Opposite Worlds
95 He ran away?!
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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95 He ran away?!

Aria smiled as she saw terror in his eyes. Her plan was successful, he was the only one standing on the edge, and all his trusted people were against him. He was feeling the pain of being betrayed, the pain that he gave her all her life. All this while he felt as if he was ruling the game and he was going to destroy her without even letting her have a guess about what was happening. But little did he know that she was his puppet master, all the things were happening according to her will all his men were her slaves. His world came crashing down when he realized that all that he saw was a lie, she played him once again and this was finally his end.

He was agitated and swung his belt in the air to hit her but Troy got hold of it and pulled it away, making him fall.

"The game's over Sam." He said and leaned down to him. "Just accept your defeat." He advised him. Noah opened her ropes and freed her from the grip. She stretched her arms a bit and snatched Noah's gun and walked towards Sam.

"Now, this is what you call a victory." She said loudly to make him angry.

"You didn't even realize that you were dancing to my beat." She said and smiled.

"The game has ended and you're dead now." She said and her expressions turned dark. She pointed the gun at him and was ready to kill him.

He started laughing and it didn't surprise her at all while the others were a bit puzzled.

"Any last wish?" She asked him.

"Just tell me how you convinced Troy and Noah to be on your side?" He said and looked up at her.

"I just used your biggest weakness." She said and squatted down.

"What?" He asked and was trying hard to keep his calm.

"Your secrets." She said and he turned pale after hearing this.

"I know everything about you. What you did after my mom left you? Why you're so obsessed with Noah? About Emily and the twins that she gave birth to. How David had a son out of the blue? And who your sons are?" She said slowly and her every word broke him. He was scared now for all his secrets were about to be revealed and it would destroy him.

"I know all your deepest secrets." She said and stood up.

"You abandoned your son and gave him to David." Her words shocked everyone.

"Noah... he is your son, right?" She asked him and smiled and she finally saw him helpless. Noah was shocked and didn't know what to do.

"And so is Troy..." She said suddenly and they just stared at her. Sam was quiet, he didn't even try to deny what she was saying and it only meant that she was right.

"What's more? You killed Emily, their mom." She said and he just stayed silent.

"Do you think you can hide all this forever?" She asked him. He slowly lifted his head and looked at her, he had a creepy smile on his face.

"So what?" He said and laughed. "Yeah, I did all that. I killed her." He said and started laughing loudly.

"You know why? Because she was a bitch just like you." He said and suddenly lifted his gun and shot at her. The sudden thud shocked them all and they didn't even have the time to react. The bullet went through her shoulder and got stuck in the wall behind her, her shoulder started bleeding.

"I abandoned Noah because he was useless but now he wasn't because he was your weakness, he was my key to success. As for Troy, he was always meant to be my slave. They both were my mistakes that I hid." He said and stood up.

"But now you revealed everything so I don't have to wear this mask anymore." He said and took a remote out of his pocket.

"There's a bomb planted at this place, it was placed there just to kill you Meera and now it will be my shield to get out." He said and placed his finger at the trigger button.

They all backed away from him, as he walked around the room. He stepped towards Noah and Troy and stood in front of them.

"Your love won finally, you chose her even after all the efforts that I did, I killed so many people just so you could believe me. But all went to vain." He said to Noah and then turned towards Troy.

"And you, you were the most loyal dog of mine, you even tried to kill the girl you loved on my orders but I don't know from where you got the confidence to go against me?" He asked and then glared at Aria.

"It's you right...?" He said and walked up to her. She was holding onto her shoulder but still, her eyes had a fire in them.

"If you didn't come to this world, everything would be different, it all because of you." He said slowly and pointed his gun at her head.

"So let me correct this mistake that god made..." He said as he placed his finger on the trigger.

"Don't make such a stupid mistake." She suggested to him.

"I'll kill you first and then bomb this place no one will know what happened." He said and she laughed.

"You wish." She smirked.

"I already knew about your plan so I would have planned something beforehand. A team of the best agents will arrive here within a few seconds, so if you kill me you'll die with me." She said and stepped closer to him. Her head touched the gunpoint but her eyes had no fear in them.

He backed off as he realized that it was his last chance and ran away, they all didn't move for if they did he'll blast the bomb.

He ran away again and after a few minutes, the team arrived and rescued her. She was taken to the hospital immediately and her wounds were treated. The rest of the people were free to go wherever they wanted for she paid them to take her side. As for Troy and Noah, they decided to follow her.

They were all in the hospital and the trio was shocked at seeing them, they knew that they weren't their enemies anymore and hugged them. They entered her room and had a lot of questions to ask her.

"How did you know that we're twins?" Troy asked her.

"Yeah, we don't even look alike," Noah added.

She didn't even bother to answer them and looked out of the window. Sofi handed them a photo, it was the childhood photo of Noah, Troy, and Meera sitting on a bench. They looked at it carefully.

"This is Meera..."Troy said and pointed at her. "It's me..." He continued and was confused about the other boy. "It's... me," Noah said and was shocked. Sofi then handed them another photo. It was a family photo of them with their mother, Emily. They both had tears in their eyes and then hugged each other. They found the family that the longed-for their whole life...

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    《Opposite Worlds》