Opposite Worlds
101 An end to their story
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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101 An end to their story

*One month later*

The whole hall was covered with flowers and the servants were busy organizing everything. A huge board was kept in the center that said, "Liam and Aria", with a heart in the center and flowers all around it. Aria entered the hall and was on a business phone call. She looked kinda stressed as a report was done wrong and it had to be sent to their client an hour earlier. She walked back and forth when suddenly someone grabbed her arm, making her turn around. She was shocked but not after she realized it was Liam. He grabbed her phone and ended the phone call.

"Baby, why do you have to torture them so much?" Liam said as he kept the phone in his pocket.

"Liam, give me back my phone, it's important for work..." She whined and extended her hands to take her phone back.

He grabbed her hand and turned her around and wrapped his arms around her waist. They were very close to one another and her heart raced but there was a warmth in that closeness.

"Baby, it's our wedding ceremony. Just chill." He rested his head on her shoulder.

"But work is important." She whined and pouted.

"But it can be done tomorrow but this can't." He said and also pouted, this made her laugh.

"Oh really, we're doing this the second time." She corrected him.

"Oh please, don't make me remember that." He said in irritation.

"If something goes wrong today, I swear I'm killing myself." He said in anger and she laughed because two weeks ago when they organized the wedding ceremony, they were attacked and they had to cancel it.

"It'll be perfect." She comforted him.

"It already is." He said and tightened his grip. He then pecked her cheek and pulled away.

"Where're you going?" she asked as she turned to him.

"Work baby." He said and kissed her again.

"Wait, what do you mean?" She shouted at him.

"Give me my phone!" She ran after him and they both went to get ready.

"Where's Noah?" He asked her as they were in the car.

"I don't know." She said and was checking her phone.

"Seriously man, he was keen to kill himself. How the hell did you convince him, he looks completely transformed." He asked her and rested his head on her lap.

"I have experience in handling idiots." She teased him.

"No, tell me please." He whined with his puppy eyes.

"I threatened him." She said and he was shocked.

"What?!" He asked in confusion.

"Yeah, I threatened him that I would never forgive him, and even if he died there would be a part of me that'll hate him." She said and he looked shocked.

"And he agreed?" She nodded in response.

"Wow!" He exclaimed.

"You think I can do that?" She asked him.

"I... I mean you can." He said hesitantly and she was pissed and slapped him lightly and they both laughed.

*A month ago, at the hospital*

Noah had a weak pulse as his wound was quite serious because the bullet was close to his heart but he was taken to the hospital in time. An operation was conducted and his life was saved. Liam's wound wasn't so serious but they had to operate on it to take out the bullet from his shoulder. Liam woke up a little late and saw Aria in front of him. He smiled and just stared at her.

"Why're you smiling?" She asked him in frustration.

"I'm looking at my fiance." He said and kept smiling, she shook her head and thought that he couldn't be helped.

"How's he?" He asked her and had a serious expression.

"The wound was pretty serious but he woke up a little earlier than you." She informed him.

"You should talk to him." He suggested.

"You know I can't." She said and looked at him helplessly.

"Ari, I know you feel weak when it comes to him, but you gotta end this or it'll always haunt you. You have to end it, Ari." He convinced her and she agreed.

She entered Noah's room after some time, he was sitting on the bed, looking out of the window blankly.

"Ari!" He asked in shock and she gave him a dull smile.

"This is awkward..." He said and she just smiled faintly.

"Are you feeling better now?" She asked him and he nodded and then there was an awkward silence.

"Why did you..." She said suddenly and he looked up at her.

"Why did you do this?" She asked, her voice a little lower.

"I was going to kill myself earlier because I felt bad for giving you so much pain and thought I was useless. Then, Sam approached me and I knew that he was planning to attack you so I decided to protect you at least this one time." He said and looked down. There was silence again.

"He's good." He said suddenly and she looked confused.

"Liam, he's good. I bet he'll treat you better than me." He said with a smile.

"And I can tell that you like him as well." She looked kinda shocked for she never thought this way. Being familiar with him was kinda natural for her and she didn't even realize when she became so friendly with him.

"Ari, can you please forgive me..." He said suddenly. She was kinda scared.

"I know I did wrong. I know I'm a jerk and I'm seeing the reality now. I am not asking to be by your side. I don't wanna be your lover, maybe that's not how we're supposed to be. I just wanna be with you, not as your lover but as someone who cares for you. Just someone who wants you to be happy and safe." He said and she smiled and agreed to his request. He finally realized his mistakes and found a way to amend them.

They talked for a long time and then she went back. They both felt relieved for the weight of their feelings was finally lifted from their heart. They finally found their ways to be happy.

"Their love was true, but the timing was wrong, so destiny declared that they weren't meant to be."

They both loved each other a lot but still had a long way to go. They still had to find their true selves and embrace themselves as who they were and in all this, their love got lost somewhere. But still, there was a threat that held them together and prevented them from moving on. A thread of the lie that they still loved each other and today they finally broke that thread and faced the reality with a smile. They both finally moved on in their life to achieve who they wanted to be.

*Present day*

The wedding took place and everyone was present there. It was an enthusiastic atmosphere and they were waiting for the bride to arrive.

She walked down the alter wearing a lace wedding gown that had a long veil. She looked more beautiful than she ever had. Liam was left in tears on seeing her walk to him. He was wearing a black tux and looked handsome with his hair cleanly done.

They took their vows and then kissed each other and promised to stay together for a lifetime. Everyone wished for them to stay together for a lifetime and could see that they were completely in love.

Afterward, the Trio congratulated them and they also had girlfriends now, whom they had brought to the wedding. Then Jimmy came with his wife and blessed them. Then Sofi, who was now dating Troy, came along with him and congratulated them. They were happy for them and then enjoyed the party with the others.

At last, Noah arrived and congratulated them. He was well dressed up and looked handsome. He wished for them to stay together. He now had his own business and became a painter as he always wanted to be. A lot of girls had a crush on him but he was still waiting for the right one to arrive. Aria and Noah both smiled at each other and didn't need to say any other words to describe what the wanted to say. "Hope you're doing well."

Their feelings for each other never died but just changed...


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    《Opposite Worlds》