Opposite Worlds
100 The end of this saga
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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100 The end of this saga

The days passed quickly and soon it was the evening of the party and the end of this fight. Aria and Liam were prepared for the attack while the others didn't know anything about it. They didn't see Noah after that day and little did they know that he was working with Sam in preparing the attack. They got ready and went to the party. Aria was wearing a beautiful lavender colored knee-length dress while Liam was wearing a blue colored suit. It was an auction that was organized last minute but had quite a lot of business tycoons invited. Aria and Liam both were suspicious that it was organized by Sam.

They entered the auction and everything was quite normal. A rumor spread that the last item was very unusual and attractive. Everyone was excited about the last item and that moment finally arrived after a long wait. The host announced that the last and the most unusual item was about to be presented. The curtains opened and everyone gasped at what they saw behind it. A huge cage was kept on the stage and a guy was sitting inside it, it was Noah. Everyone was suspicious about who he was and why would they suddenly sell a human. They started bidding and suddenly Aria rose her board.

"20 million." She said calmly and everyone gasped.

It was the first time Aria herself spoke at an auction for usually it's her assistant who bids on her behalf. No one dared to speak against Aria and she won the bid.

Suddenly the fire alarm went off and Noah looked shocked. It was Aria who had planned this so that no other people got hurt. Liam glanced his assistant and they opened the doors so that all the people escaped safely. Aria and Liam didn't move and Sofi and Jimmy were confused at this. The Trio already knew that something was wrong after they saw Noah on the stage.

The curtains further opened to reveal Sam standing with loaded guns in his hand. He had a few people by his side whom he had bought with money or threatened with guns. One of his men opened the cage and handed Noah a gun. Aria wasn't surprised at all to see him.

Liam gestured his assistant to stay ready for the final move. Sofi and the others didn't know what was going on but pretty much knew that Aria was well aware of it and thus had already planned a way out. They got ready to fight against them all. The hall was empty and Sam and Aria were facing each other again.

"We meet again..." She broke the ice.

"It hasn't been that long and you already miss me." She said and tilted her head. She had a calm smile on her face.

"It's a relationship that can never break... we gotta die together," Sam said and stepped forward.

"So here I am to execute that." He loaded his gun as he stepped down the stage.

"Don't be silly." She looked frustrated and rolled her eyes.

"See, I wasn't even shocked on seeing you here. So, I already knew that you were coming today." She said and looked into his eyes, piercing through his soul. He was kinda shocked after knowing that he was busted even before his plan started but decided to stay calm and go along the plan.

"I'm not afraid. As I already said, we gotta die together. So if I go down today, I'm taking you with me." He said with a cunning smile.

"Is that how it goes now?" She asked as she stood up.

"The man who was someday eager to take over the Rong Empire is now ready to sacrifice his life to kill me?" She said and showed him the truth, how down he had gone.

"Is it the influence of your company?" She looked at Noah.

"It might be, you become dull after staying with losers, just like I did when I was with him, I lost the easiest battles." She said in an emotionless tone. Noah looked at her in anger and had a betrayed look on his face.

"I'm sorry Noah, but I already gave you a lot of chances and now there's no going back." She said and took out her gun and shot at his men. Liam's men began firing as well and within a few seconds, they took down Sam's men. Sam walked closer to her and was about to shoot. She took out something from her pocket, it was a trigger. She pressed it without even warning anyone. Everyone flinched and bent down on hearing the loud sounds. There were small bombs around the hall and there blasting resulted in a fire in that place.

Sam was angered and fired at her but Noah took the bullet. Sam was shocked as Noah played him again. Noah fell on the ground, into Aria's arms and was bleeding badly.

"I wanted to die but then thought that it would be better if I was a little useful to you at least once if I could protect you at least once." He said while looking into her eyes and tears ran down his cheeks as he finally saw a little softness in them.

Aria ordered the other to get out with Noah. Sam was pissed off and shot aimlessly to scare them but one bullet hit Liam and went inside his shoulder.

She was angry and shot at his hand, making him drop the gun. She grabbed a belt and hit him until he fell on the floor. She was angry but tears ran down her eyes for this was finally ending, all that pain was finally coming to an end.

"This is what you deserve." She shouted at him.

"For hurting all those innocent people, for destroying all those peaceful lives, for killing my parents, for taking my love away and for destroying my life." She said and kept on hitting him.

He started to bleed but it didn't stop her, it didn't weaken her strength, the anger that had been burning her down.

He tried to get up but she shot him again, multiple times until he took his last breaths in front of her. A few of the bodyguards came to rescue her a moment later and got her out of the fire. She cried outside that building, remembering all the people that she had lost because of him. All those lives that he had pushed to death. Her, mother, father, uncle, and many more who had had been killed by him.

Sam was burnt in the fire that he had started years ago. her revenge was finally complete but she was crying instead of smiling for she had lost everything to him already. He had played with her whole life and she now had nothing left.

"Princess!!" Liam shouted from behind, holding a cloth on his wound to stop the bleeding. She didn't turn to look at him and just cried. He came forth and sat beside her and hugged her tightly.

"It's over and no one's hurting you again." He comforted her and his voice seemed to heal all of her wounds, she hugged him tightly. In this pitch-black night, the brightness of the moon finally reached her.

Jimmy ran up to them and told them that Noah fell unconscious and his heart rate was dropping...

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    《Opposite Worlds》