Opposite Worlds
104 Book 2: Introduction
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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104 Book 2: Introduction

@@A mysterious girl(Amy), known to be heartlessly cold, with a gun in her hand. Two criminals(Oliver and Thomas Scott) on the tip of her gunpoint, shivering and begging her for mercy, who used to be proud of their tremendous power. A secretive guy (Sam) who fell in love with that girl and trusted her blindly, without knowing who she was. A child (Chris) in the middle of the chaos to be protected and kept away from the fire of revenge. And a shadow (?) secretly controlling the whole game and playing with their lives. The pawns are chosen and the war has begun. They're all trapped in this maze of secrets and revenge, holding each other at gunpoints. The maze gets more twisted with each step they take and the only thing that can get them out of there... is Death.

The Astley family, the most dangerous people in the underworld who disappeared suddenly. But now their only heir is back and all set to take revenge from the people who destroyed them. But she holds a lot of secrets within herself, secrets which can destroy everyone...

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