Opposite Worlds
108 Chapter 4: Innocent or liar
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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108 Chapter 4: Innocent or liar


Several smoke bombs burst at once, and the whole area got filled with smoke; it became difficult for them to see anything. The guards heard unfamiliar footsteps passing them, but they all were helpless. If they did shoot, there were high chances that it might hit an undesirable target.

They focussed hard and were able to see as the smoke decreased a little bit, which was quite impossible for a commoner.

As the smoke cleared a little, they noticed that a young guy was standing in front of them; he held a gun in his hand, which was nothing compared to theirs. He wore a cap and black clothes with a leather jacket. They couldn't see his face clearly, no matter how hard they focussed.

"Nobody kills him!" Theo ordered through the microphones as he was coming closer to where they stood. The guards nodded in response and started walking towards that young guy.

That guy held his gun with both of his hands; he pointed it towards them. Placing his finger on the trigger, he started shooting, but his aim was too bad, which surprised all of the guards.

"How could such a lousy person enter this forbidden forest?" They all had this question in their mind.

It was pretty easy for them to dodge his bullets, which were far off from hurting them, and soon they reached closer to him. One of the guards came from behind and hit him in the head with his gun. He was knocked out with just one hit, wasn't given a chance to resist or run away.

"Woah! That was pretty quick?" Theo said as he approached them.

"He's too weak to handle all of us..." One of the guards said; he was their leader. He seemed to be in his 30s, and his hair had started turning white. He had served the Astley family for years.

"Amy was right then..." Theo said, and the other guards gave him confused looks.

"Uh...she said that he was intently going to get caught cause his motive was to reach her..." Theo explained and got a little nervous for everyone stared at him.

"But what if he hurts her?" A young guard asked, and everyone scoffed.

"Yeah right as if that's ever gonna happen!." They said all together and started laughing.

They knew that no one even dared approach her. Even if someone did manage to do so, they would most likely die, for she was better than all of them; after all, the elder master had trained her well since she was a child.

"Bring him to the villa, boss wants to interrogate him personally." Theo ordered them and turned to go back.

"Ohhhh..." The guards felt sad for that guy, and Theo smiled at their reaction.

"Get going, Aaron reached the mansion a long time ago." Theo told them, and their eyes widened.

"That guy's gonna be with her?" One of the guards asked.

"It's his bad day...that guy's brutal and they both together...owww." The other guard added, and they all shivered as they imagined that scene.

Aaron was also her bodyguard and had a higher rank than any of them. They said that he was like her little brother for both of them could be equally dangerous and one's death if together. It was said- that they grew up together, and the elder master trained them himself.

"Let's get going now!" Theo shouted at them for the last time, and they laughed at seeing him so tense.

He was kind of scared of Amy and feared to do anything wrong. But she didn't say anything to him even when he failed, considering that he was the youngest among all of them and still better than a lot of them. She mostly played with him by taunting him at little things.

Two guards carried that unconscious man and dragged him to the place where their cars were parked. It didn't take much time to reach the mansion, and they all were curious about what was going to happen next to him.


A room with no source of light and curtains closed, making it suffocating and dark. That young guy slowly opened his eyes and had a stinging headache from being hit so ruthlessly.

He wore the same black clothes, but his bag was missing, his blonde hair was covered with dust, and so was his fair skin. He had brown eyes that still weren't fully open.

He closed his eyes tightly because of the sudden feeling of pain and tried to move but couldn't. He soon realized that his hands were tied to the chair. He looked around and looked pretty calm for someone who was tied in a dark room; he figured that no one else was present in that room.

He started pushing his arm through the rope and brought his foot up to his hand. He slowly took out a knife which was tied to his leg.

"Don't even try!" Amy warned him. He was startled, for he had thought that he was alone in that room. But she was standing behind him this whole time, without making any noise; he couldn't even hear her breathing.

Aaron walked towards and took away the knife from his hand. He was also present in that room the whole time, standing in the darkness. He opened the curtains.

The sudden light blinded him, and that guy looked away as he shut his eyes tightly. He looked back in that same direction after blinking a few times. That guy in front of him was giant, his muscles well built, and eyes fierce. He looked angry; it gave him chills.

"Well, you're some interesting guy." Amy whispered into his ear as she came near him from behind, her face over his shoulder. He flinched and moved away, scooping into the corner of the chair.

"W...who are you...?" He asked hesitantly.

"The one you wanted to meet..." She answered as she walked around him, now standing in front of him; he gave her a confused look.

"I don't even know you." He said in his defense.

Aaron was about to step forward to punch him across the face to make him spill the truth, but Amy stopped him.

"What were you doing in this forest?" She asked him calmly, and Aaron was left shocked by her reaction, but he could tell she was up to something.

"I...I was running away...from the police..." He said, and it seemed like he was having a hard time remembering everything. He stuttered and paused a lot of times.

"Well, maybe I asked the wrong question... Who are you?" She said, and her expression became pretty cold. It made him shiver with fear.

He looked down and took a deep breath before looking up again.

"My name is Samuel. I'm a thief....and I...I recently stole a precious diamond from an auction and....that's why the police were chasing me...You can say that I'm a wanted criminal...I was desperate to get away from them and that's why entered this forest without realizing that it was it banned to other people..." He explained everything slowly, and Aaron didn't believe a word he said.

"Is that all?" Amy said calmly, leaving Aaron confused and curious about what she was thinking of doing next.

"Yeah...I swear...I didn't do it intentionally." He said and looked embarrassed.

"So why did you try to attack my people?" She asked him as she took out her gun. She seemed to be having fun, playing with him making him fear death.

He was avoiding eye contact with her, for her eyes were what scared the hell out of people.

"I...I thought they were with the police." Sam replied.

"Are you lying?" Amy asked and came closer to his face. Her eyes gave off the dark energy that sent chills down his spine. Aaron smiled, for this looked more like Amy, cold and brutal.

"No...mam..." He answered and was stuttering because of fear.

"Fine then..." She stood straight and turned around.

"Aaron, give him a room and he works under you from now. He's not allowed to leave this place and nor is he allowed to contact anyone. Kill him if he does something suspicious." She said and walked out of that room. Sam looked relieved after hearing that, for he had thought that it would be his last day on earth.

"What?!" Aaron said in a loud voice. He was shocked by her words and followed her, leaving Sam still tied to the chair.

"Hey! Untie me first!" Sam shouted at him and was completely ignored.

"Amy, what the hell are you doing?" He asked her. They were now outside that room; the door was shut already, and thus Sam couldn't hear them.

The other three were waiting for them outside; they were confused and surprised to see Aaron talking to Amy in that tone.

Amy ignored them and started walking towards the exit. The interrogation room was situated in the basement. They all followed her.

"You're sparing his life just like that. Don't you see how suspicious he is?" He almost shouted as he followed her closely.

"What?!" You spared his life?" Jane asked in surprise, for it was nothing like her. Amy didn't reply and kept walking.

"Didn't you say that he was a spy...a threat to us?" Theo added and was equally surprised as others.

"Amy, when did you become so kind?" Levi asked. They all were left dumbfounded by her actions.

"And tell me do you seriously believe the bullshit he just said?" Aaron asked in a serious tone.

"When did I say I believed anything he said...?" She answered bluntly, leaving all of them shocked to the core.

They all were worried about nothing. It was Amy, after all; she always did the unexpected. She didn't believe him at all, but instead of forcing him to tell the truth, she was luring him into her territory. Making him believe, that she trusted him. She was pretending to be a dumb person while in reality, she was the ruler of the game and could kill him anytime she wanted.

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    《Opposite Worlds》