Opposite Worlds
90 Stepping into a trap
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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90 Stepping into a trap

Sam discussed a bit of his plan with them and Mary was also present there, they planned a few main things out and then left to start that plan. As soon as they left, Mary made a phone call.

"He's coming..." She said after a few seconds of silence and then immediately ended the call.

*At the headquarters of The Rong Empire*

"Mam, they're coming to America," Sofi said as she rushed to Aria's office, as soon as the call ended, where she was lost within the piles of files that were lying on her desk.

"As expected..." Aria said as she got out of the chair and stood by the window, staring at the beautiful view that was visible in front of her.

"Give her the money," She ordered. "After all she is a loyal dog... as long as I have the leash." She said coldly and stared at her reflection in the glass.

*In Asia*

As Sam ordered them, Troy along with Noah, took out the hidden money and it took them a whole day to go to the different places where the money was hidden. After that, they booked the tickets to America. Sam was eager to leave but the others were kinda afraid as they didn't know what was going to do, for they were now going to enter her territory and they couldn't control anything there. What Sam wasn't seeing were the consequences of his actions, his desperation to defeat her. He didn't realize how many lives were dependant on him and his one mistake could cost them their lives. He wasn't ready to accept the truth and was so blinded by the fire of revenge that he didn't even see the trap that he was walking into. He didn't even think about the things that happened, if she was that powerful how could they get out of prison so easily, if she took everything why didn't she take his hidden money and how could they find Mary so easily.

As soon as they sat on the plane, the news of them breaking out of the prison was all over the TV, the police were searching for them all over but by that time they were out of their reach for the time being. Sam smiled on seeing their news on the tv.

"I bet she'd be afraid after seeing this..." He said suddenly and got the other's attention.

"What will you do now Meera?" He asked with a cunning smile all over his face.

"The more I step closer to you, the more closer your death gets," He said and the others were kinda afraid of him now, for he sounded like a psycho.

The flight was quite long and they were jet-lagged after that but Sam still forced them to research Aria Rong and find her schedule so that they could stalk her. They were tired but still agreed and did the research. They got her schedule and Troy was asked to follow her 24/7 while Noah was asked to prepare weapons for them. Sam was busy planning for the attack.

They started their work from the next day and Troy followed her closely all the time. He was quite surprised as it turned out to be extremely easy. She was famous and being the head of the Rong Empire she had a lot of enemies but she surprisingly she had only a few bodyguards around. It was as if they didn't even bother is she got hurt. But he ignored all those thoughts and just focused on following her, seeing who she met and what she did. Days passed and her schedule was pretty much the same every day. But one day, something uncommon happened, instead of driving to the headquarters, the cars drove in another direction. Troy found it strange but followed them anyway. The cars stopped at a warehouse, the building was rusting and the land around was barren. She went inside and Troy entered the building through the back entrance and walked towards the direction from where the noise was coming. But suddenly, he heard a loud sound and felt a stinging pain in his head, before he could turn to see who it was, he fainted.

He woke up after some time, with a severe headache. The room was pretty much dark, the little light that made things a little visible was from the broken window. He tried to move but found himself time to a chair, his hands and legs tied with ropes. He tried to get free but the grip was tight and he got scars all over his hands pretty soon.

"Quit trying." A female voice came from behind. As he turned his head he saw Aria, sitting on a chair with her legs crossed. She had a smile on her face, a smile of satisfaction after seeing him suffer in front of her.

"What do you want?" Troy asked and there was no sign of fear on his face.

"I should be the one asking this, after all, you're the one following me for so many days." She said and he was shocked that she knew.

"What? You're shocked. You know right, this is my territory and you made a big mistake by coming here." She told him, her eyes dark and he got chills after looking into them.

"I knew what I was doing," Troy said and was already prepared that something like this would happen. She laughed and got out of the chair.

"But he doesn't." She said and started walked around. He was confused by her words. "You know about his obsession more than anyone else. All he wants is victory and defeat will only anger him more. And guess what?" She said and got closer to him.

"That's what he'll get from now on." She whispered in his ear. He was shocked and confused as it didn't sound like Meera at all.

"You know right, he'll turn into a psycho if things don't go his way. I bet he already is." She said while looking into his eyes. His lips didn't move but his eyes said everything, that what she said was true, he was indeed losing his mind.

"What do you want from me?" He asked more specifically. She smiled and bent down.

"Help me defeat him..." She whispered slowly...

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    《Opposite Worlds》