Opposite Worlds
109 Chapter 5: The villains
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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109 Chapter 5: The villains

*Warning: This chapter contains some abusive and sexual actions that some readers might find triggering or uncomfortable."

"Bitch, what the hell are you doing?" A guy said as he grabbed the girl's hair, who was sitting on her knees in front of him. She was naked and shivering with fear.

That guy wore a grey suit, but his clothes were messed and ruffled. His black hair that fell gracefully onto his forehead was now a little messed up. He seemed to be in his late 20s.

His pants were open, and that girl, whom he referred to as 'bitch' was sucking him off earlier before he pushed her away harshly. And the reason he became so angry was that she wasn't "good enough."

It was a fancy room; huge windows, imported furniture, and luxury things in every corner of the room. The bed was against the wall, facing the windows. The sofa was parallel to the bed; it faced the door. That guy sat on the sofa, and the girl was on the floor.

That guy laid back on the sofa and crossed his legs. He looked her up and down and seemed to have calmed down, but the next second, he had a disgusting expression.

"Master," Another girl said seductively, as she sat on the sofa beside him. She came closer, and her hands slipped down his abs. "Ignore her..." She said before she kissed him deeply.

A smile formed on his face as he got the passion he wanted from his sex slaves. Another girl came closer and started kissing his neck, her hands snailed around him, touching his body. Her actions pleased him.

The first girl who was sitting on the floor watched them quietly. She had a neutral expression on her face, neither angry nor disappointed. She was scared of offending him and thus silently left the room.

As she opened the door, she saw an elderly man standing there. He wore a black suit and had a mustache that had started to turn white, just like his hair. Several bodyguards stood behind him. She bowed to him and then rushed outside.

"THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?" That old man said in anger as his men pushed the door open.

"Dad??" That young guy was shocked and pushed both of those girls away. He stood up and buttoned his pants in a hurry. Those two girls rushed outside at once.

"Oliver Scott!!" His father, Thomas Scott, said in a stern tone. "How many times have I told you NOT TO DO SUCH STUFF IN DAYLIGHT!! All those reporters are outside this hotel what if they know what the hell is going on here!! I don't want any more scandals." He started shouting again.

But Oliver, that young guy, wasn't even affected by his warnings and looked pretty calm.

Thomas Scott, the head of the AB organization. A well-known figure in the underworld. AB organization was the most powerful in the present time. Unlike Y organization, everyone knew about the head of AB organization, but no one dared go against them or harm them.

Oliver was Mr. Thomas Scott's only son. He was known to be a womanizer and a spoilt kid. Little did anyone know he had made a lot of women his sex slaves against their will. He had kidnapped them all and didn't allow them to leave the villa.

Even though he had a bad reputation, he was responsible for the work that he was assigned; especially, when it was about killing someone.

The Scott family was pretty dangerous but nothing compared to the Astley family. When the Astley family was around, no one paid any attention to the Scotts. Thus the fear that the Y organization will come back to power one day never left them even when they now ruled the underworld.

"Dad, do you have to create all this drama?" Oliver asked his father. He got up from the sofa and walked towards Thomas.

"Tell me, Do you have to do it when you have an important meeting in just 15 minutes?" Thomas asked him as he clenched his teeth. He didn't want to hit him. He knew that when angered, Oliver could even kill his father without flinching. He was unable to do anything to fix his spoilt son.

"Don't worry, it's not like you're gonna lose the deal..." Oliver said and patted his father's shoulder before he left the room.

"This kid!!" Thomas said in frustration and sat down on the chair that was placed in front of the bed. He ordered his assistant to follow Oliver and keep an eye on him.

"Sir, I'm curious about one thing..." His butler asked, and Thomas looked at him in curiosity.

"Why don't you let young master handle things on his own? I mean he's old enough to handle everything, right?" He asked and could see the frustration on Thomas's face after he heard the question.

"AB organization somehow reached the top from my efforts, but still he's not responsible enough to handle it." He leaned back and stared at the ceiling.

"There's so much bloodshed behind this success. I don't think that he'll be able to keep all that behind the covers for too long." The assistant understood his reasons.

"My only wish is that those long-buried secrets don't come to confront us one day." A deep sigh escaped his mouth as he remembered his biggest sin.


"How did you lose the deal? You were so confident about it!" Thomas asked Oliver as he banged his hands on the table.

They sat at the dining table, opposite each other. It had been 5 hours since the last they talked, and the atmosphere was completely different. It was filled with tension and nervousness.

Oliver lost the deal that he was so confident about, and Thomas considered it to be his fault.

"I didn't know they were going to rebel all of a sudden." Oliver raised his voice, but it went down pretty soon as Thomas glared at him.

The people he was talking about were their business partners, and little did they know, all the people that Amy had kidnapped earlier.

"Dad, I was prepared for it. Trust me." Oliver tried to convince him, and the result was positive. Thomas looked away, but neither did he speak nor walked away; he was ready to listen to him.

"I think someone is planning against us, and that's why those idiots who never had the nerve to go against us refused our deal."

His words didn't convince Thomas much, but there was no other possibility in front of them, so he went with his opinion for the time being. After all, those businessmen weren't strong enough to go against the most powerful- AB organization.

"Could it be her...?" Oliver said hesitantly, and Thomas glared at him.

"She died six years ago, and even if someone from that family is alive, why would they stay silent till now? Stop this bullshit of yours!" Thomas got angry again, and his son just stayed silent.

"Also, she wouldn't dare come back after what you did to her." He continued and looked at Oliver, who was smiling as he felt proud of what he had done.

"Kill one of them, if someone is behind them then they would go to any extent to protect them or you know what I'll do to you..." Thomas ordered his son and also warned him about the consequences he was going to face if his guess was wrong.

Oliver nodded and got up at once. He ordered his men to follow him, and in no time, they disappeared from the dining area.


24 hours earlier

"Amy, isn't it dangerous?" Levi asked as they were discussing their next plan.

"Yeah, they'll square off kill them all..." Jane agreed with him. "What about our plan then?!"

"Mam, please think about it once again." Theo said hesitantly.

"We have to sacrifice a pawn if we want to win." She

gave her reason and then went quiet.

"What do you mean?" Theo asked and looked confused as hell.

"They won't kill all of them..." Aaron said suddenly. "Won't it be suspicious if their most loyal dogs suddenly go wild?" He asked, and Theo nodded like a child.

He still didn't understand their plan, and this made Amy chuckle for a second.

"They won't dare to kill them all at once. They'd want to know who's behind them and for that, they'll kill just one of them to see if we'll react to it." Aaron explained to him carefully, making the other two laugh cause Theo was being treated like a child by the most heartless man.

"We gotta let them think that they're winning and then...Boom." She had an evil smile on her face that scared everyone.


"Get going we have to finish it soon!!" Oliver shouted at his men as they drove to their target's house. It was the businessman who had offended Amy when she kidnapped them.

After a few minutes, they stood in front of his house, and without any delay, they barged inside.

That guy was shocked to the core to see Mr. Oliver Scott in his house. As far as he knew, Amy had sent men to protect him and all other businessmen, but now, here he was at Oliver's gunpoint begging for his life. Amy was making him pay for the sins that he had committed without even giving him a chance to run away.

The room was filled with Oliver's men, who wore black clothes and had a stern expression on their faces. Oliver stood in front of that guy, his gun pointed at his head. All the cameras were turned off by them. There was no chance that anyone would question them even if they knew the truth. That was what we call the terror of the Scotts in the underworld.

"Sir, please spare me..." He begged him and fell on his knees at once.

"Tell me who's behind you!" Oliver ordered him, but it didn't break him.

"I...I can't..." He replied hesitantly. He loved his business more than his life and didn't want all those dark secrets to come out, for they could destroy everything.

"I'm asking one last time... WHO IS IT!!?" Oliver lost his temper.

The man on the gunpoint stayed quiet and didn't even move a little. He lowered his head and just waited for his death.

"Sorry then..." Oliver said one last time before he pulled the trigger. The bullet went into his head, causing immediate death. Oliver didn't even flinch or have a disturbed expression on his face after killing that guy.

"Clear the scene." Oliver ordered his men and walked out of that old fashioned house.

He sat in the car, and the driver took him back to the mansion. He was calm and kinda relieved; he enjoyed killing people a lot.


"Done so soon?" Thomas asked as he noticed Oliver walked inside the mansion. He was sitting in his study, reviewing some of the documents. There were several books placed in cupboards around the room. Two guards were standing outside the study, and his butler assisted him.

"You know me." Oliver answered proudly, making Thomas smile.

"Was there any security?" The very next second, Thomas became serious.

"Just his regular guards; it was pretty easy to pass through them." Oliver said, and Thomas glared at him.

"So you were wrong..." Thomas said and stared at him. His gaze made Oliver shrug a little but nowhere near afraid. Thomas rolled his eyes; this was what Oliver always did, run away from his doings.

"SIR!!" Thomas's assistant came running inside.

"What??" The father and son said together and stared at him.

"Someone set our warehouse on fire..."

(Well, we know pretty well who did that)

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