Opposite Worlds
96 “This is my fiance...“
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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96 “This is my fiance...“

Noah and troy were happy to be united again and were feasting on their success of defeating Sam with others. Aria was not discharged from the hospital yet and when they invited her to celebrate with them, she refused even after they tried to convince her multiple times. Noah and Troy were a bit down after being refused but the others cheered them up.

"Don't worry man, She is like that all the time," Sofi reassured them.

"But she wasn't like this before..." Noah said and in a tiny voice. They laughed at him for acting childish.

"She changed a lot in these two years, she doesn't let anyone get too close to her, even we don't her plans," Jimmy said and the others agreed with him.

"This girl has become so ruthless, I can't even remember how many people she has fired for going against her," George said and laughed.

"This is all because of me..." Noah said abruptly and dropped his head.

"I shouldn't have left her if only I was brave enough to stay by her side. If only I listened to her side of the story as well." He started tearing up for he felt blameworthy. He lost so many years of his life just because of his stupid mistakes. The others were shocked and comforted him.

"Man, don't be so discouraged, she's right here now, she'll understand you," Troy said and stroked his back.

"Yeah, you can apologize to her." Lewis tried to console him.

"She doesn't even talk to me." He said and they were speechless.

Although they were comforting, they knew deep down that it was false hope, they couldn't see a way back because she was long gone out of their reach. She had built high walls around herself and no one could reach her.

He cried and they just caressed his back and sat there quietly. They returned to the hospital after an hour or so to check on her but were shocked to know that she was not there. They asked the doctor about her whereabouts and he told that she was discharged earlier that afternoon and was gone back to the Palace.

"Why is she at the palace?" Jimmy asked in doubt.

"Because maybe she lives there...?" Noah said.

"No, she lives in her mansion from the last two years and rarely goes to the palace." Sofi corrected him. Suddenly Sofi's phone buzzed and she got a notification.

"Oh god!!" She exclaimed loudly.

"What's wrong?" They asked at once and were kinda worried now.

"Today is the party." She said and at first, they were relieved but then they remembered what it meant.

"Oh god!!" They all said at once.

"No wonder she went back to the palace," Jimmy said and they rushed out of the hospital.

"What the hell is happening guys?" Troy asked them in confusion.

"Yeah, why are you all freaking out?" Noah added.

"Today is the biggest party of the year and she is going to kill us for forgetting about it, we've been preparing for it for a long time," Jimmy explained as he started driving the car while the others were working on their phones or iPad to arrange everything. The trio was making phone calls managing everything and rechecking if all the preparations were done. Sofi called Aria and apologized to her. She ignored what she said and told her to prepare everything before she arrives there.

"God! She'll kill us." She cried.

"Prepare everything quickly and drive faster." She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Media, done." George and Lewis said together.

"Meetings with other businessmen is also reconfirmed," George said as he closed his laptop and took a deep breath.

"Security is also done." She added.

"We're going to reach soon," Jimmy said and they all took a sigh of relief for everything was prepared in time.

"Oh, our clothes," Sofi remembered suddenly. They all looked at themselves, they all were wearing casual clothes and rushed out of the car after they reached the venue to get dressed quickly. Troy and Noah were unfolded but followed them quietly.

Noah was planning to apologize to her and told them about his plan, they were happy for him and supported him. They all got ready and then were busy coordinating everything at the venue for she was a famous figure and everything had to be perfect. After rechecking everything they gathered again and were now just waiting for her to arrive.

A red carpet was set up the entrance and the media was standing on both sides of it, a small press conference kind of scene was also created at the end of the red carpet where they answered a few questions of the press.

"You remember right, you promised to talk to her after the party?" Sofi reminded him and he nodded and smiled.

"But will it be safe for her to attend this party when she is injured?" Troy asked them.

"Don't worry, The Rong family has the best doctors attending them, nothing will happen to her," Jimmy assured him.

Out of all those people, Noha was the one who was eagerly waiting for her. And finally, the moment arrived.

The Rong family finally arrived and people looked at the red carpet eagerly. The first car was of James and Chloe, they both were wearing matching clothes and looked like a match made in heaven, they waved and smiled softly at the people looking at them.

The next car was of the siblings, Chrystal, who was wearing a long red shoulder mermaid gown that complimented her figure and Ryan, who was wearing a black tux. They both were talking and people thought they were discussing something while they were arguing over something while keeping a smile on.

And the most awaited moment arrived, Aria's car arrived and she stepped out of it. She was wearing a grey ball gown, her hair was kept in a bun, a few curly strands falling softly onto her shoulders, she was wearing high heels and was looking like a goddess. Everyone was mesmerized by her beauty. Suddenly she extended her hand and held someone's arm. It was a guy who got out of the other side of the car and stood next to her. He was tall, handsome with dark blonde hair, and was wearing a blue suit. They both exchanged glances and walked on the red carpet. Everyone was confused and started talking about them.

"Liam?" Sofi said suddenly.

"Who?" Troy asked and faced her.

"He's a friend that she knows through business," Jimmy answered.

"But what is he doing here?" George asked and all of them had the same question.

"Ari usually enters with her siblings so why with him this year...?" Sofi asked and they all were confused about what she was planning to do next.

They both reached the reporters and they started asking them questions. They were also shocked to see Liam Smith, son of the Smith family, the second most powerful family after The Rong Empire, walk down the red carpet with Aria Rong. They asked them how they were related to one another.

"He's my fiance..." She said and left everyone shocked.

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    《Opposite Worlds》