs coupled with fast speed, a group of them would be trouble for even a peak C — ranked hunter. Especially since contact with their lightning induced paralysis and even death in weaker hunters.

However, the girl danced between them with freakish familiarity. Her dodges, mere inclinations, were inches away from the lightning. Expertly skillful. Very experienced. Hell, she even had an aura of a killer.

His eyes gleamed. Fast judgement. Unwasted and fluid movements. Her ability may by the physical enhancement type judging from the strength in her stabs. Why was she an F —ranked?

Lei Feng shook his head in wry amusement. The younger generation would surpass the old.

"You didn't try in your first test right?" He asked as she stepped off the platform.

Hana shrugged. "So did I pass?"

"With flying colors. With your skills, you might as well take the five star test." Lei Feng gave her an approving look. "You'll make a fine hunter. Innate ability aside, your physical capabilities alone would benefit a dungeon team."

Hana grinned and waved. "Thanks, but I'll pass on another exam."

She immediately applied for a hunter license before leaving the building.

Hana went to the local library to look up a dungeon to enter.

The closest dungeon that was available was three miles away. Cleared roughly a year ago, the Blood Garden dungeon was not as popular due to its low mineral drop rates. From known data, it consisted of a vast field of giant roses. The only known monster within was the Rosalian, a plant type monster which often camouflage itself among the roses to take its victims by surprise. It would wrap its thorny stem around the victim like a snake, sucking blood like a vampire.

Within the first expedition that cleared it, 3 members lost their lives to Rosalians. The dungeon was thus named the Blood Garden for the vampiric blood-red roses that dotted the landscape.

Overall, few hunters booked the Blood Garden run so it was not surprising little was known about the dungeon. Hana immediately booked the dungeon for two hours. Since she never entered a dungeon before, she might as well try it.

Hana stayed at the library for several hours, reading through more information about the world. As she shelved back Introduction to Monsters, a hand reached over and grabbed the book.

A grumpy voice huffed. "So this is where you've been."

A teen stood before her, hands on her hips. From the look in her amber eyes, she was evidently irritated. "You haven't been at school for months. You haven't called, visited, or even messaged me. Just vanished into thin air. Hana Zhao, do you really consider me your best friend?" Her eyes looked hurt.

Hana blinked, slowly matching up the face and name. "Good to see you . . . Renae?"

Renae was incensed. "What's with that tone huh?! Don't tell me you forgot about me in just five months? What kind of freaking — "

Hana interrupted. "Sorry, I have slight amnesia due to an accident so it takes a while to recall old friends."

If anything, Renae looked even angrier. She yelled, "You signed up as a scrapper didn't you! Hana, I warned you that it was dangerous. If you need money, just borrow some from me. Aren't I your best friend? I told you I would help you so why didn't you listen?!"

Her shout echoed through the silent library.

Around, people sent them disapproving looks. The librarian was frowning.

Renae shot them a glare and cursed. "Come with me." She grabbed Hana's hand and dragged her to an outdoor cafe across the street.

Hana observed Renae as she ordered two coffees. Maybe a remanent of the old Hana still remained with her because she felt close to this girl. Like they would be friends.

"How much do you need?" Renae handed her an iced green tea latte. Her favorite, something she and the old Hana shared.

Hana smiled. "It's fine."

Renae slammed her cup on the table. "If you treat me as a friend, then let me in." A glimmer of hurt flashed in her eyes. "Even though I'm not rich, I can still afford to give a few thousand credits."

Hana shook her head. "I've got a solution for the money problem."

Renae narrowed her eyes. "Dungeons are not child's play Hana. Even though scrappers are protected by hunters, they can still die. You lost your memories from an accident in the dungeon you entered didn't you? Are you going to give up your life the next time?"

Hana waved her hand. "I'll be perfectly fine, trust me." She held Renae's gaze. "Sorry for worrying you these last few months."

Renae bit her lip. "Fine, but I'm coming with you."

Hana shook her head. "Seriously, I'll be fine. So go back to the cheerful and happy best friend that I know."
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