Opposite Worlds
92 His trump card...
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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92 His trump card...

Troy slowly dragged his chair towards the knife and picked it up, he chopped his ropes with it and released himself. Then he went outside and found no one, it appeared as if nobody ever came there. He was puzzled and just stood there staring at the road that led back to the city. He left the building after some time.

"Ari, are you gonna let him go just like that?" Sofi asked her. They all were standing in the control room, and Aria was sitting on the chair, in front of them were the CCTV footage of the building. They all witnessed as he left the building.

"It's part of the plan after all..." She said and they were all confused.

"Can you at least tell us what the plan is?" George requested her politely.

"Well, I can't tell the exact plan." She said and turned her chair towards them.

"But it's going to be revenge on Sam. I'm gonna make him feel the pain of being deceived." She explained.

They were frustrated at her for not telling them anything but knew pretty well that she wasn't going to tell them even if they begged her. So, they just followed her commands. They were startled and frightened at seeing the footage of her investigating Troy, they were shocked at the fact that she tried to choke him to death. They were convinced that she could go to any extend this time for she had everything she needed yet nothing she was afraid to lose.

Troy went back to the place where they all were staying and working as well. Sam was upset when he saw him return while the others were kinda relieved on seeing him return safely. Sam yelled at him and asked him why he came back when he had a mission that he had to accomplish. Troy advised him to calm down but all his efforts went in vain and Sam threw a glass on him. Troy dodged the glass and it hit the wall, filling the floor with shattered pieces of glass. Troy kneeled in front of him.

"Sir, I'm sorry for not following your orders properly but she pretty much had the same schedule every day and I noticed that she was getting suspicious that she was being followed so I felt that it's better if we stopped following for a few days to let her guard down" He explained at he lowered his head in front of him. Sam calmed down after listening to his explanation. He asked him to help them with main the plan and he agreed.

"Well, what exactly is the plan?" Troy asked him, careful of not to give away his cover.

"We're gonna pretend to be a business partner of hers and make her go on a business trip, we'll kidnap her on the way so that no one comes looking for her and then torture her until she takes her last breathes," Sam explained and was satisfied with himself to have come up with such a smart plan.

"Now, you're gonna pretend to be a business partner and chat with her online." He said and pointed toward Troy.

"And you," He said and turned his finger towards Noah. "You're going to be my little messenger, you're gonna go to her and inform her that we're back and she can do anything to stop us. You might as well kill her if you want to, I wouldn't mind for it'll just make things easier." Sam told him.

Troy was alarmed by hearing his words for he knew that Sam wanted Noah to hurt her and was indirectly hinting it. He knew that Noah knew about what he did to her but his hatred was a lot greater than his kindness. He was worried and secretly messaged Lewis about Sam's plan of sending Noah to her.

The trio was shocked on receiving the message, they didn't know what to do with it and asked Sofi and Jimmy. Aria was holding an important meeting at that time so they took the decisions themselves. Jimmy increased the security but told the guards to stay undercover so that they don't get suspicious that they know their plan already. After she was done with her meeting, they told her about Sam's next move and also told her about the measures that they took. She smiled after hearing this.

"There's no need to do this..." She said and this confused them, for he was the most dangerous because he hated her enough to kill her heartlessly.

"Noah is Sam's trump card, he won't ever get suspicious of him so we've got to bring him on our side." She revealed.

"But mam, he hates you a lot and it can be dangerous," Jimmy told her and was concerned about her safety.

"Yeah, and he might not even agree to talk to you," George added.

"He hates me but not as much as before, right now he's seeing Sam's true color and it is forcing him to believe that he's a psycho and I'm right. Also, Troy told him the whole story and he agreed with him." She said as she played with her pen.

"I guess that he no longer wants revenge but answers to his questions and that what I'll give him in return for his help." She explained further and now they started to understand her tactics but were still confused about what she'll do at the end.

She told them what they had to do, the security was reduced and they were told not to stop him.

*Two days later*

The sun was in the middle of the sky and was making the humid day hotter, Noah squinted his eyes due to the sunlight as he stood in front of the headquarter of the Rong Empire with a loaded gun in his hand.

"Mam, he's here," George told Aria as he got the message from Jimmy who was in the control room.

"Let the guests in..." She said as she closed all her files, focussing her eyes at the door.

Noah hid his gun and entered the huge building, he told the receptionist that he had an appointment with her and Sofi came to take him inside. He pointed the gun at her secretly.

"Don't worry we won't hurt you, she just wants to talk to you," Sofi assured him. He followed her but didn't lower his gun for he didn't trust them at all. No-one stopped him even though they saw the gun in his hand, this reminded him of their last meeting two years ago. The same things happened at that time as well.

He entered her office slowly, with his gun ready and she was in front of him sitting on the table without any weapon and looking at him with piercing eyes, waiting for him to enter into her trap...

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    《Opposite Worlds》